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  1. 536 downloads
    rrx (0.0.1) Reactive Extensions provide an enumerable-like interface to process temporal data(events) with th...
  2. 1,396 downloads
    rs (35) rs is the result of my object-oriented shell musings, experiments and implementations. Its focus...
  3. 3,683 downloads
    rs232 (0.1.4) Allows to script access to the serial port on Windows. Simple read and write commands
  4. 985 downloads
    rs_232 (2.0.7) This is a rs-232 posix implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
  5. 3,574 downloads
    rs232-sigmakoki (0.1.4) Allows to script the control of SigmaKoki step motor controllers with simple command without dire...
  6. 1,328 downloads
    rs3vans-dm-is-sluggable (0.3.1) Adds slug support to DataMapper models. Slugs are clean, human-readable identifiers that can be u...
  7. 19,442 downloads
    rsa (0.1.4) RSA.rb is a pure-Ruby implementation of the RSA encryption algorithm and the PKCS#1 cryptography ...
  8. 3,997 downloads
    rsa-encrypter (0.2.2) rsa-encrypter to encrypt messages like password usw
  9. 1,344 downloads
    rsaml (0.1.2) RSAML is a SAML implementation in Ruby. RSAML currently implements the elements defined in the SA...
  10. 163 downloads
    rsanheim-amazon-ec2 ( An interface library that allows Ruby applications to easily connect to the HTTP 'Query API' for ...
  11. 1,223 downloads
    rsanheim-beholder (0.6.1) beholder
  12. 164 downloads
    rsanheim-ec2onrails ( Client-side libraries (Capistrano tasks) for managing and deploying to EC2 on Rails servers.
  13. 160 downloads
    rsanheim-echoe (3) A Rubygems packaging tool that provides Rake tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testin...
  14. 470 downloads
    rsanheim-fakefs (0.1.0) A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
  15. 319 downloads
    rsanheim-micronaut ( An excellent replacement for the wheel...
  16. 164 downloads
    rsanheim-rcov ( rcov is a code coverage tool for Ruby. It is commonly used for viewing overall test unit coverage...
  17. 155 downloads
    rsanheim-unit_record ( UnitRecord enables unit testing without hitting the database.
  18. 367 downloads
    rs_api-ruby (0.0.1) A powerful, yet simple ruby library for RuneScape.
  19. 5,597 downloads
    rs-api-tools (0.0.13) RightScale API Command Line Tools.
  20. 1,256 downloads
    rsasync-rails (13.2.18) Extension to jsbn which adds facilities for asynchronous RSA key generation. Primarily created to...
  21. 1,748 downloads
    rsay (1.0.0) RSay is yet another google translate api ruby interface.
  22. 3,425 downloads
    rsc (0.1.4) formerly known as rcscript-client
  23. 1,667 downloads
    rscaffold (0.1.1) rscaffold is a similar concept to jeweler, but is meant to be simpler and smaller.
  24. 2,403 downloads
    rscale (0.1.2) Image scaling wrapper based on ImageMagick console utils
  25. 5,423 downloads
    rscalr (0.0.16) Rscalr is a Ruby implementation of the Scalr API, written to interface cleanly with Chef and othe...
  26. 5,726 downloads
    rsched (0.3.3) Generic Reliable Scheduler
  27. 165 downloads
    rschenk-flickr_fu (0.3.2) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  28. 307 downloads
    rschenk-pubmed_search (0.1.1) A PubMed searching library with more features than BioRuby
  29. 170 downloads
    rschenk-simple_uri_template (0.1.1) A very basic URI Template library
  30. 39,189 downloads
    rscm (0.5.1) RSCM is a Ruby library for various Source Control Management (SCM) systems.