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  1. 2,809 downloads
    ruby-imgur (0.04) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 5,149 downloads
    ruby_indentation (0.2.0) Input: Ruby code. Output: Indentation level. Usage: RubyIndentation['# ruby code']
  3. 4,347 downloads
    ruby_info (1.0.1) Provides a RubyInfo class that simplifies accessing global information. Run RubyInfo.list to get ...
  4. 17,913 downloads
    ruby-informix (0.8.0) Ruby library for connecting to IBM Informix 7 and above
  5. 574,413 downloads
    RubyInline (3.12.3) Inline allows you to write foreign code within your ruby code. It automatically determines if the...
  6. 2,364 downloads
    RubyInlineAcceleration (0.0.1) RubyInlineAcceleration is an extension to RubyInline which provides an easy way to use C librarie...
  7. 2,057 downloads
    RubyInlineWithoutZenTest (3.12.2) See Tired of wasting time with ZenTest.
  8. 4,260 downloads
    ruby-inotify (1.0.2) An interface to Linux's inotify, for watching updates to directories.
  9. 2,660 downloads
    ruby-interface (0.0.6) Ruby interface
  10. 11,621 downloads
    ruby-internal (0.8.5) Ruby-Internal is Ruby module that provides direct access to Ruby's internal data structures.
  11. 1,340 downloads
    ruby-interview (0.0.1) This is interview gem for ruby developers
  12. 170 downloads
    ruby-invoice (0.0.1) Ruby Invoice is a gem special for generating invoices in a simple and fast way.
  13. 1,124 downloads
    RubyIOC (0.0.2) RubyIOC is a ruby library used for indicators of compromise
  14. 185,481 downloads
    ruby-ip (0.9.3) IP address manipulation library
  15. 18,306 downloads
    rubyipmi (0.8.1) Provides a library for controlling IPMI devices using pure ruby code
  16. 6,010 downloads
    ruby-ipmitool (0.5) Wraps most functionality of ipmitool including user, sensor, channel, and chassis functions
  17. 1,129 downloads
    rubyipq (0.1.0-i686-linux) Ruby bindings for Netfilter's libipq
  18. 1,342 downloads
    ruby-ipqueue (0.1.3) Ruby-ipqueue provides ruby-way object-oriented interface to linux libipq packet mangling library
  19. 5,317 downloads
    ruby-irail (0.4.2) IRail makes Belgian railway schedule easily available for anyone. This is a Ruby wrapper for thei...
  20. 10,076 downloads
    Ruby-IRC (1.0.13) An IRC Client library
  21. 1,398 downloads
    ruby-iscsiadm (0.0.1) This is a wrapper for the open-iscsi administration utility, iscsiadm. This is a simple binary wr...
  22. 1,849 downloads
    ruby-ise (1.0.0) Simple gem which extracts and modifies meta-data from Xilinx ISE files. Intended to simplify usin...
  23. 3,432 downloads
    ruby_is_forked (0.0.1) Handle resource issues in forked Ruby processes - File descriptors, DB connections, etc.
  24. 830 downloads
    ruby-issues (0.1.0) Issues is a lightweight, git-style command-line issue tracker.
  25. 1,599 downloads
    rubyist-aasm (2.1.1) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  26. 325 downloads
    rubyist-fakeweb ( A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests
  27. 168 downloads
    rubyist-github (0.1.2) The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.
  28. 311 downloads
    rubyist-jacker (1.2) Jacker is a very simple job tracker.
  29. 4,133 downloads
    ruby_it (0.5.0) Comand Line Interface (CLI) and Object class can be used to evaluate erb template files f...
  30. 7,202 downloads
    ruby-iup (0.1.0) ruby-iup is an extension module for Ruby that provides an interface to the IUP GUI toolk...