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  1. 2,746 downloads
    riaction_genie (0.0.3) Engine to manually trigger IActionable events
  2. 430 downloads
    riagent (0.0.2) Provides Ruby on Rails integration for RiakJson (Riak + Solr document store API)
  3. 250 downloads
    riagent-document (0.0.1) Ruby object to JSON document conversion format, for persistence to Riak db
  4. 1,063 downloads
    riak (0.0.1.pre) Ruby adapter for Riak. It gives you access to both jiak & raw interfaces.
  5. 1,385 downloads
    riak-cache (1.0.0) riak-cache is an ActiveSupport::Cache::Store that is backed by Riak. It supports ActiveSupport ve...
  6. 295,797 downloads
    riak-client (2.1.0) riak-client is a rich client for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It supports the full HT...
  7. 485 downloads
    riak-cs-user-mgmt (0.1.0) `mgmt` is a command-line tool that aids in Riak CS user management.
  8. 763 downloads
    riak-dt-ruby (0.0.1) riak_dt client library
  9. 851 downloads
    riak_json (0.0.4) A Ruby client for Riak Json
  10. 704 downloads
    riak-model (0.0.1.pre) Simple ODM for Riak.
  11. 13,441 downloads
    riakpb (0.3.0) riakpb is an all-ruby protocol buffer client for Riak--the distributed database by Basho.
  12. 2,563 downloads
    riak-record (0.8.0) RiakRecord is a thin and immature wrapper around riak-ruby-client. It creates a bucket for each...
  13. 11,685 downloads
    riakrest (0.1.7) RiakRest provides structured, RESTful interaction with the HTTP/JSON interface of a Riak[...
  14. 1,107 downloads
    riak-ruby-ledger (0.0.6) An alternative to Riak Counters with idempotent writes within a client defined window
  15. 2,721 downloads
    riak_sessions (0.2) Riak sessions for Rack based application.
  16. 10,059 downloads
    riak-sessions (0.9.7) riak-sessions is a session store backed by Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It includes s...
  17. 10,113 downloads
    riak-shim (1.1.1) Riak shim for bucket naming and config.
  18. 493 downloads
    riak_test_server (1.1.1) Makes it easy to run tests against Riak and wipe all data between each test (or whenever you want).
  19. 6,733 downloads
    riaktor ( Riaktor is a Ruby client and object mapper for Riak ( It's brand new and ...
  20. 490 downloads
    riak-yz-query (0.0.1) Arel-style queries for Riak Yokozuna
  21. 4,982 downloads
    rials (3.0.2) Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
  22. 309 downloads
    riaq (0.0.1) Riaq lets you manage queues and workers with Riak.
  23. 23,253 downloads
    rib (1.2.5) Ruby-Interactive-ruBy -- Yet another interactive Ruby shell Rib is based on the design of [ripl]...
  24. 1,479 downloads
    ribbit (0.1.0) A client for Ruby, built with HTTParty
  25. 21,607 downloads
    ribbon (0.8.0) Ruby Object Notation – Inspired by JSON and OpenStruct
  26. 640 downloads
    ribbon-flow (0.0.3) With this gem, you can connect and perform any operation on Ribbon Flow. It supports loading pool...
  27. 733 downloads
    ribeye (0.1.0) A Ruby client to the Beef bloom filter server
  28. 4,858 downloads
    rib_fix (0.1.2) This library provides a basic cross-platform functionality to runarbitrary ruby scripts in backgr...
  29. 2,511 downloads
    rib-heroku (0.8.2) Run a [Rib][] console on Heroku Cedar with your Rib config! [Rib]:
  30. 4,795 downloads
    ribhu (0.0.9) ri documentation browser using ncurses