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  1. 9,076 downloads
    RubySunrise (0.3) Calculate the sunrise/sunset given lat/long coordinates and the date. Computes civil, official, ...
  2. 4,345 downloads
    ruby-sun-times (0.1.5) Module which calculates sunrise and sunset times
  3. 31,313 downloads
    ruby-supervisor (0.0.2) uses XMLRPC supervisord API to communciate with supervisord
  4. 9,734 downloads
    ruby-svd (0.5.1) Singular Value Decomposition with no dependency on GSL or LAPACK
  5. 5,074 downloads
    ruby_svg_light (0.1.0) A basic library for building SVG files. Not all properties of SVG are supported
  6. 240 downloads
    rubys-whenever (0.3.1) Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.
  7. 802 downloads
    rubyswig (0.0.1) Builds SWIG (Simplified Wrapper Interface Generator) from source with minimal dependencies, ...
  8. 10,393 downloads
    rubysync (0.2.1) == DESCRIPTION: RubySync is a tool for synchronizing part or all of your directory, database or ...
  9. 7,394 downloads
    ruby-tables (0.1.5) The table data structure from lua implemented in Ruby
  10. 4,425 downloads
    ruby-taglib2 (1.02) Ruby bindings for Taglib's C Library
  11. 1,830 downloads
    ruby-tapas-downloader (2.0.3) It downloads all episodes and attachments, organizes them for later use and keeps an easy to use ...
  12. 2,152 downloads
    ruby-tcl (0.1.1) Bindings to the Tcl interpreter for use from within ruby.
  13. 3,302 downloads
    rubytea (0.1.2) A wrapper around the XXTEA block encryption algorithm
  14. 996 downloads
    ruby_teamsite (0.4.7) This Ruby Gem gives Ruby access to Autonomy Interwoven TeamSite actions normally found in TeamSit...
  15. 727 downloads
    ruby_template (0.0.2) RubyTemplate gives you a simple means of producing json in your views by letting you write normal...
  16. 1,212 downloads
    ruby_template_960 (0.0.1) A native Ruby DSL templating engine for Rails that works well with the 960 grid system
  17. 2,119 downloads
    ruby_template_handler (1.0.0) A Rails view template handler that renders Ruby objects to JSON.
  18. 6,073 downloads
    ruby-terminfo (0.1.1) terminfo binding for Ruby
  19. 29,766 downloads
    ruby-termios (0.9.6) Termios module is simple wrapper of termios(3). It can be included into IO-family classes and ca...
  20. 17,254 downloads
    rubytest (0.8.1) Rubytest is a universal test harness for Ruby. It can handle any compliant test framework, even r...
  21. 297 downloads
    ruby_test (0.1.1) Testing suite for Ruby, allows to test for equality with nested examples
  22. 1,290 downloads
    rubytest-cli (0.2.0) Rubytest CLI is a command-line interface for running tests for Rubytest-based test frameworks.
  23. 145 downloads
    rubytest-html (0.1.0) This is an HTML test report format for the Rubytest metaframework.
  24. 146 downloads
    rubytest-progress (0.1.0) This is an progress test report format for the Rubytest metaframework. It produces a progressbar ...
  25. 788 downloads
    rubytest-rake (0.2.0) Rake plugin for Ruby Test. Ruby Test is a universal test harness for Ruby.
  26. 143 downloads
    rubytest-suite (1.0.0) Rubytest is a universal test harness for Ruby. This gem provides the core library and a suite of ...
  27. 150 downloads
    rubytest-summary (0.1.0) This is a report format plugin for Rubytest.
  28. 147 downloads
    rubytest-tap (0.1.0) This is a report format plugin for Rubytest.
  29. 2,012 downloads
    ruby-tf-idf (0.0.3) Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency
  30. 3,120 downloads
    ruby_tfs (0.2.0) A Ruby interface to the TFS OData API.