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  1. 5,265 downloads
    rubypants-unicode (0.2.3) It just occurred to me that if we are encoding our HTML pages in UTF-8 to handle multiple languag...
  2. 12,328 downloads
    ruby-pardot (1.0) Library for interacting with the Pardot API
  3. 2,634,718 downloads
    ruby_parser (3.6.2) ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing racc--which does by default use...
  4. 3,330 downloads
    ruby-password (0.15.5) Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby. It supports the manual entry of p...
  5. 5,717 downloads
    ruby_patch (2.0.1) Monkey patches used by kshramt's libraries.
  6. 1,125 downloads
    ruby_patches_merger (0.2.0) Help to manage ruby patches.
  7. 967 downloads
    rubypath (0.3.1) Path library incorporating File, Dir, Pathname, IO methods as well as a virtual mock filesystem.
  8. 2,534 downloads
    ruby-path (1.0.2) Simple path-based search and lookup for Ruby.
  9. 16,332 downloads
    ruby-paypal (0.0.5) ruby-paypal is a lightweight wrapper for the PayPal Name-Value Pair API providing: - direct ...
  10. 904 downloads
    ruby-paypal-extended (0.5.1) ruby-paypal-extended is a Ruby library for interacting with PayPal via the NVP (Name Value Pair) ...
  11. 6,882 downloads
    ruby-pcap (0.7.8) Ruby interface to LBL Packet Capture library. This library also includes classes to access packet...
  12. 4,017 downloads
    rubypeg (0.0.4) RubyPeg helps you to create readable Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG) in, err, ruby
  13. 12,771 downloads
    rubyperf (1.5.0) Used to easily measure the performance of blocks of Ruby code, expressions and methods; provides ...
  14. 3,644 downloads
    ruby-perl (04.01.2011.2) Run Perl code from any Ruby application, or run Perl web apps on Ruby.
  15. 7,573 downloads
    ruby_peter_v (0.0.13) Ruby helpers for @peter_v
  16. 25,159 downloads
    ruby-pg (0.8.0) This is an old, deprecated version of the 'pg' gem that hasn't been maintained or supported since...
  17. 1,838 downloads
    ruby-pgplot (0.1.6) PGPLOT wrapper for Ruby
  18. 3,023 downloads
    ruby-picasa (0.2.1) Provides a super easy to use object layer for authenticating and accessing Picasa through their API.
  19. 4,813 downloads
    ruby-pinyin (0.4.1) Pinyin is a romanization system (phonemic notation) of Chinese characters, this gem helps you to ...
  20. 1,302 downloads
    ruby-pipeline (1.0.0) A simple batch-process management system for small clusters
  21. 1,306 downloads
    ruby-pixels (0.0.1) Ruby Pixels allows you to read and write RGB/RGBA pixel data stored in uncompressed TGA (Targa) i...
  22. 1,827 downloads
    ruby-pixiv (0.2.6) ruby-pixiv is a wrapper for pixiv's mobile API
  23. 7,334 downloads
    ruby-player (0.6.0) Ruby Player - client library for the Player (operation system for robots) in pure Ruby.
  24. 7,407 downloads
    rubyplb (0.2.91) Command line Pattern Lattice building tool written in Ruby.
  25. 10,262 downloads
    ruby-plot (0.6.1) gnuplot wrapper for ruby, especially for plotting roc curves into svg files
  26. 366 downloads
    rubyplots (0.0.2) RubyPlots can be set loose on a directory of datafiles or a singluar datafile. It uses the file ...
  27. 52,215 downloads
    ruby-plsql (0.5.0) ruby-plsql gem provides simple Ruby API for calling Oracle PL/SQL procedures. It could be used bo...
  28. 4,681 downloads
    ruby-plsql-spec (0.3.0) ruby-plsql-spec is Oracle PL/SQL unit testing framework which is built using Ruby programming lan...
  29. 1,256 downloads
    rubyplugs (0.0.1) pluggable components for ruby
  30. 6,073 downloads
    rubypodder (1.0.0) A podcast aggregator without an interface