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  1. 2,830,792 downloads
    right_http_connection (1.5.0) Rightscale::HttpConnection is a robust HTTP/S library. It implements a retry algorithm for low-l...
  2. 4,740 downloads
    rightimage_tools (0.5.0) A set of tools to support the building of RightImages
  3. 2,216 downloads
    right_infrastructure_agent (1.1.4) RightInfrastructureAgent provides the foundation for RightScale infrastructure servers that c...
  4. 1,679 downloads
    right_link (5.9.5) A daemon that connects systems to the RightScale cloud management platform.
  5. 1,863 downloads
    right_meow (0.1.1) Aliases .meow to .now, not_meow to sleep. Raise errors with hey_meow! Lets you meow in any method.
  6. 11,288 downloads
    rightmove (0.2.10) This library is used to parse a Rightmove format zip file
  7. 10,388 downloads
    rightmove_wrangler (0.1.14) rightmove_wrangler is a command line utility for processing a directory of Rightmove .zip files a...
  8. 858 downloads
    rightnow (0.0.1) A ruby wrapper around RightNow CX web services
  9. 819 downloads
    rightnow_client (0.0.1) A client to test the rightnow gem
  10. 2,190 downloads
    rightnow-client (0.2.1) Rightnow API Ruby wrapper
  11. 6,095 downloads
    rightnow_oms (0.1.6) A common mountable engine can be used to manage the orders.
  12. 49,793 downloads
    right_popen (1.1.3) RightPopen allows running external processes aynchronously while still capturing their standard a...
  13. 2,545 downloads
    right-popen (1.0.0) RightPopen allows running external processes aynchronously while still capturing their standard a...
  14. 6,053 downloads
    right_publish (0.6.0) A tool for maintaining S3-based DEB, GEM and RPM packages.
  15. 6,501 downloads
    right_rackspace ( Provides full programmatic access to Rackspace. Use this to interact with the Rackspace Cloud pro...
  16. 36,383 downloads
    right-rails (1.3.2) RightRails is a RubyOnRails plugin for the RightJS JavaScript framework. It has transparent Proto...
  17. 30,031 downloads
    rightresource (0.4.5) RightScale Resource API wrapper. see. RightScale API
  18. 9,268 downloads
    right-scale-api (0.0.6) A client for the RightScale API that hides some of the complexity of the API (It doesn't require ...
  19. 1,350 downloads
    rightscale_api (0.4.0) A Ruby Wrapper for the RightScale API
  20. 9,328 downloads
    rightscale-api (0.4.1) A Ruby Wrapper for the RightScale API
  21. 7,189 downloads
    RightScaleAPIHelper (0.5.8) Simple wrapper for connecting and using the RightScale API. Eases the use of connecting with a us...
  22. 3,822 downloads
    rightscale-autocomplete (0.1.2) SSH completion for rightscale servers
  23. 3,973 downloads
    rightscale-cli (0.5.6) RightScale command line interface client.
  24. 3,372 downloads
    rightscale-nanite ( Self-assembling fabric of ruby daemons; fork of ezmobius/nanite.
  25. 8,169 downloads
    rightscale-nanite-dev ( Self-assembling fabric of ruby daemons; fork of ezmobius/nanite.
  26. 417 downloads
    rightscale-ohai ( Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON
  27. 546 downloads
    rightscale_provisioner (0.0.1) Enables the provisioning of local VMs using RightScale
  28. 3,823 downloads
    rightscaler (0.2.0) An ActiveResource interface to the Rightscale API
  29. 45,688 downloads
    right_scraper (3.2.6) RightScraper provides a simple interface to download and keep local copies of remote repositories...
  30. 830 downloads
    rightscript_sync (1.0.0) RightScript Sync is a utility to synchronize all scripts in a RightScale account with the local f...