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  1. 2,722 downloads
    ruby-openal (0.2) ruby-openal is a OpenAL Ruby binding. with ruby-openal, you can write sound effects in 3d space.
  2. 14,508 downloads
    ruby-opencv (0.0.13) ruby-opencv is a wrapper of OpenCV for Ruby. It helps you to write computer vision programs (e.g....
  3. 4,068 downloads
    ruby-opengeodb (0.1.0) access to opengeodb Database
  4. 41,691 downloads
    ruby-opengl (0.61.0) OpenGL Interface for Ruby
  5. 5,297 downloads
    ruby-opengl2 (0.60.6) This is a modernization of the glorious but unmaintained ruby-opengl version, aimed at making it ...
  6. 2,190,820 downloads
    ruby-openid (2.5.0) A library for consuming and serving OpenID identities.
  7. 652,640 downloads
    ruby-openid-apps-discovery (1.2.0) Extension to ruby-openid that enables discovery for Google Apps domains
  8. 720 downloads
    ruby-openid-store-mongo (0.0.3) MongoDB store for ruby-openid
  9. 539 downloads
    ruby-openid-teams (1.0.0) Support for the OpenIDTeams extension
  10. 8,967 downloads
    rubyosa (0.4.0) RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the Apple Event Manager, automatically populating the A...
  11. 4,530 downloads
    rubyosa19 (0.6.2) This is a modernization of the glorious but unmaintained rubyosa version, aimed at making it comp...
  12. 6,551 downloads
    ruby-osc (0.31.0) Concise OSC Ruby implementation
  13. 643 downloads
    ruby_osx_app (0.1.1) This gem operates on Mac OSX Applications to retrieve information from them.
  14. 2,362 downloads
    ruby-otp (0.2) ruby-otp is a One Time Password library, compatible with OPIE and S/KEY, and RFC 1760 compliant.
  15. 18,894 downloads
    rubyoverflow (1.0.2) rubyoverflow is a library for querying the Stack Overflow API
  16. 934 downloads
    ruby-paa (0.0.1) Ruby Interface to Amazon's Product Advertising API (Amazon's Associates Web Services)
  17. 812 downloads
    ruby_packager (0.0.2) Rake tasks to create RPM for ruby projects
  18. 6,776 downloads
    RubyPackager ( Generate installable binary distributions of Ruby programs for many platforms (many OS, with or w...
  19. 2,363 downloads
    ruby_pagination_logic (0.1.0) Ruby Pagination Logic provides you the pagination logic, while being lightweight and easy to use.
  20. 2,638 downloads
    rubypan (1.0.1) A gem command plugin that adds `gem ferret` to perform fulltext searching of ...
  21. 276,702 downloads
    rubypants (0.2.0) RubyPants is a Ruby port of the smart-quotes library SmartyPants. The original "SmartyPants...
  22. 5,583 downloads
    rubypants-unicode (0.2.3) It just occurred to me that if we are encoding our HTML pages in UTF-8 to handle multiple languag...
  23. 12,548 downloads
    ruby-pardot (1.0) Library for interacting with the Pardot API
  24. 2,749,177 downloads
    ruby_parser (3.6.2) ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing racc--which does by default use...
  25. 3,387 downloads
    ruby-password (0.15.5) Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby. It supports the manual entry of p...
  26. 5,912 downloads
    ruby_patch (2.0.1) Monkey patches used by kshramt's libraries.
  27. 1,204 downloads
    ruby_patches_merger (0.2.0) Help to manage ruby patches.
  28. 1,121 downloads
    rubypath (0.3.1) Path library incorporating File, Dir, Pathname, IO methods as well as a virtual mock filesystem.
  29. 2,674 downloads
    ruby-path (1.0.2) Simple path-based search and lookup for Ruby.
  30. 16,551 downloads
    ruby-paypal (0.0.5) ruby-paypal is a lightweight wrapper for the PayPal Name-Value Pair API providing: - direct ...