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  1. 760 downloads
    rubygemfeed (0.1.0) RubyGemFeed provides command line feed of the newest gems, most recently updated gems, and any sp...
  2. 3,162 downloads
    rubygem_requirement_patch (1.0.1) Patches rubygems 1.3.7 and similar to prevent Array.hash bug
  3. 749 downloads
    rubygems_allow-pre-releases (0.0.2) Overrides the regular expression used to parse gem version strings to allow for pre release versi...
  4. 462 downloads
    RubyGemsApi (0.0.3) Easy access to the RubyGems API through a convenient ruby interface
  5. 2,822 downloads
    rubygems-auto-rehash (0.0.3) run `rehash' command if rbenv or zsh installed
  6. 1,090 downloads
    rubygems-backports (1.0.0) This gem backports and "undeprecates" Gem::SourceIndex and other RubyGems 1.6.x classes ...
  7. 2,750 downloads
    rubygems-bug-child (1.1) Demonstrates a rubygems bug that exists in 1.9 because of gem prelude but not 1.8
  8. 1,434 downloads
    rubygems-bug-parent (1.0) Demonstrates a rubygems bug that exists in 1.9 because of gem prelude but not 1.8
  9. 4,476,324 downloads
    rubygems-bundler (1.4.4) Stop using bundle exec. Integrate Rubygems and Bundler. Make rubygems generate bundler aware exec...
  10. 1,325 downloads
    rubygems-checkcert (1.0.0) Gem command to display the certificate of a gem, if any.
  11. 322 downloads
    rubygems-cleanroom (1.0.1) Ever want to test something out in a clean rubygems repo? Want your gem list to actually be empty...
  12. 1,061 downloads
    rubygems-code_finder (0.0.4) Find repos from response, gem spec, github search, etc.
  13. 11,821 downloads
    rubygems-compile (1.1.1) A trio of rubygems commands that interface with the MacRuby compiler.
  14. 798 downloads
    rubygems-crawler (0.1.0) A very simple crawler for used to demo the power of ElasticSearch at RubyConf 2013
  15. 467 downloads
    rubygems-deep_fetch (0.1.0) The `gem deep_fetch` command works like `gem fetch` but it downloads all the gems required to...
  16. 4,037 downloads
    rubygems-desc (1.2.0) Rubygems plugin - Describe gem given name
  17. 5,032 downloads
    rubygems_dump (1.0.1) dump a list of gems in the form of gem install <name> --version <version>
  18. 53,890 downloads
    rubygems-find (0.0.4) Library and program for finding all RubyGems gemspecs in a directory tree
  19. 548 downloads
    rubygems-gman (0.0.4) Generate and install man pages for installed gems.
  20. 2,290 downloads
    rubygems_herald (1.0.1) This project has been renamed to Museum. This version has been abandoned and remains here only fo...
  21. 1,533 downloads
    rubygems-isit19 (1.0) Lets you figure out if your gems and gems you install might work on 1.9. Uses http://isitruby19....
  22. 1,500 downloads
    rubygems-isitjruby (1.1.2) Once the gem is installed, in every gem install command you'll get a message with info fetched fr...
  23. 1,039 downloads
    rubygems-isitrubinius (1.0) Lets you figure out if your gems and gems you install might work on Rubinius. Uses http://isitru...
  24. 588 downloads
    rubygems-localproxy (0.0.1) Keep local cache of rubygems to speed up resolving dependencies
  25. 568 downloads
    rubygems-lock (0.1.0) Use Gemfile and Gemfile.lock with CLI rubygems
  26. 1,422 downloads
    rubygems-manifest (0.1.2) Create Manifest.txt
  27. 2,789 downloads
    rubygems-mate (0.0.1) Open gems is TextMate like this: gem mate rails
  28. 3,732 downloads
    rubygems-mini_mirror (1.0.3) Mirror some version of gems with Gem::Version DSL Create a mini_gem file and add this to it ...
  29. 5,027 downloads
    rubygems-mirror (1.0.1) This is an update to the old `gem mirror` command. It uses net/http/persistent and threads to gra...
  30. 1,447 downloads
    rubygems-mygems (0.0.1) Never install a gem again..