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  1. 21,245 downloads
    ruby-json (1.1.2) ruby-json is a library able to serialize and deserialize Ruby objects to and from their JSON repr...
  2. 111 downloads
    ruby-json-home (0.0.1) A client for json-home
  3. 24,314 downloads
    ruby_jsonpath (1.0.1) JSONPath support for Ruby
  4. 2,518 downloads
    rubyjs-rails ( This gem provides RubyJS, a port of the Ruby core-lib in JavaScript, for your Rails application.
  5. 2,903 downloads
    rubykassa (0.3.1) Yet another Ruby wrapper for Robokassa API aimed to make Robokassa integration even more easier
  6. 87 downloads
    ruby-keepassx (0.0.0) This is fork of Tony Pitluga's Ruby API implementation with read-write support
  7. 1,009 downloads
    ruby_keychain (0.2.0) Bindings for OSX's keychain functionality
  8. 2,531 downloads
    ruby-keychain (0.1.2) Ruby wrapper for OS X's keychain
  9. 3,241 downloads
    rubykeyword (0.0.4) Checks if a given string is a ruby keyword. Also defines the keyword and seek similar keywords.
  10. 2,833 downloads
    rubykhan (0.1.0) A Ruby wrapper for the Khan Academy API
  11. 1,990 downloads
    rubykiq (1.0.1) Sidekiq agnostic enqueuing using Redis
  12. 19,130 downloads
    ruby_kml (0.1.7) Generate KML files with ruby
  13. 3,790 downloads
    rubyknight (0.2.0) Naive chess library and engine written in ruby. Includes rubyknight and rubyknight-xboard execut...
  14. 2,013 downloads
    rubyks (0.0.5) Provides a data structure to represent a Rubik's cube and functionality to perform simple transfo...
  15. 26,789 downloads
    rubylabs (0.9.8) A set of modules for interactive experiments in an introductory computer science class.
  16. 6,273 downloads
    ruby-lapack (1.6) Ruby-LAPACK is a Ruby wrapper of Lapack, which is a linear algebra package (
  17. 1,350 downloads (0.0.2) A ruby wrapper for the API. Forking for the purpose of extending and using in some of my ...
  18. 87,179 downloads
    ruby-ldap (0.9.16) It provides the interface to some LDAP libraries (e.g. OpenLDAP, Netscape SDK and Active Director...
  19. 7,337 downloads
    ruby-ldapserver (0.5.0) ruby-ldapserver is a lightweight, pure-Ruby skeleton for implementing LDAP server applications.
  20. 759 downloads
    ruby_legendas_tv (0.9.5) A gem for LegendasTV new website
  21. 28,063 downloads
    rubyless (0.8.11) RubyLess is an interpreter for "safe ruby". The idea is to transform some "unsafe" ruby code into...
  22. 1,267 downloads
    rubylet (1.0.0-java) Java Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
  23. 1,010 downloads
    ruby-let (0.0.1) add Object#let and global let function
  24. 1,204 downloads
    rubylet-jetty (1.0.0-java) Rack::Handler using Rubylet and Jetty
  25. 130 downloads
    rubylet-rack (2.0.0.pre1-java) Java Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
  26. 133 downloads
    rubylet-rack-handler (2.0.0.pre1-java) Rack::Handler using rubylet-rack and Jetty or Tomcat
  27. 1,240 downloads
    rubylet-tasks (1.0.0-java) Rake tasks for rubylet, rubylet-ee, and Java servlets
  28. 12,603 downloads
    rubylexer (0.7.7) RubyLexer is a lexer library for Ruby, written in Ruby. Rubylexer is meant as a lexer for Ruby th...
  29. 5,356 downloads
    ruby-libappindicator (0.1.5) Ruby bindings for libappindicator used by Ubuntu's Application Indicators, released under the LGP...
  30. 7,510 downloads
    rubylibcrack (0.2.4) A binding to the *nix password strength checking library, libcrack/cracklib.