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  1. 309 downloads
    ruby-life (0.0.2)'s_Game_of_Life, with faster sleep time
  2. 5,395 downloads
    rubylight ( A simple implementation of Lightbox 2 for Ruby on Rails
  3. 941 downloads
    ruby_linear (0.1.0) Ruby wrapper for LIBLINEAR, a library for large linear classification
  4. 1,350 downloads
    ruby-linkedin (0.0.1) A Yahoo! BOSS derived Ruby LinkedIn API
  5. 11,075 downloads
    ruby-lint (2.0.1) A linter and static code analysis tool for Ruby.
  6. 154 downloads
    rubylisp (0.1.0) An embeddable Lisp as an extension language for Ruby
  7. 5,598 downloads
    ruby-llenv (0.0.9) LL install and exec
  8. 7,729 downloads
    ruby-llvm (3.4.1) Ruby-LLVM is a Ruby language binding to the LLVM compiler infrastructure library.
  9. 4,174 downloads
    rubylog (2.1.0) Rubylog is a Prolog-like DSL for Ruby.
  10. 2,773 downloads
    ruby_loggly (0.0.3) A simple Ruby interface to the Loggly API
  11. 1,541 downloads
    ruby_logo (0.0.2) Show the ruby logo if you have the right magic query string
  12. 3,796 downloads
    rubylogparser (0.1.3) RubyLogParser enables the output from Microsoft's Log Parser to be processed by Ruby data structu...
  13. 5,443 downloads
    ruby-lol (0.9.18) Ruby wrapper to Riot Games API. Maps results to full blown ruby objects.
  14. 320 downloads
    rubylove-playing_cards (0.0.1) A playing card library in functiona ruby
  15. 36,192 downloads
    ruby-lsapi (4.1) A ruby extension for fast communication with LiteSpeed Web Server.
  16. 1,645 downloads
    ruby-lua (0.4.0) Call Lua from Ruby (and Ruby from Lua in Ruby)
  17. 973 downloads
    rubylude (0.1.0) Rubylude is a port of Perlude to Ruby 1.9
  18. 5,696 downloads
    ruby-lvm (0.1.1) This is a wrapper for the LVM2 administration utility, lvm. Its primary function it to convert ph...
  19. 2,881 downloads
    ruby-lvm-attrib (0.0.1) This is a list of attributes for lvm objects. They are generated from the source code and broken...
  20. 1,587 downloads
    ruby-lxc (1.2.0) Ruby-LXC is a Ruby binding for the liblxc library, allowing Ruby scripts to create and ma...
  21. 8,795 downloads
    ruby-lzma (0.4.3) Simple ruby and jruby wrappers for LZMA compression and decompression.
  22. 3,335 downloads
    ruby_mac_os_x_dev_configs (0.0.4) Install some things for ruby development on a new mac os x machine
  23. 7,527 downloads
    rubymacros (0.1.5) RubyMacros is a lisp-like macro pre-processor for Ruby. More than just a purely textual substitu...
  24. 220 downloads
    ruby-magic (0.0.1) File Magic in Ruby. Simple interface to libmagic for Ruby Programming Language.
  25. 1,306 downloads
    ruby-maidcafe (0.0.1) By utilizing this library, you can retrieve information of Japanese Maidcafe via Maidcafe API we...
  26. 13,747 downloads
    ruby-mailchimp (0.5.1) Allows programmatic subscription and unsubscription to MailChimp. Requires MailChimp account.
  27. 7,840 downloads
    ruby-managesieve (0.4.2) ruby-managesieve is a pure-ruby implementation of the MANAGESIEVE protocol, allowing remo...
  28. 1,027 downloads
    ruby-manta (1.2.0) A simple low-abstraction layer which communicates with Joyent's Manta service.
  29. 4,817 downloads
    ruby_mapnik (0.1.5) A set of bindings between Ruby and Mapnik. Supports many of the common uses for Mapnik, and one ...
  30. 1,234 downloads
    ruby_mapscript (0.3.0) Ruby Mapscript API extensions