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  1. 1,264 downloads
    ripl-johnson (0.1.0) A full-featured javscript shell based on johnson a.k.a mozilla's tracemonkey. Since this uses rip...
  2. 79,369 downloads
    ripl-multi_line (0.3.1) This ripl plugin allows you to evaluate multiple lines of Ruby code.
  3. 1,256 downloads
    ripl-padrino (0.0.1) ripl for the padrino framework
  4. 10,370 downloads
    ripl-play (0.2.1) A ripl plugin to playback ruby code in ripl coming from files, urls or stdin. Also records a ripl...
  5. 8,211 downloads
    ripl-profiles (0.2.1) This ripl plugin adds a --profile option to ripl that loads profile files in ~/.ripl/profiles bef...
  6. 46,394 downloads
    ripl-rack (0.2.1) This ripl plugin provides a console for rack apps.
  7. 7,127 downloads
    ripl-rails (0.2.0) This provides an alternative to script/console and a ripl Rails plugin to be reused with app-spec...
  8. 10,975 downloads
    ripl-rc (0.2.4) ripl plugins collection, take you want, leave you don't.
  9. 3,100 downloads
    ripl-readline-em (0.2.1) Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell asynchronously with readline editing and completion
  10. 6,052 downloads
    ripl-ripper (0.1.0) This ripl plugin gives ripl multi-line eval ability using ripper.
  11. 2,747 downloads
    ripl-rocket (0.1.1) Lets you display the ripl result as a comment on the same line.
  12. 929 downloads
    ripl-shell_commands (0.1.0) A ripl plugin that allows inline shell commands in the Ripl Shell.
  13. 9,951 downloads
    ripl-short_errors (0.1.0) Only show the first backtrace entry when errors are displayed. The complete backtrace can be show...
  14. 12,156 downloads
    ripltools (0.7.0) ripltools is a collection of ripl plugins setting up a nice-to-use general purpose ripl.
  15. 3,413 downloads
    ripl-watir (0.0.4) A ripl plugin to provide an interactive shell for creating page objects to build an automated tes...
  16. 227 downloads
    ripped_params (0.0.2) Specify all strong params into separate yaml files and have then turned into controller methods
  17. 652 downloads
    ripped-params (0.0.4) Generate strong param methods using yaml files
  18. 21,740 downloads
    ripper (1.0.5) This gem is meant for Ruby 1.8.x builds. Ruby 1.9.x comes with a functioning ripper imple...
  19. 3,203 downloads
    ripper2ruby (0.0.2) Ripper2Ruby builds an object-oriented representation of Ruby code that you can modify and recompi...
  20. 7,677 downloads
    ripper-plus (1.3.0) Ripper is the Ruby parser library packaged with Ruby 1.9. While quite complete, it has some quirk...
  21. 82,062 downloads
    ripper_ruby_parser (1.0.0) RipperRubyParser is a parser for Ruby based on Ripper that aims to be a drop-in replaceme...
  22. 3,532 downloads
    rippersnapper (0.0.8) Rip and snap domains using Rippersnappers jaws of steele!
  23. 6,120 downloads
    ripper-tags (0.1.3) fast, accurate ctags generator for ruby source code using Ripper
  24. 72,603 downloads
    ripple (0.9.5) ripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It uses ActiveMo...
  25. 1,131 downloads
    ripple-anaf (0.8.0.beta2) Adds the DSL for ANAF for Ripple, an ORM for Riak
  26. 12,882 downloads
    ripple-cli ( Ripple is a tool that wraps Nuget with workflow more conducive to upstream/downstream development...
  27. 1,451 downloads
    ripple-encryption (0.0.4) Easily encrypt data at rest with minimal changes to existing ripple models.
  28. 3,011 downloads
    ripple_oh_caramba (0.2.1) Monkeypatches Ripple, giving support for referential associations, mutual associations, and other...
  29. 7,760 downloads
    rippler (0.0.15) Command line client for Ripple payment platform
  30. 1,170 downloads
    ripple-rails (0.2.0) Rails integration for Ripple payment notifications.