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  1. 1,952 downloads
    ruby-saml-uppercase (0.6.1) SAML toolkit for Ruby on Rails
  2. 1,578 downloads
    ruby-sasl (0.0.3) Simple Authentication and Security Layer (RFC 4422)
  3. 16,224 downloads
    ruby-satisfaction (0.7.5) Ruby client for using Get Satisfaction's RESTful API. Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build o...
  4. 2,527 downloads
    rubySC (0.4.0) simple library to create easily music in ruby. You can consider this lib as an interface for Supe...
  5. 4,211 downloads
    rubyscad (1.0.7) Use the full power of ruby to write openscad scripts.
  6. 1,509 downloads
    rubyscholar (0.0.5) Scrape Google Scholar
  7. 1,472 downloads
    ruby_scope (0.1.1) A ruby hacker's search tool. Quickly interrogate your code, seek out classes, metho...
  8. 1,374 downloads
    ruby-screen (0.9.0) Ruby command line utility to manage GNU Screen configurations, and launch Screen using those conf...
  9. 10,434 downloads
    ruby_scribe (0.1.5) A ruby formatting tool that takes S-expression as input and intelligently outputs formatted Ruby ...
  10. 2,116 downloads
    rubyscript (0.0.6) RubyScript lets you write JavaScript code, in Ruby! It will convert Ruby code into JavaScript cod...
  11. 25,345 downloads
    rubyscript2exe (0.5.3) A Ruby Compiler
  12. 3,224 downloads
    rubyscriptwriter (0.0.2) A small library for programmatically creating well formatted ruby scripts
  13. 152 downloads
    ruby-scrypt (1.0.0.pre) Litecoin Scrypt hashing function for Ruby. Only allow 80 bytes payload.
  14. 16,997 downloads
    rubysdl ( Ruby/SDL is an extension library to use SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer). This library enabl...
  15. 19,145 downloads
    ruby-sdl-ffi (0.4) Ruby-SDL-FFI is a low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using Ruby-FFI. It provides very...
  16. 2,902 downloads
    rubysdl-mswin32-1.8 ( Ruby/SDL is Ruby library to use SDL
  17. 5,077 downloads
    rubysdl-mswin32-1.9 ( Ruby/SDL is Ruby library to use SDL
  18. 195 downloads
    ruby-sdn (2.0.0) Sdn calendar module
  19. 105 downloads
    ruby_search_object (0.0.1) A ruby service object pattern
  20. 1,642 downloads
    ruby-seasons (0.1.2) Adds methods to Date and DateTime objects that returns the season as a string. Currently only acc...
  21. 1,228 downloads
    ruby-secret_service (0.0.8) Native bindings use the D-BUS Secret Service API, docs at
  22. 1,453 downloads
    rubySelenium (0.0.8) rubySelenium allows you to write Selenium scripts programmatically and allows you to add dynamic...
  23. 4,444 downloads
    ruby-sendhub (0.0.5) My first gem and no tests yet. Ruby wrapper for SendHub API
  24. 900 downloads
    rubyserial (0.1.2) FFI Ruby library for RS-232 serial port communication
  25. 1,811 downloads
    ruby-serial ( Library serializing Ruby objects, optimized in many ways: * Space efficient: Use MessagePack (bin...
  26. 14,295 downloads
    ruby-serialport (0.7.0) Ruby/SerialPort is a Ruby library that provides a class for using RS-232 serial ports.
  27. 2,511 downloads
    rubyserif (0.1.2) A JavaScript-ish interface for ruby including a JSON object class like OpenStruct. And a function...
  28. 256 downloads
    rubyserver (0.0.1) Really the summary says it all...
  29. 1,390 downloads
    ruby_service_helper (0.1.0) Simple declarative configuration for running ruby programs as win32 services using win32/daemon.
  30. 1,397 downloads
    ruby-sesame (0.1.0) A Ruby interface to's Sesame RDF triple store