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  1. 1,313 downloads
    ruby-pipeline (1.0.0) A simple batch-process management system for small clusters
  2. 1,317 downloads
    ruby-pixels (0.0.1) Ruby Pixels allows you to read and write RGB/RGBA pixel data stored in uncompressed TGA (Targa) i...
  3. 1,918 downloads
    ruby-pixiv (0.2.6) ruby-pixiv is a wrapper for pixiv's mobile API
  4. 7,419 downloads
    ruby-player (0.6.0) Ruby Player - client library for the Player (operation system for robots) in pure Ruby.
  5. 7,468 downloads
    rubyplb (0.2.91) Command line Pattern Lattice building tool written in Ruby.
  6. 10,367 downloads
    ruby-plot (0.6.1) gnuplot wrapper for ruby, especially for plotting roc curves into svg files
  7. 392 downloads
    rubyplots (0.0.2) RubyPlots can be set loose on a directory of datafiles or a singluar datafile. It uses the file ...
  8. 53,284 downloads
    ruby-plsql (0.5.0) ruby-plsql gem provides simple Ruby API for calling Oracle PL/SQL procedures. It could be used bo...
  9. 4,716 downloads
    ruby-plsql-spec (0.3.0) ruby-plsql-spec is Oracle PL/SQL unit testing framework which is built using Ruby programming lan...
  10. 1,267 downloads
    rubyplugs (0.0.1) pluggable components for ruby
  11. 6,120 downloads
    rubypodder (1.0.0) A podcast aggregator without an interface
  12. 426 downloads
    ruby-poi (0.0.1) Ruby bindings for Apache POI
  13. 2,642 downloads
    rubypoint ( Make pptx files with Ruby.
  14. 12,199 downloads
    ruby-poker (1.0.0) Ruby library for comparing poker hands and determining the winner.
  15. 1,514 downloads
    ruby-pomegranate (0.0.2) Ruby wrapper for TimeSquare2's Pomegranate API
  16. 3,119 downloads
    ruby-pong (0.0.4) Pong in Ruby, to demonstrate jfarmer's Arcade framework
  17. 8,744 downloads
    rubypost (0.0.9) Ruby wrapper for the MetaPost drawing language
  18. 2,395 downloads
    ruby_postcode_anywhere (0.0.4) A simple wrapper for PostcodeAnywhere/Interactive/RetrieveByParts
  19. 8,023 downloads
    ruby-postcodeanywhere (0.1.6) Gem to provide basic access to PostcodeAnywhere services
  20. 37,122 downloads
    ruby-postgres ( Ruby extension library providing an API to PostgreSQL
  21. 2,760 downloads
    ruby_powerpoint (1.4.1) A Ruby gem that can extract text and images from PowerPoint (pptx) files.
  22. 3,087 downloads
    rubypp (0.0.3) Rubypp is a preprocessor that uses ruby to transform text. Syntax is similar to the C preprocess...
  23. 7,757 downloads
    rubypress (1.0.7) Easily access WordPress installations through the WordPress XML-RPC API. This gem exactly mirrors...
  24. 1,052 downloads
    ruby-procedural (0.0.2-x86-linux) A ruby binding for Ogre Procedural.
  25. 7,438 downloads
    ruby_process (0.0.9) A framework for spawning and communicating with other Ruby-processes
  26. 1,368 downloads
    ruby-process-controller (1.0.4) Staging for console ruby apps - ARGV parser, logger, pids, 2nd instance run prevention, privilege...
  27. 22,339 downloads
    ruby-processing (2.5.0) Ruby-Processing is a Ruby wrapper for the Processing code art framework. It's this thin litt...
  28. 1,131 downloads
    ruby-procinfo (0.2.0-x86_64-linux) Retrieve process information
  29. 1,933,341 downloads
    ruby-prof (0.15.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  30. 1,240 downloads
    ruby-prof-danielhoey (0.8.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...