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  1. 576 downloads
    ruby-openid-teams (1.0.0) Support for the OpenIDTeams extension
  2. 9,108 downloads
    rubyosa (0.4.0) RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the Apple Event Manager, automatically populating the A...
  3. 4,654 downloads
    rubyosa19 (0.6.2) This is a modernization of the glorious but unmaintained rubyosa version, aimed at making it comp...
  4. 6,724 downloads
    ruby-osc (0.31.0) Concise OSC Ruby implementation
  5. 690 downloads
    ruby_osx_app (0.1.1) This gem operates on Mac OSX Applications to retrieve information from them.
  6. 2,415 downloads
    ruby-otp (0.2) ruby-otp is a One Time Password library, compatible with OPIE and S/KEY, and RFC 1760 compliant.
  7. 18,972 downloads
    rubyoverflow (1.0.2) rubyoverflow is a library for querying the Stack Overflow API
  8. 959 downloads
    ruby-paa (0.0.1) Ruby Interface to Amazon's Product Advertising API (Amazon's Associates Web Services)
  9. 867 downloads
    ruby_packager (0.0.2) Rake tasks to create RPM for ruby projects
  10. 6,956 downloads
    RubyPackager ( Generate installable binary distributions of Ruby programs for many platforms (many OS, with or w...
  11. 2,413 downloads
    ruby_pagination_logic (0.1.0) Ruby Pagination Logic provides you the pagination logic, while being lightweight and easy to use.
  12. 2,688 downloads
    rubypan (1.0.1) A gem command plugin that adds `gem ferret` to perform fulltext searching of ...
  13. 307,574 downloads
    rubypants (0.2.0) RubyPants is a Ruby port of the smart-quotes library SmartyPants. The original "SmartyPants...
  14. 6,197 downloads
    rubypants-unicode (0.2.5) It just occurred to me that if we are encoding our HTML pages in UTF-8 to handle multiple languag...
  15. 12,801 downloads
    ruby-pardot (1.0) Library for interacting with the Pardot API
  16. 2,922,479 downloads
    ruby_parser (3.6.3) ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing racc--which does by default use...
  17. 3,492 downloads
    ruby-password (0.15.5) Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby. It supports the manual entry of p...
  18. 6,105 downloads
    ruby_patch (2.0.1) Monkey patches used by kshramt's libraries.
  19. 1,280 downloads
    ruby_patches_merger (0.2.0) Help to manage ruby patches.
  20. 1,457 downloads
    rubypath (0.3.2) Path library incorporating File, Dir, Pathname, IO methods as well as a virtual mock filesystem.
  21. 2,765 downloads
    ruby-path (1.0.2) Simple path-based search and lookup for Ruby.
  22. 16,866 downloads
    ruby-paypal (0.0.5) ruby-paypal is a lightweight wrapper for the PayPal Name-Value Pair API providing: - direct ...
  23. 962 downloads
    ruby-paypal-extended (0.5.1) ruby-paypal-extended is a Ruby library for interacting with PayPal via the NVP (Name Value Pair) ...
  24. 7,717 downloads
    ruby-pcap (0.7.8) Ruby interface to LBL Packet Capture library. This library also includes classes to access packet...
  25. 4,244 downloads
    rubypeg (0.0.4) RubyPeg helps you to create readable Parsing Expression Grammars (PEG) in, err, ruby
  26. 13,738 downloads
    rubyperf (1.5.0) Used to easily measure the performance of blocks of Ruby code, expressions and methods; provides ...
  27. 3,823 downloads
    ruby-perl (04.01.2011.2) Run Perl code from any Ruby application, or run Perl web apps on Ruby.
  28. 8,229 downloads
    ruby_peter_v (0.0.13) Ruby helpers for @peter_v
  29. 25,558 downloads
    ruby-pg (0.8.0) This is an old, deprecated version of the 'pg' gem that hasn't been maintained or supported since...
  30. 1,940 downloads
    ruby-pgplot (0.1.6) PGPLOT wrapper for Ruby