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  1. 8,422 downloads
    ruby-postcodeanywhere (0.1.6) Gem to provide basic access to PostcodeAnywhere services
  2. 37,861 downloads
    ruby-postgres ( Ruby extension library providing an API to PostgreSQL
  3. 3,094 downloads
    ruby_powerpoint (1.4.1) A Ruby gem that can extract text and images from PowerPoint (pptx) files.
  4. 3,241 downloads
    rubypp (0.0.3) Rubypp is a preprocessor that uses ruby to transform text. Syntax is similar to the C preprocess...
  5. 9,190 downloads
    rubypress (1.0.9) Easily access WordPress installations through the WordPress XML-RPC API. This gem exactly mirrors...
  6. 1,129 downloads
    ruby-procedural (0.0.2-x86-linux) A ruby binding for Ogre Procedural.
  7. 7,890 downloads
    ruby_process (0.0.9) A framework for spawning and communicating with other Ruby-processes
  8. 1,417 downloads
    ruby-process-controller (1.0.4) Staging for console ruby apps - ARGV parser, logger, pids, 2nd instance run prevention, privilege...
  9. 24,091 downloads
    ruby-processing (2.6.3) Ruby-Processing is a Ruby wrapper for the Processing code art framework. It's this thin litt...
  10. 1,247 downloads
    ruby-procinfo (0.2.0-x86_64-linux) Retrieve process information
  11. 2,150,632 downloads
    ruby-prof (0.15.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  12. 1,288 downloads
    ruby-prof-danielhoey (0.8.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  13. 328 downloads
    ruby_prof_helper (0.1) just some lines of frequently used ruby prof boilerplate
  14. 1,039 downloads
    ruby_prof-json (0.0.1) If you need to process results from a profiling session, JSON is a good place to start.
  15. 2,509,492 downloads
    ruby-progressbar (1.6.0) Ruby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The output can be c...
  16. 5,065 downloads
    ruby-prolog (1.0.1) A Prolog-ish Ruby DSL.
  17. 424 downloads
    ruby-promises (0.0.1) A lightweight gem implement AngularJS Promises in Ruby AngularJS Promise introduction: http://ur...
  18. 1,098 downloads
    ruby-promobox (0.0.2) Ruby API promobox
  19. 95 downloads
    ruby-properties-file (0.0.2) Tool for loading and writing Java properties files
  20. 1,365 downloads
    rubyprot (0.5.0) Simple library to aid in object serialization and messaging via Rubys Marshal
  21. 274,019 downloads
    ruby_protobuf (0.4.11) Ruby implementation for Protocol Buffers.
  22. 178,245 downloads
    ruby-protocol-buffers (1.6.1) Ruby compiler and runtime for the google protocol buffers library.
  23. 2,278 downloads
    ruby-protocol-buffers-require (1.0.8) Compile and require protocol buffers at runtime with the ruby-protocol-buffers library
  24. 1,415 downloads
    ruby_prototype (1.2.0) Allows the class-oriented Ruby language to double as a simple-object prototype language (a la Jav...
  25. 2,300 downloads
    ruby_provisioning_api (0.0.3) a ruby wrapper for google provisioning api
  26. 6,259 downloads
    ruby-proxy (0.2.2) Ruby Proxy for two or more ruby processes.
  27. 1,214 downloads
    ruby-psd (1.0.0) Generating psd skeleton file simple and by scriping of Ruby
  28. 10,415 downloads
    ruby_psigate (0.7.8) RubyPsigate parses and packages XML messages to/from Psigate's servers for transactions and recur...
  29. 3,455 downloads
    ruby-psql (0.0.1) Postgres psql binary
  30. 699 downloads
    ruby_pub_sub (0.0.4) Publish/Subscribe for Ruby