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  1. 15,093 downloads
    rubdo (0.3.0) My take on the todo-applications
  2. 3,951 downloads
    rube (0.1.2) Rube -- Slightly smarter erb front-end Rube allows you to apply erb to templates, interspersed...
  3. 1,041 downloads
    rubec (0.1.0) Rubec is a set of parser combinators written in ruby... most of it was written in a single aftern...
  4. 4,528 downloads
    rubeechat (0.8.1) Rubeechat: little ruby helpers for scripting WeeChat
  5. 1,298 downloads
    rube-goldberg (0.0.1) CI server with support for pipelines
  6. 3,109 downloads
    rubel (0.0.3) ruby enterprise language. Run excel-like formulas ruby code. E.g. SUM(MAP(KEY_ACCOUNTS(), revenue))
  7. 1,389 downloads
    rubemacs (1.0.0) This package adds some additional assertions to Test::Unit::Assertions, including: * Assertions f...
  8. 1,884 downloads
    ruben (1.1.0) Ruben is an IRC chat bot written in Ruby. He is inspired, in part, by Hubot, his CoffeeScript bro...
  9. 326 downloads
    rubenfonseca-puny (1.1.0) Ruby library for the URL shortener service created by SAPO
  10. 324 downloads
    rubenfonseca-whitme (1.1.1) whitme is a Ruby library for the URL shortener service
  11. 5,285 downloads
    ruben-sunspot (1.1.4) Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot manag...
  12. 5,237 downloads
    ruben_sunspot_rails (1.1.4) Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails adds integr...
  13. 1,239 downloads
    rube_post (0.1.0) Receive and send emails with (rub-e-post)
  14. 8,147 downloads
    ruber (0.0.10) Ruber is a Ruby editor for KDE 4 written in pure ruby, making use of the excellent ruby bindi...
  15. 1,351 downloads
    ruberl (0.0.2) A quick and dirty module you can include in your classes to give you an easy connection to your g...
  16. 1,026 downloads
    rubernate (0.0.2) Library for Mapping Ruby Classes has Hibernate classes
  17. 10,017 downloads
    Rubernate (0.1.7) Object-oriented storage for Ruby objects based on relational database model
  18. 1,819 downloads
    ruberry (0.0.2) Error Handling with customized error condition
  19. 2,672 downloads
    rubervu (0.2) Gem for accessing the and API.
  20. 9,005 downloads
    Rubeuler (0.1.2) For Rubyists who love
  21. 11,488 downloads
    rubeus (0.1.0-java) Rubeus provides you an easy access to Java objects from Ruby scripts on JRuby
  22. 650 downloads
    rubeyond (0.1) Rubeyond provides addition general classes, mixins and functions to round out the standard librar...
  23. 5,733 downloads
    rubhub (0.1.8) An intuitive wrapper for the Github Api v3.
  24. 387 downloads
    rubi (0.0.1) "The Pinoy Ruby"
  25. 2,658 downloads
    rubi18n (0.4) Rubi18n is a i18n tool to translate your Ruby application. It can localize your application, has ...
  26. 7,713 downloads
    rubicante (0.0.6) Rubicante is a business natural language (BNL) for System Administrators (SAs). It allows SAs to ...
  27. 1,571 downloads
    rubicon-api-client (0.1.3) A simple ruby api client for accessing the Rubicon Project's reporting api
  28. 2,667 downloads
    rubicure (0.1.3) All about Japanese battle heroine "Pretty Cure (Precure)".
  29. 2,118 downloads
    rubicus (0.1.1) Rubicus is a pure Ruby wrapper around the ploticus graphing library.
  30. 1,429 downloads
    rubidium (0.0.0) convert Selenium tests to ruby/rspec for running against a Grid. Performs much better translation...