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  1. 3,344 downloads
    roadtrip (0.1.0) This is a quick little gem that uses Google Maps to determine the distance, duration and fuel cos...
  2. 8,214 downloads
    roadworker (0.4.3) Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and updates Ro...
  3. 56,340 downloads
    roar (0.12.6) Streamlines the development of RESTful, resource-oriented architectures in Ruby.
  4. 3,508 downloads
    roar-extensions (0.1.0) Useful extensions to roar
  5. 411 downloads
    roar_generic_pagination_representer (0.0.1) A simple generic pagination representer for ROAR, taken from
  6. 1,839 downloads
    roark (0.2.2) Library and CLI to build AMIs from Instances created via Cloud Formation.
  7. 29,753 downloads
    roar-rails (0.1.5) Rails extensions for using Roar in the popular web framework.
  8. 573 downloads
    roar-sinatra (0.0.1) Integration of roar into Sinatra
  9. 10,225 downloads
    roart (0.1.10) Interface for working with Request Tracker (RT) tickets inspired by ActiveRecord.
  10. 1,710 downloads
    roast (0.2.0) Roast is a simple /etc/hosts entry manager
  11. 2,438 downloads
    roastbeef (0.0.4) uh ok so roast beef is some kind of package manager that is for bleeding-edge programs. so basica...
  12. 2,205 downloads
    roasted (0.1.3) Roasted is a simple bootstrapping library to install all necessary applications and requ...
  13. 56,485 downloads
    roauth (0.0.8) Simple Ruby OAuth library
  14. 904 downloads
    robads (0.1.2) Robads offers tools to work with robads metadata and robads.json JSON files from a given web sit...
  15. 2,267 downloads
    robbo (0.0.3) Robbo
  16. 1,144 downloads
    robb-toto ( the tiniest blog-engine in Oz. Build of evaryont's branch with better permalink choices
  17. 807 downloads
    robby (0.0.1) Robby is a Ruby-based Campfire bot, inspired by Hubot.
  18. 2,044 downloads
    rob_cap_recipes (0.0.8) Adds some recipes to capistrano
  19. 1,100 downloads
    robdimarco-authlogic-connect (0.0.6) Oauth and OpenID made dead simple
  20. 3,216 downloads
    robdimarco_authlogic_oauth2 (1.1.4) Authlogic OAuth2 is an extension of the Authlogic library to add OAuth2 support. OAuth2 can be us...
  21. 689 downloads
    robdimarco_rails_sql_views (0.9.0) Adds support for using SQL views within ActiveRecord. Allows for migration support for views
  22. 1,697 downloads
    robeaux (0.0.4) Angular-based front end for universal robot API
  23. 440 downloads
    rober (0.0.2) object browser er file reader
  24. 2,343 downloads
    robert-shoulda (2.10.4) Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
  25. 4,352 downloads
    rob-gordon (0.1.5) "What came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watchi...
  26. 508 downloads
    robin (0.0.4) A twitter client for the command line
  27. 501 downloads
    Robin (0.0.3) A twitter client for the command line
  28. 2,244 downloads
    robinboening-fleximage (1.0.6) Fleximage is a Rails plugin that tries to make image uploading and rendering super easy.
  29. 1,083 downloads
    robinhood (0.1.1) Robin hood leverages celluloid actors and redis-mutex to distribute long-lived, single-instance p...
  30. 639 downloads
    robin-rails (0.0.2) Every Batman.js app on Rails needs a sidekick. Bring realtime to the fight with Robin.js.