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  1. 968 downloads
    romq (0.1.0) Gracefully handle common amqp exceptions for more robust clients.
  2. 1,655 downloads
    rom-relation (0.1.2) Relation schema with mapping for ROM
  3. 1,211 downloads
    rom-session (0.1.1) Session for ROM
  4. 1,007 downloads
    romyow (0.0.2) Simple tool to easily change your machine's ruby version to your liking.
  5. 5,465 downloads
    ron (0.4) ron -- the opposite of roff -- is now known as 'ronn'
  6. 3,931 downloads
    Ron (0.1.2) Well, who needed another serialization format? Not me, but that's what I've made. Ruby Object Not...
  7. 2,144 downloads
    ronary (1.0.1) a simple conary proxy that masks poor exit codes. See for more information...
  8. 5,513 downloads
    Ronela ( Ronela un motor de novelas gráficas en español
  9. 7,157 downloads
    rong (0.2.5) Rong is a Ruby implementation of Pong that consists of a server module for managing games, a clie...
  10. 3,888 downloads
    rong-client (0.2.4) Rong-client is the catch-all Rong client package, and in the future will hopefully be replaced wi...
  11. 3,149 downloads
    rong-elements (0.2.2) Rong-elements contains shared game models and utilities for Rong, a Ruby implementation of Pong t...
  12. 4,285 downloads
    rong-server (0.2.2) Rong-server is the server component for Rong, a Ruby implementation of Pong that consists of a se...
  13. 4,971 downloads
    ronimopi (0.1.3) Ronimopi (or Robot Ninja Monkey Pirate) is a simple IRC bot based on the Isaac framework. It is d...
  14. 30,324 downloads
    ronin (1.5.0) Ronin is a Ruby platform for exploit development and security research. Ronin allows for the rapi...
  15. 1,582 downloads
    ronin-asm (0.2.0) ronin-asm is a Ruby DSL for crafting Assmebly programs and Shellcode.
  16. 5,383 downloads
    ronin-dorks (0.1.3) Ronin Dorks is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for various Google (tm) Dorks funct...
  17. 8,665 downloads
    ronin-exploits (0.3.1) Ronin Exploits is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides exploitation and payload crafting functi...
  18. 13,039 downloads
    ronin-gen (1.2.0) Ronin Gen is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides various generators.
  19. 4,752 downloads
    ronin-grid (1.0.3) The objective of Ronin is to provide a framework for developing flexible, responsive web designs ...
  20. 5,733 downloads
    ronin-php (0.0.9) Ronin PHP is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for PHP related security tasks. Roni...
  21. 7,215 downloads
    ronin-scanners (0.1.4) Ronin Scanners is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides Ruby interfaces to various third-party s...
  22. 10,570 downloads
    ronin-sql (1.1.0) Ronin SQL is a a Ruby DSL for crafting SQL Injections.
  23. 15,150 downloads
    ronin-support (0.5.1) Ronin Support is a support library for Ronin. Ronin Support contains many of the convenience meth...
  24. 9,307 downloads
    ronin-web (0.2.1) Ronin Web is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for web scraping and spidering functi...
  25. 3,363 downloads
    ronin-wrapper (0.1.3) A wrapper to enable masterless configuration management, using Chef and/or Puppet.
  26. 108,251 downloads
    ronn (0.7.3) Builds manuals
  27. 1,457 downloads
    ronnie (0.8.0) Library for accessing the Rdio API from Ruby.
  28. 481 downloads
    rontgen (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 632,154 downloads
    roo (1.13.2) Roo can access the contents of various spreadsheet files. It can handle * OpenOffice * Excel * Go...
  30. 358,089 downloads
    roodi (4.0.0) Roodi parses your Ruby code and warns you about design issues you have based on the checks that i...