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  1. 3,793 downloads
    rtfm (0.5.2) Using RTFM, you can declaratively create nice, standard man pages for your Ruby projects using a...
  2. 3,116 downloads
    rtfmd (0.10301.20) A simple, Markdown documentation helper with ronn, gollum, and offline-generation support
  3. 17,294 downloads
    RTFMd (0.10301.17) A simple, Markdown documentation helper with ronn, gollum, and offline-generation support
  4. 1,014 downloads
    rtf_rails (0.0.1) Rtf::Rails provides a simple way of creating RTF views in Rails 3 using the rtf library.
  5. 6,167 downloads
    rtfs (0.2.1) RTFS is a Ruby Client for TFS.
  6. 1,471 downloads
    rtf-templater (0.0.2) Embedded ruby for RTF documents. You provide .rtf template and data and rtf-templater generates t...
  7. 661 downloads
    rtftopdf (1.0.3) RTF to PDF conversion
  8. 5,544 downloads
    rthbound-suitcase (1.7.7) Ruby library that utilizes the EAN ( API for locating available hotels and the Hotwir...
  9. 661 downloads
    rth-studiogame (0.9) pragruby ======== Ruby immersion as part of RubyMotion learning.
  10. 3,080 downloads
    rticker (1.2.0) rticker is a command line-based stock ticker application capable of retrieving and displaying inf...
  11. 911 downloads
    rticles (0.2.4) Rticles is a Rails plugin that allows for web-based editing of legal documents. It lets you creat...
  12. 3,328 downloads
    rtika (0.3.0) rTika is a JRuby wrapper around the Apache Tika content extraction library
  13. 1,269 downloads
    rtimbl (0.1.2) rtimbl provides Ruby language bindings to the TiMBL machine learning library. See the README for...
  14. 1,336 downloads
    rtimeout (1.0) For timing out system commands.
  15. 2,347 downloads
    rtinspect (0.0.19) This is a class that will enable remote access capabilities in a running Ruby process, exposing ...
  16. 537 downloads
    rtiss_acts_as_versioned (0.7.3) Add simple versioning to ActiveRecord models (TISS version). Each model has a to-many model name...
  17. 167 downloads
    rtiss_libxml_to_hash (0.3.0) A simple library to convert XML strings to hashes using libxml This adds to from_lib_xml method ...
  18. 342 downloads
    rtiss_soap4r (1.6.1) An updated implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9. (RTISS version)
  19. 796 downloads
    rtkit (0.7) DICOM is a standard widely used throughout the world to store and transfer medical image data. Th...
  20. 3,019 downloads
    rtlit (0.0.5) Converts CSS files from left-to-right to right-to-left
  21. 1,153 downloads
    rtlize (0.2.1) RTLize is a rails plugin that semi-automatically allows you to use the same stylesheet file(s) to...
  22. 3,214 downloads
    rtlog (0.1.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  23. 355 downloads
    rtl-string (1.0.0) Easier string manipulation for people who come from LTR backgrounds.
  24. 14,516 downloads
    rtm (0.3.1) ==== Ruby Topic Maps (RTM) RTM is a Topic Maps engine written in Ruby. See http://rtm.topicmapsla...
  25. 4,799 downloads
    rtm-activerecord (0.3.1) Ruby Topic Maps is a Topic Maps engine written in Ruby. This is the backend engine which ...
  26. 8,143 downloads
    rtmapi (0.6.3) Remember the Milk is a task management tool at The is a ruby lib...
  27. 1,419 downloads
    rtmidi (0.3) Ruby wrapper for RtMidi, a cross-platform C++ library for realtime MIDI input and output.
  28. 3,588 downloads
    rtmilk (0.3.0) a "Remember the Milk" wrapper library.
  29. 4,596 downloads
    rtm-javatmapi (0.3.0) Ruby Topic Maps is a Topic Maps engine written in Ruby. This backend engine uses any Java...
  30. 6,322 downloads
    rtml (2.0.4) RubyTML (or just RTML) is a Ruby framework for communicating with Ingenico's Incendo-based paymen...