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  1. 4,470 downloads
    ruby_mvc (0.0.4) A simple, cross-platform MVC framework for Ruby
  2. 4,038 downloads
    ruby-mws (0.1) (Under development) This gem serves as a wrapper for's Marketplace Web Service (MWS) A...
  3. 131,924 downloads
    ruby-mysql (2.9.12) This is MySQL connector. pure Ruby version
  4. 4,592 downloads
    ruby-mysql-ext (2.9.12) This is MySQL connector with C extension.
  5. 1,346 downloads
    ruby-mythtv (0.1.0) Ruby implementation of the MythTV communication protocol
  6. 2,800 downloads
    ruby_nacl (0.1.2) Provides a ruby interface to DJB's NaCl library.
  7. 6,643 downloads
    ruby-nagios (0.2.2) Manage alerts, checks and acks in bulk
  8. 380 downloads
    rubynas (0.1.0.pre.3) The ruby based nas system
  9. 1,040 downloads
    rubynation (2013.6) The Official RubyNation Gem!
  10. 433 downloads
    rubyneat (0.4.0.alpha.4) RubyNEAT -- Neural Evolution of Augmenting Topologies for Ruby. By way of an enhanced form o...
  11. 187 downloads
    rubyneat_dashboard (0.4.0.alpha.4) A web-based Dashboard for your RubyNEAT development, http://localhost:3912
  12. 12,887 downloads
    ruby-nessus (1.2.0) Ruby-Nessus aims to deliver an easy yet powerful interface for interacting and manipulating Nessu...
  13. 4,787 downloads
    ruby-netcdf ( RubyNetCDF is the Ruby interface to the NetCDF library built on the NArray library, which is an e...
  14. 309 downloads
    ruby-netcdf-updated (0.7.0) RubyNetCDF is the Ruby interface to the NetCDF library built on the NArray library, which is an e...
  15. 94,670 downloads
    ruby-net-ldap (0.0.4) Net::LDAP is an LDAP support library written in pure Ruby. It supports all LDAP client features, ...
  16. 16,370 downloads
    ruby-net-nntp (1.0.0) The Net::NNTP library provides a simple communication layer for the NNTP (Network News Transfer P...
  17. 3,085 downloads
    ruby-network-manager (1.0.16) This gem is simple binding for NetworkManager that aims to be tool for managing network interface...
  18. 774 downloads
    ruby_new_bosh (0.7.2) An XMPP BOSH session pre-initializer for Ruby web applications
  19. 5,647 downloads
    ruby_ngrams (0.0.6) A simple extension of the Ruby core string class to parse a string into n-grams
  20. 607 downloads
    ruby_ngrams_language_detector (0.0.1) ngram based language detector written in ruby
  21. 472 downloads
    ruby_nlp (0.0.1) A simple NLP toolkit in pure Ruby. See for more information.
  22. 25,128 downloads
    ruby-nmap (0.7.0) A Ruby interface to Nmap, the exploration tool and security / port scanner.
  23. 16,181 downloads
    rubynode (0.1.5) RubyNode is a library that allows read only access to Ruby's internal NODE structure.
  24. 334 downloads
    rubyno_shana ( I love shana.
  25. 351 downloads
    rubyno_syana ( syana database.
  26. 915 downloads
    ruby-notes (1.0.0) Ruby notes is a console lne tool that let you keep reminders/notes and afterwards search within t...
  27. 5,442 downloads
    ruby-notify-my-android (0.4.3) Send notifications to Android devices via the Notify My Android API. Details about the API are av...
  28. 3,847 downloads
    rubynpr (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper for the NPR API
  29. 2,302 downloads
    ruby_nsq (0.0.4) Ruby client for the NSQ realtime message processing system
  30. 1,383,746 downloads
    rubyntlm (0.4.0) Ruby/NTLM provides message creator and parser for the NTLM authentication.