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  1. 20,853 downloads
    rubyuw (0.99.19) Library which provides a ruby interface to the University of Washington student portal.
  2. 724 downloads
    ruby_valve (0.0.4) This gem provide a mechanism for doing easy flow type code pattern
  3. 14,079 downloads
    ruby_vcloud_sdk (0.6.0) BOSH vCloud API client a51aef
  4. 8,218 downloads
    rubyVDRconvert (0.0.9) background maintenance script for VDR
  5. 77 downloads
    rubyverse (0.0.1) Parallel Ruby universes ("Rubyverses") - a proposed interface for parallel, "semi-private" method...
  6. 1,143 downloads
    ruby_version (1.0.1) Provides a RubyVersion class to simplify checking for the right Ruby version in your programs.
  7. 27,169 downloads
    ruby-version (0.4.3) Wraps the RUBY_VERSION and RUBY_ENGINE constants and allows the elegant Ruby version number match...
  8. 879 downloads
    rubyview-rails (0.0.1) Use Rubyview for Rails View templates
  9. 4,966 downloads
    ruby_vim_sdk (0.0.3) BOSH vSphere API client
  10. 10,113 downloads
    ruby-vips (0.3.7) Ruby extension for the vips image processing library.
  11. 2,417 downloads
    ruby-vircurex (0.0.3) This is a simple API wrapper for
  12. 1,829 downloads
    ruby-virtualenv (0.5.1) Create virtual ruby/rubygems environments.
  13. 137,443 downloads
    rubyvis (0.6.0) Ruby port of Protovis[], a Javascript visualization toolkit.
  14. 56,245 downloads
    ruby-vnc (1.1.0) A library which implements the client VNC protocol to control VNC servers.
  15. 2,545 downloads
    rubyvor (0.1.4) RubyVor provides efficient computation of Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulation for a set o...
  16. 34,910 downloads
    ruby-vpi (21.1.0) Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to IEEE 1364-2005 Verilog VPI and a platform for unit testing, rapid...
  17. 14,446 downloads
    rubywarrior (0.1.3) You play as a warrior climbing a tall tower. On each floor you need to write a Ruby script to ins...
  18. 1,880 downloads
    rubywarrior-i18n (0.1.0) You play as a warrior climbing a tall tower. On each floor you need to write a Ruby script to ins...
  19. 3,405 downloads
    ruby-watchcat (1.0.2) Ruby/Watchcat is an extension for the Ruby programming language for the development of watchcatd-...
  20. 3,393 downloads
    ruby-watchcat-pure (1.1.1) Ruby/Watchcat-Pure is a pure-ruby implementation of libwatchcat for the development of wa...
  21. 21,354 downloads
    ruby-watchr (0.4.3) Utility to gather summary of code smells according to multiple analysers.
  22. 1,294 downloads
    rubywbem (0.1.0) This is a short description
  23. 8,366 downloads
    rubyweather (1.2.1) RubyWeather is a Ruby library for fetching weather forecast data from The library pr...
  24. 1,219 downloads
    rubyweatherforecast (1.0) Ruby Weather Forecast built using Hpricot and MemCached.
  25. 395 downloads
    rubyweb (0.0.1) The simplest web server in Ruby
  26. 1,460 downloads
    ruby-web (1.1.1) Ignore this library if you are a fan of cgi.rb.
  27. 1,351 downloads
    rubywebdialogs (0.2.0) The Web Browser as a Graphical User Interface for Ruby Applications
  28. 998 downloads
    ruby-webp (0.1.0) A gem providing a ruby interface to Google WebP Codec Encoder and Decoder.
  29. 216 downloads
    ruby-web-search (0.0.2) A (very old) Ruby gem that provides a way to retrieve search results via the main search engines ...
  30. 548 downloads
    ruby_weekdays (0.1.0) Extends core Date class to allow the selection of upcoming and previous weekdays (e.g Monday-Frid...