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  1. 1,237 downloads
    ripl-padrino (0.0.1) ripl for the padrino framework
  2. 10,094 downloads
    ripl-play (0.2.1) A ripl plugin to playback ruby code in ripl coming from files, urls or stdin. Also records a ripl...
  3. 8,087 downloads
    ripl-profiles (0.2.1) This ripl plugin adds a --profile option to ripl that loads profile files in ~/.ripl/profiles bef...
  4. 43,750 downloads
    ripl-rack (0.2.1) This ripl plugin provides a console for rack apps.
  5. 7,025 downloads
    ripl-rails (0.2.0) This provides an alternative to script/console and a ripl Rails plugin to be reused with app-spec...
  6. 10,776 downloads
    ripl-rc (0.2.4) ripl plugins collection, take you want, leave you don't.
  7. 3,042 downloads
    ripl-readline-em (0.2.1) Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell asynchronously with readline editing and completion
  8. 3,877 downloads
    ripl-ripper (0.1.0) This ripl plugin gives ripl multi-line eval ability using ripper.
  9. 2,706 downloads
    ripl-rocket (0.1.1) Lets you display the ripl result as a comment on the same line.
  10. 905 downloads
    ripl-shell_commands (0.1.0) A ripl plugin that allows inline shell commands in the Ripl Shell.
  11. 9,669 downloads
    ripl-short_errors (0.1.0) Only show the first backtrace entry when errors are displayed. The complete backtrace can be show...
  12. 11,950 downloads
    ripltools (0.7.0) ripltools is a collection of ripl plugins setting up a nice-to-use general purpose ripl.
  13. 3,339 downloads
    ripl-watir (0.0.4) A ripl plugin to provide an interactive shell for creating page objects to build an automated tes...
  14. 21,550 downloads
    ripper (1.0.5) This gem is meant for Ruby 1.8.x builds. Ruby 1.9.x comes with a functioning ripper imple...
  15. 3,166 downloads
    ripper2ruby (0.0.2) Ripper2Ruby builds an object-oriented representation of Ruby code that you can modify and recompi...
  16. 7,538 downloads
    ripper-plus (1.3.0) Ripper is the Ruby parser library packaged with Ruby 1.9. While quite complete, it has some quirk...
  17. 79,077 downloads
    ripper_ruby_parser (1.0.0) RipperRubyParser is a parser for Ruby based on Ripper that aims to be a drop-in replaceme...
  18. 3,323 downloads
    rippersnapper (0.0.8) Rip and snap domains using Rippersnappers jaws of steele!
  19. 5,390 downloads
    ripper-tags (0.1.3) fast, accurate ctags generator for ruby source code using Ripper
  20. 72,251 downloads
    ripple (0.9.5) ripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It uses ActiveMo...
  21. 1,117 downloads
    ripple-anaf (0.8.0.beta1) Adds the DSL for ANAF for Ripple, an ORM for Riak
  22. 12,338 downloads
    ripple-cli ( Ripple is a tool that wraps Nuget with workflow more conducive to upstream/downstream development...
  23. 1,412 downloads
    ripple-encryption (0.0.4) Easily encrypt data at rest with minimal changes to existing ripple models.
  24. 2,955 downloads
    ripple_oh_caramba (0.2.1) Monkeypatches Ripple, giving support for referential associations, mutual associations, and other...
  25. 7,509 downloads
    rippler (0.0.15) Command line client for Ripple payment platform
  26. 1,127 downloads
    ripple-rails (0.2.0) Rails integration for Ripple payment notifications.
  27. 1,427 downloads
    ripple-rest (1.0.3) A ruby wrapper for Ripple REST API.
  28. 2,038 downloads
    ripple_searchable (0.0.3) Mongoid / Active Record style query criteria and scoping for Ripple
  29. 2,997 downloads
    ripplr (0.0.8.beta) Ripplr provides a lower barrier to entry for developers wishing to migrate to Riak. Ripplr focuse...
  30. 1,529 downloads
    rippy_rules (0.0.2) A Ruby library for the api