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  1. 2,242 downloads
    roundabout (0.2.0) A Rails Engine that generates a page transition diagram for your Rails app from request specs
  2. 2,405 downloads
    rounders-gdata-ruby (1.1.2) This gem provides a set of wrappers designed to make it easy to work with the Google Data APIs.
  3. 20,183 downloads
    roundhouse ( RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool
  4. 2,481 downloads
    round_robin (1.2.0) Library and tasks to handle round robin style workers
  5. 32,911 downloads
    roundsman (0.1.1) Combine the awesome powers of Capistrano and Chef. The only thing you need is SSH access.
  6. 2,231 downloads
    roundsman-sgonyea ( Combine the awesome powers of Capistrano and Chef. The only thing you need is SSH access.
  7. 710 downloads
    roundtrip (0.0.1) Simple business process/transactions tracking and metrics service
  8. 722 downloads
    roundup (0.1.0) Clean periodic snaphots while keeping files that matter
  9. 1,458 downloads
    roust (1.5.0) Roust is a Ruby API client to access Request Tracker's REST interface.
  10. 1,700 downloads
    rouster (0.57) Rouster allows you to programmatically control and interact with your existing Vagrant virtual ma...
  11. 4,437 downloads
    routable (0.2) A RubyMotion UIViewController -> URL router
  12. 65,787 downloads
    route53 (0.3.0) Provides CRUD and list operations for records and zones as part of Amazon's Route 53 service.
  13. 1,850 downloads
    route53web (0.1.1) A rack mountable web interface for viewing Amazon Route53 DNS records.
  14. 6,133 downloads
    route66 (0.0.3) Displays routes at <your-app>/route66
  15. 264 downloads
    route-deprecations (0.2.0.beta) Adds ability to deprecate routes from config routes
  16. 7,206 downloads
    route_dog (2.5.1) Watch and Notify your not tested routes of a RoR Application, it also has a simple report about R...
  17. 10,530 downloads
    route_downcaser (0.2.1) This gem hooks into the Rack middleware of Rails. This way all paths are downcased before dispatc...
  18. 1,349 downloads
    route_localize (0.0.7) Rails 4 engine to to translate routes using locale files and subdomains.
  19. 1,120 downloads
    route_manager (0.9.1) route manager
  20. 351 downloads
    routemaster (0.0.1) Provides helper methods which to make linking models and actions to URLs simple
  21. 182 downloads
    routemaster-client (0.0.2) Client API for the Routemaster event bus
  22. 4,745 downloads
    route_matcher (0.0.6) Your Rails 3 route helper for pretty urls sharing the same dynamic path "part". For example, use...
  23. 5,166 downloads
    routengn (0.4.0) RouteNGN is an Advanced SIP Redirect Routing Platform.
  24. 551 downloads
    routengn-client (0.1.5) RouteNGN Ruby Client Library
  25. 1,100 downloads
    router_crypt (0.3.1) Library and binary which decrypt (crypt unimplemented) Juniper JunOS $9$, Cisco IOS type 7 and Ci...
  26. 1,240 downloads
    router_simple (0.0.2) Simple HTTP routing library
  27. 10,819 downloads
    routes (0.2.0) Routes: rake routes 10x faster with search feature. A command line to fastly search through the r...
  28. 743 downloads
    routes_for_page (0.0.1) add routes for rails index.
  29. 1,668 downloads
    routes-js (0.0.2) Make Routes helpers available to your Javascript. No more hardcoded URLs! No more host name issues!
  30. 912 downloads
    routespec (0.0.1) RSpec test writing automation for request testing routes exposed in config/routes.rb