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  1. 4,111 downloads
    romniture (0.0.5) A library that allows access to Omniture's REST API libraries (
  2. 390 downloads
    romo (0.0.1) A UI Toolkit
  3. 4,316 downloads
    romp (0.1.1) Romp is a lightweight Stomp client for Ruby
  4. 835 downloads
    romp-rpc (0.2.0) ROMP is the Ruby Object Message Proxy. It is sort of like drb (distributed Ruby) in that it allow...
  5. 976 downloads
    romq (0.1.0) Gracefully handle common amqp exceptions for more robust clients.
  6. 1,674 downloads
    rom-relation (0.1.2) Relation schema with mapping for ROM
  7. 1,226 downloads
    rom-session (0.1.1) Session for ROM
  8. 1,019 downloads
    romyow (0.0.2) Simple tool to easily change your machine's ruby version to your liking.
  9. 5,488 downloads
    ron (0.4) ron -- the opposite of roff -- is now known as 'ronn'
  10. 3,951 downloads
    Ron (0.1.2) Well, who needed another serialization format? Not me, but that's what I've made. Ruby Object Not...
  11. 2,156 downloads
    ronary (1.0.1) a simple conary proxy that masks poor exit codes. See for more information...
  12. 5,550 downloads
    Ronela ( Ronela un motor de novelas gráficas en español
  13. 7,200 downloads
    rong (0.2.5) Rong is a Ruby implementation of Pong that consists of a server module for managing games, a clie...
  14. 114 downloads
    rong-auth-service-ruby (0.1.0) Well wrapped rong-auth-service interpreting with ruby. And which is my first Gem Component
  15. 3,915 downloads
    rong-client (0.2.4) Rong-client is the catch-all Rong client package, and in the future will hopefully be replaced wi...
  16. 3,166 downloads
    rong-elements (0.2.2) Rong-elements contains shared game models and utilities for Rong, a Ruby implementation of Pong t...
  17. 4,308 downloads
    rong-server (0.2.2) Rong-server is the server component for Rong, a Ruby implementation of Pong that consists of a se...
  18. 5,000 downloads
    ronimopi (0.1.3) Ronimopi (or Robot Ninja Monkey Pirate) is a simple IRC bot based on the Isaac framework. It is d...
  19. 30,517 downloads
    ronin (1.5.0) Ronin is a Ruby platform for exploit development and security research. Ronin allows for the rapi...
  20. 1,603 downloads
    ronin-asm (0.2.0) ronin-asm is a Ruby DSL for crafting Assmebly programs and Shellcode.
  21. 5,412 downloads
    ronin-dorks (0.1.3) Ronin Dorks is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for various Google (tm) Dorks funct...
  22. 8,717 downloads
    ronin-exploits (0.3.1) Ronin Exploits is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides exploitation and payload crafting functi...
  23. 13,134 downloads
    ronin-gen (1.2.0) Ronin Gen is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides various generators.
  24. 4,793 downloads
    ronin-grid (1.0.3) The objective of Ronin is to provide a framework for developing flexible, responsive web designs ...
  25. 5,744 downloads
    ronin-php (0.0.9) Ronin PHP is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for PHP related security tasks. Roni...
  26. 7,252 downloads
    ronin-scanners (0.1.4) Ronin Scanners is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides Ruby interfaces to various third-party s...
  27. 10,634 downloads
    ronin-sql (1.1.0) Ronin SQL is a a Ruby DSL for crafting SQL Injections.
  28. 15,272 downloads
    ronin-support (0.5.1) Ronin Support is a support library for Ronin. Ronin Support contains many of the convenience meth...
  29. 9,362 downloads
    ronin-web (0.2.1) Ronin Web is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for web scraping and spidering functi...
  30. 3,437 downloads
    ronin-wrapper (0.1.3) A wrapper to enable masterless configuration management, using Chef and/or Puppet.