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  1. 5,052 downloads
    ronimopi (0.1.3) Ronimopi (or Robot Ninja Monkey Pirate) is a simple IRC bot based on the Isaac framework. It is d...
  2. 30,898 downloads
    ronin (1.5.0) Ronin is a Ruby platform for exploit development and security research. Ronin allows for the rapi...
  3. 1,638 downloads
    ronin-asm (0.2.0) ronin-asm is a Ruby DSL for crafting Assmebly programs and Shellcode.
  4. 5,474 downloads
    ronin-dorks (0.1.3) Ronin Dorks is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for various Google (tm) Dorks funct...
  5. 8,828 downloads
    ronin-exploits (0.3.1) Ronin Exploits is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides exploitation and payload crafting functi...
  6. 13,324 downloads
    ronin-gen (1.2.0) Ronin Gen is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides various generators.
  7. 4,875 downloads
    ronin-grid (1.0.3) The objective of Ronin is to provide a framework for developing flexible, responsive web designs ...
  8. 5,762 downloads
    ronin-php (0.0.9) Ronin PHP is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for PHP related security tasks. Roni...
  9. 7,345 downloads
    ronin-scanners (0.1.4) Ronin Scanners is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides Ruby interfaces to various third-party s...
  10. 10,773 downloads
    ronin-sql (1.1.0) Ronin SQL is a a Ruby DSL for crafting SQL Injections.
  11. 15,476 downloads
    ronin-support (0.5.1) Ronin Support is a support library for Ronin. Ronin Support contains many of the convenience meth...
  12. 9,472 downloads
    ronin-web (0.2.1) Ronin Web is a Ruby library for Ronin that provides support for web scraping and spidering functi...
  13. 3,604 downloads
    ronin-wrapper (0.1.3) A wrapper to enable masterless configuration management, using Chef and/or Puppet.
  14. 112,992 downloads
    ronn (0.7.3) Builds manuals
  15. 1,504 downloads
    ronnie (0.8.0) Library for accessing the Rdio API from Ruby.
  16. 504 downloads
    rontgen (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  17. 689,613 downloads
    roo (1.13.2) Roo can access the contents of various spreadsheet files. It can handle * OpenOffice * Excel * Go...
  18. 129 downloads
    rooby (0.0.0) Ruby scripting at frontend
  19. 379,606 downloads
    roodi (4.0.0) Roodi parses your Ruby code and warns you about design issues you have based on the checks that i...
  20. 1,064 downloads
    roodi1.9 (2.0.1) Roodi stands for Ruby Object Oriented Design Inferometer. It parses your Ruby code and warns you ...
  21. 5,969 downloads
    roogle (0.1.4) Google stuff on the command line
  22. 2,690 downloads
    roogli (0.1.0) Ruby Object Oriented Graph LIbrary
  23. 984 downloads
    roo-immersion (1.0.0) fork of roo
  24. 6,667 downloads
    rook (0.2.1) Rook is a SCM tool like Make, Rake, Ant, Cons, and so on. Rook is inspired by Cook which is writt...
  25. 9,961 downloads
    rookie (0.3.0) Simple Rake tasks that make life easier.
  26. 2,610 downloads
    rooler (0.0.11) send emails based on results of a class method
  27. 9,811 downloads
    rools (0.4) Can be used for program-flow, ideally suited to processing applications
  28. 7,800 downloads
    room (0.2.3) the game is making the game
  29. 1,268 downloads
    roomba (0.0.1) Library to control a Roomba
  30. 5,133 downloads
    roomer (1.0.1) roomer 1.0.1