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  1. 4,618 downloads
    richrc (0.0.4) Load Wirble and Hirb in Rails 3 without editing Gemfile
  2. 181 downloads
    rich-rich-acts_as_revisable (0.6.0) acts_as_revisable enables revision tracking, querying, reverting and branching of ActiveRecord mo...
  3. 3,676 downloads
    rich_support (0.1.2) Rich-Support is a small module of E9s ( making your own gem Rails...
  4. 13,580 downloads
    rich_table_component (0.0.30) Rich Table Component with advanced search, export file, and generate recapitulation
  5. 6,195 downloads
    richunits (0.6.2) A Unit system, based on Rich Kilmer's original time.rb work, which provides english-esque methods...
  6. 1,028 downloads
    richzhou-rspec-rails (1.3.4) Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby on Rails.
  7. 172 downloads
    rickenharp-actionwebservice (2.3.4) Adds WSDL/SOAP and XML-RPC web service support to Action Pack
  8. 164 downloads
    rickenharp-renum (1.0.1) Renum is a Ruby enum implementation
  9. 333 downloads
    rickerbh-feedzirra (0.0.5) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  10. 162 downloads
    rick-linode (0.5.3) This is a wrapper around Linode's automation facilities.
  11. 543 downloads
    rickroll (0.0.1) gives you the rickroll command
  12. 978 downloads
    rickrolling_roulette (0.0.2) Rickroll Roulette will bring a new dimension of UI/UX enjoyment to your site.
  13. 1,552 downloads
    rickshaw (0.2.0) Get SHA1 and other hashes easily
  14. 11,319 downloads
    rickshaw_rails (1.4.5) Rickshaw, a javascript graphing library based on d3, for the rails asset pipeline
  15. 405 downloads
    rickshaw-rails (1.5.0) Rickshaw provides the elements you need to create interactive graphs: renderers, legends, hovers,...
  16. 311 downloads
    rick_trolling (0.0.1) A simple ruby web server
  17. 488 downloads
    rick-vlad ( Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy. Much like Capist...
  18. 664 downloads
    ricky-quote (0.0.6) provides a simple endpoint for your rails app to deliver a fun set of quotes
  19. 656 downloads
    rickyzheng-GtkSimpleLayout (0.2.0) A simple builder style layout helper for RubyGnome2
  20. 2,367 downloads
    riclib (0.1.1) My first Riccardo gem with various utilities (colors and tests now)
  21. 3,993 downloads
    rico (0.5.0) Simple data types persisted to Riak
  22. 11,030 downloads
    ricodigo-capistrano-recipes (0.1.8) our capistrano recipes. forked from capistrano-recipes
  23. 5,258 downloads
    ricogen (0.5) A Rails 3.0 generator (like for the whole project) that pre-generates a bunch of shit...
  24. 550 downloads
    ricojson (0.1.0) Uses Ruby's JSON to parse and format json files, includes an option to open them in the system's ...
  25. 4,997 downloads
    ricordami (0.0.5) Ricordami ("Remember me" in Italian) is an attempt at providing a simple interface to build Ruby ...
  26. 1,503 downloads
    ricotta (0.0.3) Tool for downloading translations from Ricotta
  27. 2,762 downloads
    ricque (1.0.0) Ricque is a generator of Ruby applications with bootstrap similar to Rails' bootstrap
  28. 12,705 downloads
    rid (1.0.4) Rid is a toolkit to relax in web development. Based on CouchDB you get a distributed, high scalin...
  29. 2,902 downloads
    ridc (0.0.8) Data collection for our wonderful new SaaS
  30. 9,255 downloads
    rid-core (1.5.2) Rid is a toolkit to relax in web development. Based on CouchDB you get a distributed, high scalin...