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  1. 249 downloads
    rulu-wifi ( RuLu wifi login - simplified
  2. 1,932 downloads
    rulz (1.0.5) Rule Engine for Ruby
  3. 4,484 downloads
    rum (0.0.3-x86-mswin32-60) A cross-platform Hotkey and Macro utility, running on Windows and Mac OS.
  4. 668 downloads
    rumacs (0.0.1) rumacs is a lightweight text editor functionally similar to the Emacs family of text editors.
  5. 22,188 downloads
    rumai (4.1.3) Rumai is a pure [Ruby] interface to the [wmii] window manager. Its name is a portmanteau of "Rub...
  6. 2,246 downloads
    rumake (0.1.3) Rumake is a tiny Make/Rake-like build utility. Rumake files are just regular Ruby scripts named "...
  7. 408 downloads
    rumba-crawler (0.1) Web crawler with JSON-based DSL and EventMachine-powered page fetching
  8. 1,788 downloads
    rumblelog (0.1.4) A dynamic site publishing system with Pages and Tags powered by fauna
  9. 2,253 downloads
    rumblinthebronx-sys-proctable (0.9.7-universal-java) The sys-proctable library provides an interface for gathering information about processes...
  10. 4,060 downloads
    rumblinthebronx-system-getifaddrs (0.2.1) This lib is a wrapper for get_ifaddrs C routine. The original routine returns a linked list that ...
  11. 810 downloads
    rumbly (0.1.0) More detailed description coming soon...
  12. 50,429 downloads
    rumbster (1.1.1) Rumbster is a simple SMTP server that receives email sent from a SMTP client. Received emails are...
  13. 2,414 downloads
    rumember (1.0.1) Remember The Milk Ruby API and command line client
  14. 11,913 downloads
    rumeme (0.4.1) Ruby SDK for Message Media SMS Gateway API
  15. 2,318 downloads
    rumi (0.1.0) Gem will output a random quote by the Persian mystical poet Rumi.
  16. 5,922 downloads
    ruminate (0.0.6) Simple process for generating munin plugins to monitor your Rails application
  17. 2,468 downloads
    ruml (0.1.0) Ruby mailing list software
  18. 2,804 downloads
    rumld (0.4.1) A simple UML Grapher for Rails objects
  19. 8,177 downloads
    rumm (0.1.0) Lift heavy things inside your Rackspace
  20. 1,064 downloads
    rummage (0.0.1) Allows to search commits in different forks on Github
  21. 20,300 downloads
    rummageable (1.0.1) Mediator for apps that want their content to be in the search index
  22. 3,046 downloads
    rumoji (0.3.1) Transcode emoji utf-8 characters into emoji-cheat-sheet form
  23. 7,390 downloads
    rumonade (0.4.3) A Scala-inspired Monad library for Ruby, aiming to share the most common idioms for folks working...
  24. 455 downloads
    rumor (0.1.0) Rumor
  25. 631 downloads
    rumouse (0.0.6) Cross-platform solution for simulating mouse events
  26. 2,094 downloads
    rump (0.2.1) Rump helps you run Puppet locally against a Git checkout. This is great for locally iterating you...
  27. 1,247 downloads
    rumplayer (0.1.1) RumPlayer allows you and your buddies to watch movies simultaneously without sharing...
  28. 10,968 downloads
    rumpy (0.9.24) Rumpy is some kind of framework to make up your own jabber bot quickly.
  29. 15,365 downloads
    rumx (0.2.3) A Ruby version of JMX
  30. 1,480 downloads
    run (0.0.0) RUn is a ruby helper library to use unison, a rsync like protocol. On the contrary to rsync, ...