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  1. 1,075 downloads
    ruby-git-lacravate (0.0.2) a fork of: 'A package for using Git in Ruby code.'. Don't use that, i use this gem for other gems...
  2. 2,721 downloads
    ruby-glfw (0.9.1) GLFW library bindings for Ruby
  3. 2,061 downloads
    RubyGlobe (1.2) Ruby interface for Globe Labs API
  4. 36,993 downloads
    ruby-gmail (0.3.1) A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you'll need. Search, read and send multipart e...
  5. 218,145 downloads
    ruby_gntp (0.3.4) Ruby library for GNTP(Growl Notification Transport Protocol) client
  6. 7,362 downloads
    rubygoo (0.0.8) GUI library for use with Gosu or Rubygame
  7. 1,630 downloads
    ruby-googlechart (0.6.4) ruby-googlechart is yet another wrapper around the Google Charts API
  8. 1,082 downloads
    ruby-googleloader (0.1.0) A gem providing a ruby interface to Google CDN Loader.
  9. 5,886 downloads
    ruby_gpg (0.3.0) Ruby wrapper for the gpg binary
  10. 10,079 downloads
    ruby-gpgme (1.0.7) Ruby binding of GPGME.
  11. 901 downloads
    rubygraph (0.0.1) Simple ruby graph
  12. 979 downloads
    ruby-graphml (0.0.1) Ruby GraphML Parser
  13. 957,543 downloads
    ruby-graphviz (1.0.9) Ruby/Graphviz provides an interface to layout and generate images of directed graphs in a variety...
  14. 233 downloads
    ruby-graphviz_c (1.1.1) Ruby/Graphviz provides an interface to layout and generate images of directed graphs in a variety...
  15. 932 downloads
    ruby-graphviz-mindmap (1.0.0) A library that takes a ruby description of a mind map and outputs a graphviz dot file
  16. 2,314 downloads
    ruby_grep (0.0.3) Implementing full functionality of the "grep" command in Unix/Linux system with Ruby. Specificati...
  17. 366 downloads
    ruby-grep (0.1.0) enhaced grep program: higlights matches & filenames, shows line numbers
  18. 337 downloads
    RubyGrid (1.0.0) A simple gem for grids in Ruby
  19. 82,298 downloads
    ruby-growl (4.1) A pure-ruby growl notifier for UDP and GNTP growl protocols. ruby-growl allows you to perform Gr...
  20. 8,687 downloads
    ruby-gsl-ng (0.2.6) Ruby/GSL new-generation wrapper
  21. 850 downloads
    ruby-gsl-ngx ( Ruby/GSL new-generation wrapper (memory leak fix)
  22. 766 downloads
    ruby-gtkhex (0.1.0) This is a hexadecimal editor widget for Ruby. Binded from GHex original widget.
  23. 704 downloads
    ruby-gumbo (1.0.2) Ruby bindings for the gumbo html5 parser
  24. 9,876 downloads
    ruby-hackernews (1.3.3) An interface to Hacker News
  25. 2,995 downloads
    rubyhacks (0.1.5) A collection of handy little hacks to Ruby objects. Does not modify default behaviours.
  26. 761 downloads
    ruby-hamljs (0.0.1) HamlJS processing using TiltHaml Template instead of ExecJS and Haml.js
  27. 41,278 downloads
    ruby-haml-js (0.0.5) ruby-haml-js provides a Tilt template that you can use to compile HAML-JS templates into JS funct...
  28. 6,377 downloads
    rubyhaze (0.0.7-jruby) RubyHaze is a little gem that wraps the Java Hazelcast library into a more comfortable JRuby pack...
  29. 1,860 downloads
    rubyhaze-persisted (0.0.3-jruby) Have your in-mempry distributed JRuby objects and search them too.
  30. 1,366 downloads
    ruby-hbase (0.0.4) Client library for interacting with HBase the Hadoop database.