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  1. 144 downloads
    rubylet-rack (2.0.0.pre1-java) Java Servlet implementation that forwards to Rack application
  2. 146 downloads
    rubylet-rack-handler (2.0.0.pre1-java) Rack::Handler using rubylet-rack and Jetty or Tomcat
  3. 1,333 downloads
    rubylet-tasks (1.0.0-java) Rake tasks for rubylet, rubylet-ee, and Java servlets
  4. 13,044 downloads
    rubylexer (0.7.7) RubyLexer is a lexer library for Ruby, written in Ruby. Rubylexer is meant as a lexer for Ruby th...
  5. 5,643 downloads
    ruby-libappindicator (0.1.5) Ruby bindings for libappindicator used by Ubuntu's Application Indicators, released under the LGP...
  6. 7,817 downloads
    rubylibcrack (0.2.4) A binding to the *nix password strength checking library, libcrack/cracklib.
  7. 2,623 downloads
    ruby-libgearman (0.10.3) These are the ruby wrappers for libgearman which can be used to provide Gearman Workers and to co...
  8. 5,044 downloads
    ruby-libgtop2 (0.1.3) Ruby bindings for GNOME libgtop version2.x.
  9. 8,067 downloads
    ruby-libjit (0.2.5) Ruby-libjit is a wrapper for the libjit library. Libjit is a lightweight library for building ju...
  10. 1,127 downloads
    ruby-libnids (1.0-i486-linux) ruby-libnids is a Ruby binding for libnids library written in C programming language. libnids ho...
  11. 6,333 downloads
    ruby-libnio (0.3.0) helps you write applications that can send notifications to
  12. 7,242 downloads
    ruby-libnotify (0.5.1) ruby-libnotify is a ruby binding for libnotify
  13. 158 downloads
    rubylibre-feedbag (0.5.102) Ruby's favorite feed auto-discoverty tool
  14. 931 downloads
    rubylibre-feedzirra (0.0.26) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  15. 696 downloads
    ruby-libsamplerate (0.0.1) Ruby binding for libsamplerate (aka "Secret Rabbit Code"). libsamplerate is an audio sample rate ...
  16. 1,384 downloads
    ruby-libtommath (0.41.0) ruby-libtommath is a ruby extension encapsulating the LibTomMath multi-precision integer library ...
  17. 134,315 downloads
    ruby-libvirt (0.5.2) Ruby bindings for libvirt.
  18. 704 downloads
    ruby_life (0.0.2) A command line version of Conway's Game of Life
  19. 367 downloads
    ruby-life (0.0.2)'s_Game_of_Life, with faster sleep time
  20. 5,683 downloads
    rubylight ( A simple implementation of Lightbox 2 for Ruby on Rails
  21. 991 downloads
    ruby_linear (0.1.0) Ruby wrapper for LIBLINEAR, a library for large linear classification
  22. 1,397 downloads
    ruby-linkedin (0.0.1) A Yahoo! BOSS derived Ruby LinkedIn API
  23. 13,731 downloads
    ruby-lint (2.0.2) A linter and static code analysis tool for Ruby.
  24. 352 downloads
    rubylisp (0.1.1) An embeddable Lisp as an extension language for Ruby
  25. 5,965 downloads
    ruby-llenv (0.0.9) LL install and exec
  26. 8,136 downloads
    ruby-llvm (3.4.1) Ruby-LLVM is a Ruby language binding to the LLVM compiler infrastructure library.
  27. 4,484 downloads
    rubylog (2.1.0) Rubylog is a Prolog-like DSL for Ruby.
  28. 2,899 downloads
    ruby_loggly (0.0.3) A simple Ruby interface to the Loggly API
  29. 1,633 downloads
    ruby_logo (0.0.2) Show the ruby logo if you have the right magic query string
  30. 3,921 downloads
    rubylogparser (0.1.3) RubyLogParser enables the output from Microsoft's Log Parser to be processed by Ruby data structu...