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  1. 516 downloads
    rrod (0.0.1) Riak Ruby Object Database
  2. 324 downloads
    rrod-rails (0.0.1) Allows the use of rrod in a rails app
  3. 121,448 downloads
    rroonga (4.0.3) Rroonga is an extension library to use Groonga's DB-API layer. Rroonga provides Rubyish readable ...
  4. 243 downloads
    rrope (0.0.2) Rope by Rick
  5. 1,868 downloads
    rrproxy (0.0.2) rrproxy is a very simple routing reverse proxy written in Ruby.
  6. 1,037 downloads
    rr_publish (0.0.2) Rysnc your files with simple YAML file.
  7. 5,141 downloads
    rrr (0.1.3) A ruby library for Ruby programming with RR that allows method overload
  8. 1,016 downloads
    rrrex (0.1.0) Rrrex is a new syntax for regular expressions. Less compact, but human-readable. By regul...
  9. 7,350 downloads
    rrrretry (1.0.0) Retries code when an exception is raised an arbitrary number of times
  10. 605 downloads
    rrrspec (0.2.2) Execute RSpec in a distributed manner
  11. 692 downloads
    rrrspec-client (0.2.2) Execute RSpec in a distributed manner
  12. 682 downloads
    rrrspec-server (0.2.2) Execute RSpec in a distributed manner
  13. 620 downloads
    rrrspec-web (0.2.2) Execute RSpec in a distributed manner
  14. 24,493 downloads
    rrschedule (0.3.3) This gem automate the process of creating a round-robin sport schedule.
  15. 542 downloads
    rrse (0.6.1) RRSE shows signatures of pointed ruby methods in the minibuffer of emacs. You need to install rr...
  16. 3,141 downloads
    rrt_ruby (0.3.1-mswin32) rrt_ruby is a Ruby library providing access to Rose RealTime models through RRTEI
  17. 999 downloads
    rrunit (0.0.3) Creates and writes runit service files
  18. 499 downloads
    rrx (0.0.1) Reactive Extensions provide an enumerable-like interface to process temporal data(events) with th...
  19. 1,367 downloads
    rs (35) rs is the result of my object-oriented shell musings, experiments and implementations. Its focus...
  20. 3,520 downloads
    rs232 (0.1.4) Allows to script access to the serial port on Windows. Simple read and write commands
  21. 874 downloads
    rs_232 (2.0.7) This is a rs-232 posix implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
  22. 3,427 downloads
    rs232-sigmakoki (0.1.4) Allows to script the control of SigmaKoki step motor controllers with simple command without dire...
  23. 1,298 downloads
    rs3vans-dm-is-sluggable (0.3.1) Adds slug support to DataMapper models. Slugs are clean, human-readable identifiers that can be u...
  24. 18,514 downloads
    rsa (0.1.4) RSA.rb is a pure-Ruby implementation of the RSA encryption algorithm and the PKCS#1 cryptography ...
  25. 3,788 downloads
    rsa-encrypter (0.2.2) rsa-encrypter to encrypt messages like password usw
  26. 1,305 downloads
    rsaml (0.1.2) RSAML is a SAML implementation in Ruby. RSAML currently implements the elements defined in the SA...
  27. 101 downloads
    rsanheim-amazon-ec2 ( An interface library that allows Ruby applications to easily connect to the HTTP 'Query API' for ...
  28. 800 downloads
    rsanheim-beholder (0.6.1) beholder
  29. 105 downloads
    rsanheim-ec2onrails ( Client-side libraries (Capistrano tasks) for managing and deploying to EC2 on Rails servers.
  30. 104 downloads
    rsanheim-echoe (3) A Rubygems packaging tool that provides Rake tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testin...