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  1. 21,406 downloads
    ruby-watchr (0.4.3) Utility to gather summary of code smells according to multiple analysers.
  2. 1,295 downloads
    rubywbem (0.1.0) This is a short description
  3. 8,379 downloads
    rubyweather (1.2.1) RubyWeather is a Ruby library for fetching weather forecast data from The library pr...
  4. 1,220 downloads
    rubyweatherforecast (1.0) Ruby Weather Forecast built using Hpricot and MemCached.
  5. 397 downloads
    rubyweb (0.0.1) The simplest web server in Ruby
  6. 1,462 downloads
    ruby-web (1.1.1) Ignore this library if you are a fan of cgi.rb.
  7. 1,352 downloads
    rubywebdialogs (0.2.0) The Web Browser as a Graphical User Interface for Ruby Applications
  8. 1,006 downloads
    ruby-webp (0.1.0) A gem providing a ruby interface to Google WebP Codec Encoder and Decoder.
  9. 218 downloads
    ruby-web-search (0.0.2) A (very old) Ruby gem that provides a way to retrieve search results via the main search engines ...
  10. 549 downloads
    ruby_weekdays (0.1.0) Extends core Date class to allow the selection of upcoming and previous weekdays (e.g Monday-Frid...
  11. 5,949 downloads
    rubyw_helper (0.1.5) A simple redirector for use when you just want to safely redirect stdio. Simply encapsulates a fe...
  12. 1,331 downloads
    ruby-which (0.5.2) Use ruby-which for those times when you don't know which version of a library you're require-ing,...
  13. 3,530 downloads
    rubywho (0.4.0) Ruby running on the object's class hierarchy, methods of each class to display a legible.
  14. 517 downloads
    ruby-wisp (0.1.0) Ruby Wisp is a bridge to the JS Wisp compiler
  15. 833 downloads
    ruby-wisp-source (0.8.0) Source code for Ruby Wisp compiler
  16. 1,040 downloads
    ruby-with (0.3) Seamlessly make any object the current context
  17. 4,507 downloads
    ruby-wmctrl (0.0.6) Ruby bindings to control windows in EWMH and NetWM compatible X Window manager, which is created ...
  18. 25,859 downloads
    ruby-wmi (0.4.0) ruby-wmi is an ActiveRecord style interface for Microsoft's Windows Management Instrumentation pr...
  19. 10,091 downloads
    rubywmq (2.0.2) RubyWMQ is a high performance native Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ.
  20. 1,225 downloads
    ruby-wordpress (0.0.3) A gem to interface with the WordPress database
  21. 1,283 downloads
    rubyworks-ec2 (0.1.4) RubyWorks support
  22. 935 downloads
    rubywpa (0.0.1) SSID-to-WPA verifier for supported networks
  23. 755 downloads
    ruby-wpdb (1.2) ruby-wpdb gives you a painless way to access and interact with WordPress from Ruby, accessing pos...
  24. 2,370 downloads
    ruby-wsd (0.0.4) Ruby bindings for
  25. 4,457 downloads
    ruby-wunderlist (0.4) Wunderlist Bindings for Ruby
  26. 134 downloads
    ruby-xbee (1.1.0) A Ruby XBee gem
  27. 1,314 downloads
    ruby-xbmc (0.2.0) ruby-xbmc is a ruby wrapper for the XBMC Web Server HTTP API. It provides a remote access to a...
  28. 2,497 downloads
    ruby-xcdm (0.0.7) Ruby DSL for creating Core Data Data Model files without XCode
  29. 3,610 downloads
    ruby-xen (0.1.0) ruby-xen allows you to manage Xen virtual servers via Ruby. It currently wraps the command line ...
  30. 717 downloads
    ruby-xes (0.1.0) ruby-xes is a library for generating XES event log.