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  1. 2,151 downloads
    rack-api-key (0.0.3) RackApiKey is a middleware that enables simple API key authentication
  2. 933 downloads
    rack-api-versioning (0.0.1) Version your Rack based API's using headers either through middleware or routing constraints
  3. 1,747 downloads
    rack-archive-zip-extract (0.0.6) Rack::Archive::Zip::Extract serves files in zip archives.
  4. 6,251 downloads
    rack-asset-compiler (0.2.1) rack-asset-compiler is a Rack middleware that provides a generic interface for compiling static f...
  5. 1,490 downloads
    rack-assets (0.9.1) Library to manage css and js assets in any rack-based framework
  6. 2,439 downloads
    rack-async (0.1.0) Thin's asynchronous API available to any Rack server.
  7. 1,655 downloads
    rack-async2sync (0.1.0) A Rack middleware that transforms async requests (using thin + async_sinatra for example) into sy...
  8. 251,624 downloads
    rack-attack (4.1.1) A rack middleware for throttling and blocking abusive requests
  9. 2,442 downloads
    rack-attack-rate-limit (1.1.0) Add RateLimit headers for Rack::Attack throttling
  10. 95 downloads
    rack-attack-recaptcha (0.0.1) An extension for Rack::Attack that supports responding to throttled requests with Recaptcha tags
  11. 1,638 downloads
    rack-audit (0.0.2) Asynchronously send requests to another system
  12. 1,843 downloads
    rack-auditor (1.0.2) Middleware that allows you to verify a request against an identity provider
  13. 105 downloads
    rack-auth (0.0.1) Rackish authentication for Rack apps. Provides access to the `Authorization` HTTP header.
  14. 2,002 downloads
    rack-auth-cheat (0.1.0) The rack-auth-cheat library provides a Rack middleware interface which authenticates any ...
  15. 17,164 downloads
    rack-auth-cookie (0.7.6) The rack-auth-cookie library provides a Rack middleware interface for authenticating user...
  16. 22,488 downloads
    rack-authenticate (0.6.0) A rack middleware that authenticates requests either using basic auth or via signed HMAC.
  17. 789 downloads
    rack-authentication (0.0.1) A modular implementation of Rack Auth
  18. 8,366 downloads
    rack-auth-ip (0.0.7) rack middleware for restrict ip
  19. 9,536 downloads
    rack-auth-kerberos (0.2.5) The rack-kerberos library provides a Rack middleware interface for authenticating users a...
  20. 3,478 downloads
    rack-auth-krb (0.2.1) This library allows Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication using either Basic method or Negotiate (i....
  21. 1,098 downloads
    rack-auth-ldap (1.0) rack-auth-ldap : provide LDAP authentication for Rack middelware
  22. 6,142 downloads
    rack-auth-simples (0.0.10) rack middleware for multiple simple auth
  23. 691 downloads
    rack-auth-travis (0.1.0) Rack auth for Travis CI webhook requests!
  24. 13,876 downloads
    rack-autocrud (0.1.21) Rack middleware that works with Sinatra to dynamically create CRUD endpoints and routes based...
  25. 769 downloads
    rack-auto-session-domain (0.1.1) Automatically sets the rack session domain to the current request domain
  26. 1,421 downloads
    rack-avvo_ignite (0.0.3) Integrate Avvo Ignite tracking into your Rack-based application
  27. 3,235 downloads
    rack-backbone (1.0.0) Backbone.js CDN script tags and fallback in one neat package. Current version is for Backbone v1.1.0
  28. 630 downloads
    rack-back_door (0.1.1) For unit, controller, or integration tests, inject an authenticated user into a Rack session
  29. 14,726 downloads
    rack-backend-api (0.3.5) The purpose of this Rack Middleware is to provide an API that interfaces with database actions in...
  30. 5,166 downloads
    rack-bert-rpc (0.3.0) rack-bert-rpc is rack middleware that provides a BERT-RPC server implemenation for using BERT-RPC...