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  1. 3,440 downloads
    ruby_mac_os_x_dev_configs (0.0.4) Install some things for ruby development on a new mac os x machine
  2. 7,680 downloads
    rubymacros (0.1.5) RubyMacros is a lisp-like macro pre-processor for Ruby. More than just a purely textual substitu...
  3. 257 downloads
    ruby-magic (0.0.1) File Magic in Ruby. Simple interface to libmagic for Ruby Programming Language.
  4. 1,336 downloads
    ruby-maidcafe (0.0.1) By utilizing this library, you can retrieve information of Japanese Maidcafe via Maidcafe API we...
  5. 14,007 downloads
    ruby-mailchimp (0.5.1) Allows programmatic subscription and unsubscription to MailChimp. Requires MailChimp account.
  6. 7,999 downloads
    ruby-managesieve (0.4.2) ruby-managesieve is a pure-ruby implementation of the MANAGESIEVE protocol, allowing remo...
  7. 1,142 downloads
    ruby-manta (1.2.0) A simple low-abstraction layer which communicates with Joyent's Manta service.
  8. 4,949 downloads
    ruby_mapnik (0.1.5) A set of bindings between Ruby and Mapnik. Supports many of the common uses for Mapnik, and one ...
  9. 1,266 downloads
    ruby_mapscript (0.3.0) Ruby Mapscript API extensions
  10. 2,075 downloads
    ruby-mapsource (0.2.1) A Ruby library for reading MapSource/BaseCamp-created GDB files
  11. 344 downloads
    rubymark (0.0.1) Trying to parse Markdown in a very simple and unit-testable way. Don't know if I can cover all of...
  12. 1,341 downloads
    rubymarks (0.1.0) A Ruby gem (and Rails plugin) which generates URLs for social bookmarking services
  13. 15,157 downloads
    ruby_marks (0.4.1) A simple OMR tool
  14. 5,042 downloads
    ruby-mass (0.1.3) Introspect the Ruby Heap by indexing, counting, locating references to and detaching (in order to...
  15. 355 downloads
    ruby_math (0.0.1) Gem for mathematics method and different data structure like complex and vector and matrix and so...
  16. 36,687 downloads
    ruby-maven ( maven support for ruby based on tesla maven. MRI needs java/javac command installed.
  17. 9,080 downloads
    ruby-maven-libs (3.1.1) maven distribution as gem - no ruby executables !
  18. 3,126 downloads
    ruby-maybe (0.3.0) Maybe monad implementation for Ruby
  19. 75,125 downloads
    ruby-mcrypt (0.2.0) = Mcrypt - libmcrypt bindings for Ruby Mcrypt provides Ruby-language bindings for libmcrypt(3), ...
  20. 3,375 downloads
    ruby-measurement (1.2.2) Simple gem for calculating and converting measurements
  21. 1,381 downloads
    ruby-mediawiki (0.1) A library to retrieve and modify content managed by the popular MediaWiki software.
  22. 422 downloads
    rubymeetup (3.0) A gem that accesses meetup api
  23. 1,200 downloads
    ruby_meetup2 (0.5.0) A light-weight Ruby client for working with the Meetup API
  24. 6,700 downloads
    Ruby-MemCache (0.0.1) This is a client library for memcached, a high-performance distributed memory cache.
  25. 1,628 downloads
    ruby-memory-usage-profiler (0.0.4) Memory usage profiler for debugging of Ruby itself (and/or middlewares)
  26. 9,113 downloads
    ruby-metrics (0.9.3) A Ruby implementation of metrics inspired by @coda's JVM metrics for those of us in Ruby land
  27. 1,333 downloads
    ruby-metrics-opentsdb (0.9.3) A reporter that uses OpenTSDB to stash metric data
  28. 1,874 downloads
    ruby_micro_benchmarks (0.1.1) A set of Ruby benchmarks for testing several Ruby methods and practice.
  29. 1,758 downloads
    rubymine2xcode-theme (0.0.2) A tool for converting Rubymine XML theme files into Xcode theme files
  30. 2,794 downloads
    rubymine_heaven (0.0.3) This gem connects stack trace on rails error page to rubymine (when you click on stack trace line...