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  1. 1,362 downloads
    rjab (0.2.2) A Ruby library for interacting with Jabbify. Simplifies the process of delivering messages to Jab...
  2. 4,390 downloads
    rjack-async-httpclient ( A gem packaging of the Async Http Client for JRuby.
  3. 6,245 downloads
    rjack-commons-codec (1.9.0-java) A gem packaging of Commons Codec
  4. 4,207 downloads
    rjack-commons-dbcp ( A gem packaging of {Commons DBCP}[]
  5. 5,627 downloads
    rjack-commons-dbutils (1.6.0-java) A gem packaging of Commons DbUtils
  6. 7,706 downloads
    rjack-commons-pool ( A gem packaging of Commons Pool
  7. 1,140 downloads
    rjack-guava ( A gem packaging of Guava.
  8. 4,598 downloads
    rjack-httpclient-3 (3.1.7-java) A gem packaging of Commons HttpClient 3.x for JRuby.
  9. 12,456 downloads
    rjack-httpclient-4 ( A gem packaging of the HttpComponents HTTP Client 4.x for JRuby.
  10. 5,023 downloads
    rjack-icu ( A gem packaging of ICU4J.
  11. 34,466 downloads
    rjack-jackson ( A gem packaging of Jackson JSON Processor.
  12. 1,912 downloads
    rjack-jdbc-postgres (9.3.1102.0) A gem packaging of the Postgres JDBC Driver for Java JDBC 4 only (requires Java SE 1.6 or higher).
  13. 2,041 downloads
    rjack-jdom ( A gem packaging of JDOM[]. This product includes software developed by the {J...
  14. 6,891 downloads
    rjack-jets3t ( A gem packaging and ruby wrapper for the JetS3t Amazon Web Services client.
  15. 33,957 downloads
    rjack-jetty ( A gem packaging of the Jetty Web Server for JRuby.
  16. 22,689 downloads
    rjack-jetty-jsp ( A gem packaging of the Jetty Web Server JSP 2.2 support for JRuby. This gem is provided as a comp...
  17. 3,874 downloads
    rjack-jms (1.1.1-java) Java Messaging Service (JMS) utilities, with gem packaging.
  18. 1,287 downloads
    rjack-jms-spec (1.1.1-java) A gem packaging of JMS 1.1 specification classes (javax.jms) as implemented by the {Geronimo}[htt...
  19. 16,711 downloads
    rjack-logback (1.7.1-java) The Logback ruby gem packages the Logback java log writer, and provides a JRuby facade for progra...
  20. 5,071 downloads
    rjack-lucene ( A gem packaging of Lucene.
  21. 2,819 downloads
    rjack-maven ( A gem packaging of Maven. Supports jruby convenient installation and in-process launching for speed.
  22. 1,100 downloads
    rjack-mina ( A gem packaging of {MINA}[].
  23. 4,237 downloads
    rjack-nekohtml ( A gem packaging of the CyberNeko HTML Parser
  24. 3,326 downloads
    rjack-netty ( A gem packaging of Netty.
  25. 2,574 downloads
    rjack-protobuf ( A gem packaging of Protocol Buffers
  26. 10,661 downloads
    rjack-qpid-client (0.24.0-java) A gem packaging of the Qpid AMQP Java Client.
  27. 2,040 downloads
    rjack-rome (1.0.2-java) A gem packaging of ROME[].
  28. 19,545 downloads
    rjack-slf4j ( A JRuby adaption and gem packaging of the Simple Logging Facade for Java. Provides all jar depend...
  29. 5,871 downloads
    rjack-solr ( A gem packaging of Solr.
  30. 22,365 downloads
    rjack-tarpit (2.1.0) TarPit provides the glue for an unholy union of build tools. TarPit includes general automation f...