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  1. 2,368 downloads
    RubyInlineAcceleration (0.0.1) RubyInlineAcceleration is an extension to RubyInline which provides an easy way to use C librarie...
  2. 2,076 downloads
    RubyInlineWithoutZenTest (3.12.2) See Tired of wasting time with ZenTest.
  3. 4,298 downloads
    ruby-inotify (1.0.2) An interface to Linux's inotify, for watching updates to directories.
  4. 2,665 downloads
    ruby-interface (0.0.6) Ruby interface
  5. 11,666 downloads
    ruby-internal (0.8.5) Ruby-Internal is Ruby module that provides direct access to Ruby's internal data structures.
  6. 1,344 downloads
    ruby-interview (0.0.1) This is interview gem for ruby developers
  7. 177 downloads
    ruby-invoice (0.0.1) Ruby Invoice is a gem special for generating invoices in a simple and fast way.
  8. 1,132 downloads
    RubyIOC (0.0.2) RubyIOC is a ruby library used for indicators of compromise
  9. 194,044 downloads
    ruby-ip (0.9.3) IP address manipulation library
  10. 19,425 downloads
    rubyipmi (0.8.1) Provides a library for controlling IPMI devices using pure ruby code
  11. 6,034 downloads
    ruby-ipmitool (0.5) Wraps most functionality of ipmitool including user, sensor, channel, and chassis functions
  12. 1,134 downloads
    rubyipq (0.1.0-i686-linux) Ruby bindings for Netfilter's libipq
  13. 1,347 downloads
    ruby-ipqueue (0.1.3) Ruby-ipqueue provides ruby-way object-oriented interface to linux libipq packet mangling library
  14. 5,346 downloads
    ruby-irail (0.4.2) IRail makes Belgian railway schedule easily available for anyone. This is a Ruby wrapper for thei...
  15. 10,107 downloads
    Ruby-IRC (1.0.13) An IRC Client library
  16. 1,402 downloads
    ruby-iscsiadm (0.0.1) This is a wrapper for the open-iscsi administration utility, iscsiadm. This is a simple binary wr...
  17. 1,858 downloads
    ruby-ise (1.0.0) Simple gem which extracts and modifies meta-data from Xilinx ISE files. Intended to simplify usin...
  18. 3,617 downloads
    ruby_is_forked (0.0.1) Handle resource issues in forked Ruby processes - File descriptors, DB connections, etc.
  19. 834 downloads
    ruby-issues (0.1.0) Issues is a lightweight, git-style command-line issue tracker.
  20. 1,682 downloads
    rubyist-aasm (2.1.1) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  21. 338 downloads
    rubyist-fakeweb ( A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests
  22. 176 downloads
    rubyist-github (0.1.2) The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.
  23. 323 downloads
    rubyist-jacker (1.2) Jacker is a very simple job tracker.
  24. 4,164 downloads
    ruby_it (0.5.0) Comand Line Interface (CLI) and Object class can be used to evaluate erb template files f...
  25. 7,225 downloads
    ruby-iup (0.1.0) ruby-iup is an extension module for Ruby that provides an interface to the IUP GUI toolk...
  26. 1,346 downloads
    ruby-ivy (0.1.0) Ivy ( is a simple protocol and a set of open-source (LGPL) l...
  27. 1,393 downloads
    ruby-iwlist (0.1) A library for high-level access to the output of 'iwlist'
  28. 1,638 downloads
    RubyJack (1.0.1) This is a very simple text based black jack game. To use: install the gem, type in 'black_jack' ...
  29. 1,045 downloads
    ruby-jade (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for the Jade templating language
  30. 966 downloads
    rubyjams (0.1.0) jar dependency support for rubygems