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  1. 2,418 downloads
    rmysqldump (0.0.3) Dumping MySQL databases on the Starkast servers
  2. 610 downloads
    rn (0.0.1) Rails validations for Belgian Government Registration Numbers (Rijksregisternummer)
  3. 13,887 downloads
    rna (0.4.1) Rna is a simple DSL for generating node.json files required by chef-solo.
  4. 1,584 downloads
    rnagios (0.0.6) Make your own plugins in Ruby for Nagios to run on the Nagios server or as NSCA plugins on remote...
  5. 1,146 downloads
    rncp (0.0.2) rncp provides a fast way of transfering files between systems. Its pure Ruby port of Pyncp/Ncp.
  6. 1,936 downloads
    rndk (1.0.1) `rndk` aims to be a powerful, well-documented and easy-to-use Ncurses Development Kit in Ruby. Be...
  7. 2,614 downloads
    rnewick (0.1.2) newick utilities
  8. 22,443 downloads
    rnexus (0.0.7) a ruby wrapper to interact with a nexus maven repository
  9. 709 downloads
    rnfse (0.3.0) Biblioteca para integração com as várias implementações municipais de Nota Fiscal de Serviços...
  10. 1,549 downloads
    rngtng-bounce-email (0.1.2) THIS GEM IS DEPRECATED, PLS SEE FOR LATEST VERSION
  11. 190 downloads
    rnlp (0.0.2.a) Ruby Natural Language Processing Library
  12. 2,683 downloads
    rnote (0.0.5) RNote is a command line tool for accessing Evernote. You can use it to find, create, and ...
  13. 7,989 downloads
    rnotifier (0.1.5) Exception catcher
  14. 2,094 downloads
    rnotify (0.2) Using NotifyOSD system in Ubuntu to display Rails logger messages and TDD/BDD messages
  15. 455 downloads
    r_notify (0.0.1) r_notify is a notification library using drb.
  16. 5,631 downloads
    rns (0.0.7) rns is a namespace management library designed to ease functional programming in Ruby.
  17. 653 downloads
    rnvivo (1.0.0) A simple Ruby library for the nvivo API
  18. 6,561 downloads
    ro (1.4.6) description: ro kicks the ass
  19. 14,091 downloads
    roachclip (0.3.2) Let you upload images and have use paperclip's hotness to post process them
  20. 2,329 downloads
    roadblock (0.1.1) Roadblock provides a simple interface for checking if a ruby object has the authority to interact...
  21. 2,072 downloads
    roadforest (0.7) RoaD FoReST is a web framework designed to use the Resource Description Framework to accompli...
  22. 417,529 downloads
    roadie (3.0.1) Roadie tries to make sending HTML emails a little less painful by inlining stylesheets and rewrit...
  23. 19,315 downloads
    roadie-rails (1.0.3) Hooks Roadie into your Rails application to help with email generation.
  24. 1,888 downloads
    roadkill (0.0.4) External web testing
  25. 854 downloads
    roadmap (0.0.0) Roadmap is a muliple project issue tracker.
  26. 2,612 downloads
    roadrunner (4.0.4) roadrunner
  27. 4,021 downloads
    RoadRunner (4.0.1) RoadRunner
  28. 954 downloads
    roadrunner-live-reload (0.3.3) A live reload command line tool written in ruby.
  29. 3,700 downloads
    roadtrip (0.1.0) This is a quick little gem that uses Google Maps to determine the distance, duration and fuel cos...
  30. 14,250 downloads
    roadworker (0.4.12) Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and updates Ro...