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  1. 12,683 downloads
    ringioAPI (0.2.0) IMPORTANT: this project has just started, so the functionality is not complete yet. Provides...
  2. 9,656 downloads
    ringleader (1.1.8) TCP application host and proxy server
  3. 1,836 downloads
    ringo (0.0.2) Ringo is a rails gem that allows you to interact with Mingle from the command line.
  4. 2,617 downloads
    RingRingAds (0.2.0) Very basic wrapper to grab adverts from RingRingMedia
  5. 631 downloads
    ring_sig (0.4.0) Ring Signatures allow someone to non-interactively sign a message which can be verified against a...
  6. 5,693 downloads
    ring-sqa (0.1.4) gets list of nodes and pings from each to each storing results
  7. 8,698 downloads
    RingyDingy (1.6) RingyDingy is a little boat that keeps your DRb service afloat! RingyDingy automatically register...
  8. 547 downloads
    rinit (0.1.5) Provides init-like script structure for ruby
  9. 2,694 downloads
    rinject (0.1.2) Simple dependency injection framework for ruby applications
  10. 4,582 downloads
    rink (1.0.2) Makes interactive consoles awesome.
  11. 465,956 downloads
    rinku (1.7.3) A fast and very smart autolinking library that acts as a drop-in replacement for Rails `a...
  12. 1,645 downloads
    rinku-ffi (1.0.1) add a FFI layer to original rinku
  13. 1,567 downloads
    rinne (0.0.3) Rinne - Camel case converter
  14. 2,638 downloads
    rino (0.2.0) A Ruby wrapper for the C InChI toolkit
  15. 1,256 downloads
    RInotify (0.9-i586-linux) A Ruby wrapper for Linux's inotify
  16. 31,919 downloads
    rinruby (2.0.3) RinRuby is a Ruby library that integrates the R interpreter in Ruby, making R's statistical routi...
  17. 2,856 downloads
    rintcore (0.0.5) A RepRap driver and GCode analyzer written in Ruby.
  18. 2,669 downloads
    rinterceptor (0.2.0) it is a inheritable, reusable AOP framework with regex rule support, let your interceptor simple,...
  19. 1,452 downloads
    rinterface (0.0.3) Pure Ruby client that can send RPC calls to an Erlang node
  20. 634 downloads
    RintServer (0.0.1) A RepRap Print server.
  21. 641 downloads
    RintSole (0.0.1) A RepRap terminal interface written in Ruby.
  22. 44,796 downloads
    rio (0.5.1) Rio is a Ruby class wrapping much of the functionality of IO, File, Dir, Pathname, FileUtils, Tem...
  23. 1,955 downloads
    rio-ffi (0.1.1) RIO uses the ffi gem to write a fancy abstracted wrapper around the Io VM
  24. 9,947 downloads
    riojs (0.0.7) Rio is a javascript RIA framework for building real-time collaborative web applications on to...
  25. 172 downloads
    riopro-piwik (0.0.2) A simple Ruby client for the Piwik API
  26. 3,879 downloads
    rios (0.4.0) Rios is a proxy framework which works as a proxy for command line applications and allows develo...
  27. 68,817 downloads
    riot (0.12.7) An extremely fast, expressive, and context-driven unit-testing framework. A replacement for all o...
  28. 1,544 downloads
    riot_api (0.1.0) A Ruby gem for the Riot Games API
  29. 379 downloads
    riot-api (0.0.2) An API that allows users to interact with Riot Games' League of Legends API
  30. 268 downloads
    riot_api_ruby (0.0.1) Yet another ruby Riot game league of legend api wrapper.