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  1. 4,418 downloads
    rock_config (0.0.6) RockConfig allows you to use custom config files easily.
  2. 3,628 downloads
    rockdove (0.3.1) Incoming mail processing daemon for Exchange Web Services (EWS). This is the Ruby Gem that does f...
  3. 8,419 downloads
    rocker (0.0.10) This gem is very fast C++ code for calculating AUCs on results of cross-validation. It is specif...
  4. 4,667 downloads
    rocket (0.0.4) Rocket is a very fast and reliable web socket server built upon em-websockets library. Rocket pro...
  5. 13,084 downloads
    RocketAMF (0.2.1) Fast AMF serializer/deserializer with remoting request/response wrappers to simplify integration
  6. 527 downloads
    RocketAMF-ouvrages (1.0.0) Fast AMF serializer/deserializer with remoting request/response wrappers to simplify integration
  7. 1,016 downloads
    rocketamf_pure (1.0.0) Fast AMF serializer/deserializer with remoting request/response wrappers to simplify integration
  8. 9,771 downloads
    rocket_cms (0.2.7) RocketCMS
  9. 3,528 downloads
    rocket-core (0.0.4) Core utils used by various Rocket components.
  10. 5,784 downloads
    rocketeer (0.6.1) Rocketeer is a collection of helpers for the Sinatra framework.
  11. 4,708 downloads
    rocket-js (0.0.4) This library is client that allows JavaScript clients to connect to the Rocket web socket server.
  12. 762 downloads
    rocket_launcher (0.0.1) Library to control a USB Thunder Rocket Launcher.
  13. 55,220 downloads
    rocket_pants (1.10.0) Rocket Pants adds JSON API love to Rails and ActionController, making it simpler to build API-ori...
  14. 392 downloads
    rocket_pants-core (2.0.0.pre.2) RocketPants core provides functionality for RocketPants shared between different
  15. 5,310 downloads
    rocket_pants-rpm (2.0.0) Integrates RocketPants and RPM for great success.
  16. 1,365 downloads
    rockets (0.1.0) Middle ware to process directives in your javascript and css (maybe other stuff later?) and then ...
  17. 4,652 downloads
    rocket-server (0.0.4) This is a fast web socket server built on awesome EventMachine with em-websockets help. It provid...
  18. 1,470 downloads
    rocket_shorts (0.0.2) Because RocketPants needs another clothing option.
  19. 684 downloads
    rocket_sms (0.1.1) RocketSMS is a EventMachine-based SMPP Gateway
  20. 4,846 downloads
    rocketstarter (0.1.0) When you want to create new rails applications, the Rocket-starter can set up basic directories a...
  21. 20,712 downloads
    rocket_tag (0.5.6) A modern fast tagging framework for Rails 3.1+
  22. 6,406 downloads
    rocketwheel-command (1.1.4) Command line tool for encoding, building and deploying demo packages.
  23. 6,840 downloads
    rockhands (0.0.6) For those about to rock...
  24. 22,085 downloads
    rocking_chair (0.4.6) In-memory CouchDB for Couchrest and SimplyStored. Works for database and document API, by_attribu...
  25. 2,886 downloads
    rockit (0.7.2) Rockit is a potent parser generator and gives you AST's (Abstract Syntax Tree's) which you can pa...
  26. 1,726 downloads
    rockit-now (0.2.0) Check and verify external project and rails specific project dependencies. The script will cache ...
  27. 102 downloads
    rockoauth (0.1.0) Simple OAuth 2.0 provider toolkit
  28. 10,856 downloads
    rock-queue (0.3.3) A unified interface for various messaging queues
  29. 17,298 downloads
    rock-queue-smpp ( Fork of Rock-Queue to run an SMPP Gateway
  30. 11,204 downloads
    rocks (0.0.5) Rocks provides a set of mixins and default styles that you can use to develop maintainable, reada...