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  1. 5,199 downloads
    rubysdl-mswin32-1.9 ( Ruby/SDL is Ruby library to use SDL
  2. 228 downloads
    ruby-sdn (2.0.0) Sdn calendar module
  3. 165 downloads
    ruby_search_object (0.0.1) A ruby service object pattern
  4. 1,721 downloads
    ruby-seasons (0.1.2) Adds methods to Date and DateTime objects that returns the season as a string. Currently only acc...
  5. 1,302 downloads
    ruby-secret_service (0.0.8) Native bindings use the D-BUS Secret Service API, docs at
  6. 1,485 downloads
    rubySelenium (0.0.8) rubySelenium allows you to write Selenium scripts programmatically and allows you to add dynamic...
  7. 4,576 downloads
    ruby-sendhub (0.0.5) My first gem and no tests yet. Ruby wrapper for SendHub API
  8. 1,297 downloads
    rubyserial (0.1.2) FFI Ruby library for RS-232 serial port communication
  9. 1,922 downloads
    ruby-serial ( Library serializing Ruby objects, optimized in many ways: * Space efficient: Use MessagePack (bin...
  10. 14,961 downloads
    ruby-serialport (0.7.0) Ruby/SerialPort is a Ruby library that provides a class for using RS-232 serial ports.
  11. 2,586 downloads
    rubyserif (0.1.2) A JavaScript-ish interface for ruby including a JSON object class like OpenStruct. And a function...
  12. 286 downloads
    rubyserver (0.0.1) Really the summary says it all...
  13. 1,418 downloads
    ruby_service_helper (0.1.0) Simple declarative configuration for running ruby programs as win32 services using win32/daemon.
  14. 1,430 downloads
    ruby-sesame (0.1.0) A Ruby interface to's Sesame RDF triple store
  15. 6,430 downloads
    ruby-sfst (0.4.1) A wrapper for the Stuttgart Finite State Transducer Tools (SFST).
  16. 537 downloads
    rubys-gorp (0.1.5) Enables the creation of scenarios that involve creating a rails project, starting and stoppping o...
  17. 11,251 downloads
    rubysh (0.3.0) Rubysh: Ruby subprocesses made easy
  18. 856 downloads
    RubySH (1.0) RSH is a UNIX and SH compliant shell built in Ruby. It features all the traditional Shell command...
  19. 601,366 downloads
    ruby-shadow (2.3.4) This module provides access to shadow passwords on Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris
  20. 5,597 downloads
    rubyshelltools (0.0.11) Tools for the unix shell
  21. 3,771 downloads
    rubyshop (0.3.1) RComposite (formally Rubyshop) is an RMagick abstraction library to easily manipulate and composi...
  22. 4,504 downloads
    ruby-shout (2.2.1) Ruby bindings for libshout 2, a "Library which can be used to write a source client like ices" fo...
  23. 1,165 downloads
    ruby_simple_search (0.0.3) It will search on the attributes that you provided to simple_search_attributes method
  24. 1,538 downloads
    rubysip (0.0.0) Ruby/SIP is library of SIP(RFC3261 and more) written in pure ruby
  25. 223 downloads
    ruby_sipgate (0.2.3) Sending sms via sipgate api
  26. 511 downloads
    rubysite (0.0.3) Provides web access for singleton methods in an including module. Allows the user to make a web s...
  27. 2,825 downloads
    ruby-si-units (0.0.8) A SI prefix unit handling library for ruby
  28. 13,453 downloads
    ruby_skynet (2.0.0) Ruby Client for invoking Skynet services
  29. 793 downloads
    ruby-skype (0.1.0.pre.1-cygwin) ruby-skype is a binding to the Skype Public API. The Public API is a method to talk to th...
  30. 37,872 downloads
    rubysl (2.0.15) Ruby 2.0+ standard library meta-spec. Install this spec to install the Ruby standard library on c...