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  1. 3,194 downloads
    ruby-network-manager (1.0.16) This gem is simple binding for NetworkManager that aims to be tool for managing network interface...
  2. 795 downloads
    ruby_new_bosh (0.7.2) An XMPP BOSH session pre-initializer for Ruby web applications
  3. 234 downloads
    ruby-nfc (1.1.0) This gem is built on top of libnfc and libfreefare using ffi and supports: * Reading and wr...
  4. 5,771 downloads
    ruby_ngrams (0.0.6) A simple extension of the Ruby core string class to parse a string into n-grams
  5. 624 downloads
    ruby_ngrams_language_detector (0.0.1) ngram based language detector written in ruby
  6. 496 downloads
    ruby_nlp (0.0.1) A simple NLP toolkit in pure Ruby. See for more information.
  7. 26,172 downloads
    ruby-nmap (0.7.0) A Ruby interface to Nmap, the exploration tool and security / port scanner.
  8. 16,282 downloads
    rubynode (0.1.5) RubyNode is a library that allows read only access to Ruby's internal NODE structure.
  9. 360 downloads
    rubyno_shana ( I love shana.
  10. 374 downloads
    rubyno_syana ( syana database.
  11. 932 downloads
    ruby-notes (1.0.0) Ruby notes is a console lne tool that let you keep reminders/notes and afterwards search within t...
  12. 5,559 downloads
    ruby-notify-my-android (0.4.3) Send notifications to Android devices via the Notify My Android API. Details about the API are av...
  13. 3,908 downloads
    rubynpr (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper for the NPR API
  14. 2,411 downloads
    ruby_nsq (0.0.4) Ruby client for the NSQ realtime message processing system
  15. 1,481,693 downloads
    rubyntlm (0.4.0) Ruby/NTLM provides message creator and parser for the NTLM authentication.
  16. 27,269 downloads
    ruby-ntlm (0.0.1) NTLM implementation for Ruby.
  17. 4,746 downloads
    ruby-ntlm-namespace (0.0.1) Gem release for mademaxus' fork of macks ruby-ntlm with namespacing fixed
  18. 130,260 downloads
    ruby-nuggets (1.0.0) Various extensions to Ruby classes. [Transitional gem]
  19. 11,096 downloads
    ruby-numtheory ( The library is written as C extension and aims to provide common number-theoretical funct...
  20. 1,928 downloads
    ruby-nxt (0.8.1) Provides a Ruby interface to LEGO Mindstorms NXT
  21. 1,457 downloads
    RubyObjC (0.4.0) RubyObjC allows Ruby and Objective-C code to be easily mixed. Among its benefits, it allows deve...
  22. 2,489 downloads
    ruby-objc-nil (0.1.1) A simple gem to make your Ruby Nil Objects behave Objective-C Nil Objects
  23. 354,103 downloads
    ruby-oci8 (2.1.7) ruby-oci8 is a ruby interface for Oracle using OCI8 API. It is available with Oracle8i, Oracle9i,...
  24. 1,705 downloads
    ruby-oci8-master (2.0.7) ruby-oci8 is a ruby interface for Oracle using OCI8 API. It is available with Oracle8, Oracle8i, ...
  25. 18,920 downloads
    ruby_odata (0.1.6) An OData Client Library for Ruby. Use this to interact with OData services
  26. 139,843 downloads
    ruby-odbc (0.99995) ODBC binding for Ruby
  27. 2,679 downloads
    Ruby-ODE-SWIG (0.0.2) Ruby language bindings for the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), written using the Simplified Wrapper a...
  28. 1,386 downloads
    ruby_odeum (0.2.1) Ruby/Odeum is a simple full text reverse indexer that lets you index a set of files and then sear...
  29. 111,643 downloads
    ruby-oembed (0.8.10) An oEmbed consumer library written in Ruby, letting you easily get embeddable HTML representation...
  30. 667 downloads
    ruby-ogc (0.0.1) Ruby lib for OGC manipulations