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  1. 552 downloads
    ritetag (0.0.3) This gem provides a simple interface to the RiteTag API. It handles authentification and make...
  2. 48,157 downloads
    ritex (1.0.1) Ritex converts expressions from WebTeX into MathML. WebTeX is an adaptation of TeX math syntax f...
  3. 18,033 downloads
    ritsu (0.7.1) Ritsu is a tool to help generate CMakeLists.txt and other source code files in a C++ software pro...
  4. 2,545 downloads
    ritter (0.0.91) A edited gem that provides text handling for Twitter that parse any hashtag (except blank spaces)
  5. 15,259 downloads
    ritual (0.4.1) Adds tasks and helpers to your Rakefile to manage releases in a lightweight manner.
  6. 3,855 downloads
    rity (0.1.0) Rity is a lightweight Ruby webserver that runs inside an EventMachine loop and puts each request ...
  7. 641 downloads
    rivalry (0.0.1) The (fast!) duplicate file finder for Ruby! Supports media file and ignoring SCM directories.
  8. 2,940 downloads
    rivendell (0.1.2) This is a set of wrappers and tools for working with the Rivendell broadcast automation system to...
  9. 4,277 downloads
    rivendell-api (0.6) Use the rdxport interface to retrieve Groups, create/edit/retrieve Carts and Cuts, import Cut sound.
  10. 1,178 downloads
    rivendell-db (0.3) Rivendell database mapping
  11. 4,553 downloads
    rivendell-import (0.9) Import sound in our Rivendell system
  12. 3,917 downloads
    river (3.0.0) Code to interact with the AWS API
  13. 1,766 downloads
    river-retriever (0.0.3) Retrieve fishing report data using Nokogiri
  14. 446 downloads
    river_song (0.0.1) River Song - A gem for making the Twitter Stream API sing for Rails. Nothing to do with Doctor Wh...
  15. 4,957 downloads
    rivet (2.0.0) Rivet allows you to define autoscaling groups and launch configurations as configuration and SYNC...
  16. 1,589 downloads
    riveter (0.0.11) Provides several useful patterns, such as Enumerated, Command, Enquiry, Query, QueryFilter, Servi...
  17. 2,463 downloads
    rivets-rails (0.2.2) Rivets plugin for Rails
  18. 1,278 downloads
    rivsc-xmlattributes (1.0.0) add xml attributes in Hash.from_xml Rails3
  19. 4,709 downloads
    rix (0.2.0) Command-line XML editing and refactoring
  20. 16,046 downloads
    rixi (0.3.10) Rixi is a simply library for mixi graph api in Ruby.
  21. 1,960 downloads
    rixius (0.0.7) Module of helpful modules, classes, and mixins
  22. 1,443 downloads
    rixmap (0.3.1) Rixmap is a cheap pixel-map imaging library for Ruby Language
  23. 1,262 downloads
    rizwanreza-chronic (0.0.1) This is a gem-fork of Chronic currently being developed to support 1.9.2 100%. The te...
  24. 939 downloads
    rj ( Background jobs on RabbitMQ
  25. 1,344 downloads
    rjab (0.2.2) A Ruby library for interacting with Jabbify. Simplifies the process of delivering messages to Jab...
  26. 4,247 downloads
    rjack-async-httpclient ( A gem packaging of the Async Http Client for JRuby.
  27. 6,124 downloads
    rjack-commons-codec (1.9.0-java) A gem packaging of Commons Codec
  28. 4,144 downloads
    rjack-commons-dbcp ( A gem packaging of {Commons DBCP}[]
  29. 5,532 downloads
    rjack-commons-dbutils (1.6.0-java) A gem packaging of Commons DbUtils
  30. 7,620 downloads
    rjack-commons-pool ( A gem packaging of Commons Pool