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  1. 2,956 downloads
    runkeeper-activities (0.0.4) A ruby interface for the latest activities on RunKeeper
  2. 112,742 downloads
    run_loop (1.0.9) calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. RunLoop provides a number of tools associated...
  3. 763 downloads
    runmetric (0.0.4) This library provides the Runmetric module, with its convenience method run_metric that encapsula...
  4. 8,607 downloads
    runnable (0.3.1) Convert a executable command in a Ruby-like class you are able to start, define params and send s...
  5. 3,565 downloads
    runnel (0.0.5) An autossh tunnel manager, written in Ruby
  6. 2,119 downloads
    runner (0.0.0) Run commands
  7. 4,688 downloads
    running (0.0.6) Helpers for finding out which version of Ruby (MRI 1.8, MRI 1.9, Rubinius, etc) you are using. Us...
  8. 21,674 downloads
    running_man (0.4.0) Simple class for test/unit setup blocks that run just once.
  9. 724 downloads
    runny_test (0.0.3) Easily run multiple Ruby unit tests in a single command.
  10. 7,269 downloads
    runo (0.2.2) Runo has been renamed to Bike. See please.
  11. 4,743 downloads
    runoff (2.0.0) runoff provides functionality to export all the Skype chat history or only specified chats from t...
  12. 1,022 downloads
    run_once (1.0) Ruby Gem to limit rate of code execution to every N seconds
  13. 168 downloads
    runpaint-eye (0.1.0) TODO
  14. 460 downloads
    runpaint-terminal-size (0.1.1) Determines the dimensions of the user's terminal
  15. 26,530 downloads
    runpuppet (1.0.2) Is the local client to the puppet_controller
  16. 6,139 downloads
    run_rabbit_run (0.1.5) RunRabbitRun gem lets to run and manage multiple ruby processes for RabbitMQ
  17. 1,768 downloads
    runscope-rb (0.0.4) Start using Runscope to monitor your API traffic in minutes
  18. 1,037 downloads
    runspell (0.0.1) Runspell is a wrapper to hunspell lib (not RubyInline version). All code is taken from rhunspell ...
  19. 13,277 downloads
    runssh (0.5.3) Runssh is a command line utility to help bookmark many ssh connections in heirarchial groups.
  20. 29,136 downloads
    runt (0.9.0) Runt is a Ruby implementation of temporal patterns by Martin Fowler. Runt provides an API for wor...
  21. 1,542 downloads
    runt19 (0.7.7) Runt is a Ruby[] implementation of select Martin Fowler patterns[http...
  22. 1,747 downloads
    runtastic-tiny_mce (0.1.5) Gem that allows easy implementation of the TinyMCE editor into your applications.
  23. 1,236 downloads
    runtastic-tiny_mce_curblyadvimage (0.2.4) Curbly Advanced Images for Tiny MCE
  24. 243 downloads
    runter (0.1.0) Runter is a ruby task runner based on file modifications
  25. 1,086 downloads
    runtest (0.0.2) A singleton test runner for Minitest
  26. 574 downloads
    run_test (0.1.0) `run_test` is a simple but smart test runner for Ruby. It helps you find your tests give...
  27. 2,660 downloads
    runtex (0.2.3) runTeX - Translate (La)TeX-files as often as needed. The further development for this gem is stop...
  28. 3,267 downloads
    runtime (1.0.1) Runtime is an event library running in the background of your process, checking every second if t...
  29. 4,344 downloads
    runtimeerror_notifier (0.0.19) This gem installs the agent of to your application. It handles uncaught exceptio...
  30. 1,044 downloads
    runtime_info (0.0.0) Getting information about the current Ruby environment can be a bit arcane. Lots of solutions exi...