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  1. 97,520 downloads
    ruby-filemagic (0.6.1) Ruby bindings to the magic(4) library
  2. 43,165 downloads
    rubyfish (0.0.6) Port of
  3. 1,791 downloads
    rubyfit (0.0.4) FIT files are binary, and as a result, are a pain to parse. This is a wrapper around the FIT SDK...
  4. 11,720 downloads
    ruby-fitbit (0.5.0) This is a Ruby API for, currently scraping, but soon will use the officail API (when r...
  5. 1,876 downloads
    ruby-fizzbuzz (0.0.6) Yet another FizzBuzz in Ruby. Provides simple and fast solution to a popular FizzBuzz problem fo...
  6. 574 downloads
    rubyflake (0.1.1) For the times you can't rely on auto-incrementing IDs, you'll need a clever way to generate uniqu...
  7. 3,789 downloads
    ruby-flickr (0.1.2) Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api
  8. 5,677 downloads
    ruby_flipper (0.0.5) Most flexible still least verbose feature flipper for ruby projects.
  9. 627 downloads
    ruby_fm (0.0.2) Wrapper for using the Last FM API
  10. 237 downloads
    rubyfmt (0.0.1) Ruby port of gofmt
  11. 29,508 downloads
    ruby-fogbugz (0.1.1) A simple Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz XML API
  12. 804 downloads
    ruby-foomatic (0.0.1) Ruby interface to the Foomatic printer database
  13. 565 downloads
    rubyForecast (0.0.1) Attempt to provide similar interface as conkyWeather. Find the link to the conkyWeather source?
  14. 1,464,163 downloads
    rubyforge (2.0.4) A script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations. * Run 'rubyforge help' for compl...
  15. 294 downloads
    ruby-formatting (0.1.1) Adds formatting functions
  16. 4,854 downloads
    rubyfox-client (0.3.0-java) Ruby bindings for SmartFox's client.
  17. 1,806 downloads
    rubyfox-server ( SmartFox Server bundled as a gem
  18. 7,992 downloads
    rubyfox-sfsobject (0.5.1-java) Map SFSObject into Ruby Hash
  19. 167 downloads
    ruby-freedb (0.6) A Ruby library which provides dumping CD info, fetching from and submitting data to cddb/freedb s...
  20. 2,730 downloads
    ruby-freenect (0.0.2) Ruby bindings for the libfreenect Kinect driver
  21. 15,912 downloads
    ruby-freshbooks (0.4.1) simple FreshBooks API wrapper. supports both OAuth and API token authentication
  22. 14,073 downloads
    rubyfromexcel (0.0.23) Converts .xlxs files into pure ruby 1.9 code so that they can be executed without excel
  23. 2,652 downloads
    ruby-frontbase (1.0.1) Ruby bindings for the FrontBase database server (
  24. 685 downloads
    ruby_front_matter (0.0.1) simple & extensible front matter parsing for ruby
  25. 28,341 downloads
    ruby_fs (1.1.1) A Ruby client library for the FreeSWITCH EventSocket API built on Celluloid.
  26. 9,556 downloads
    ruby-fsevent (0.2.1) A native extension exposing the OS X FSEvent API. Register directories you want to watch and...
  27. 33,685 downloads
    ruby-fs-stack (0.5.3) A library that enables you to read and update information with the API.
  28. 1,096 downloads
    ruby-ftd2xx (0.0.1-universal-darwin-10) A Ruby extension for the ftd2xx usb driver.
  29. 9,268 downloads
    rubyful_soup (1.0.4) Rubyful Soup is a *ML parser that makes screen-scraping easy. It won't choke on bad markup, and i...
  30. 1,069 downloads
    rubyful_soup_2011 (0.1.5) Finally updated this to work 1.9.2 so we can use it with our flybymiles app