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  1. 312 downloads
    rsvgr (0.0.2) not ready for public usage -- uploaded for personal usage
  2. 708 downloads
    rsvm (0.0.1) FFI Ruby wrapper around libsvm
  3. 668 downloads
    rsvn (0.0.1) Gem to provide basic access to Subversion information (wraps Ruby SVN bindings).
  4. 1,777 downloads
    rs_voteable_mongo (1.0.2) Add up / down voting ability to Mongoid documents. Optimized for speed by using only ONE request ...
  5. 3,387 downloads
    rsvp (0.2.4) Provides wrapping application necessary views and data structures to capture online RSVP responses.
  6. 230 downloads
    rsvpjs-rails (3.0.13) RSVP.js for the Rails asset pipeline.
  7. 1,575 downloads
    rsword (0.1.0) Ruby bindings for Sword, require 'rsword' and use Sword as the Module
  8. 1,038 downloads
    rswt (0.1.0) A thin jruby wrapper for SWT (mainly just for loading the jars in a structured way)
  9. 1,199 downloads
    rsx (0.0.1) RSx seeks to implement R, using the terrific Rubinius bytecode
  10. 8,784 downloads
    rsxml (0.4.1) convert XML documents to an s-expression representation and back again in Ruby
  11. 601 downloads
    rsyc (0.1.2) A simple YAML configuration builder and accessor
  12. 475 downloads
    rs_yettings (0.0.1) Yettings uses encrypted YML files that allow you to safely store sensitive configuration data suc...
  13. 7,805 downloads
    rsync (1.0.8) Ruby/Rsync is a Ruby library that can syncronize files between remote hosts by wrapping a call to...
  14. 647 downloads
    rsync-adhoc (0.0.1.a.1) Ad hoc rsync server.
  15. 4,864 downloads
    rsyncbackup (2.1.2) Yet another rsyncbackup script, this time in ruby
  16. 2,102 downloads
    rsync_config (0.2.0) Utility gem to manage rsyncd config files
  17. 1,791 downloads
    rsync_deploy (0.0.2) Deploy tool using rsync
  18. 2,585 downloads
    rsync-deploy (0.1.1) A simple rsync based deployment gem
  19. 2,678 downloads
    rsyncdiff (0.0.3) rsyncdiff is a tool for comparing local and remote code. It displays changes, deletions and diffs.
  20. 1,421 downloads
    rsyncmanager (1.1) RsyncManager is a daemon for controlling and monitoring rsync transfers
  21. 932 downloads
    rsynconrails (0.1.1) A gem for the rsynconrails app
  22. 4,241 downloads
    rsync_wrap (0.0.5) Rsync wrapper library for rsync functionality
  23. 1,476 downloads
    rsynology (0.1.0) A gem to access the API exposed by Synology DSM apps
  24. 2,321 downloads
    rsyntaxtree (0.6.5) Yet another syntax tree generator made with Ruby and RMagick
  25. 171 downloads
    rsynth (0.0.1.alpha0) Rsynth aims to be a simple to use audio synthesis library for use in ruby
  26. 2,344 downloads
    rt (0.0.2) unit test runner, support run tests by regular expression, line num and printing test result in d...
  27. 451 downloads
    rta (0.2.0) The rta command is kind of like "guard-lite". If you don't want to muck with Guardfiles and need ...
  28. 12,191 downloads
    rtaglib (0.3.0) Rtaglib is a binding for Taglib's library ( ...
  29. 12,879 downloads
    rtags (0.97) This is the original commit of the rtags source code as written by Keiju ISHITSUKA as part of the...
  30. 1,418 downloads
    rtagstask (0.0.4) A Rake task for building vi and emacs tags