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  1. 14,235 downloads
    rack-autocrud (0.1.21) Rack middleware that works with Sinatra to dynamically create CRUD endpoints and routes based...
  2. 790 downloads
    rack-auto-session-domain (0.1.1) Automatically sets the rack session domain to the current request domain
  3. 1,465 downloads
    rack-avvo_ignite (0.0.3) Integrate Avvo Ignite tracking into your Rack-based application
  4. 3,373 downloads
    rack-backbone (1.0.0) Backbone.js CDN script tags and fallback in one neat package. Current version is for Backbone v1.1.0
  5. 685 downloads
    rack-back_door (0.1.1) For unit, controller, or integration tests, inject an authenticated user into a Rack session
  6. 14,987 downloads
    rack-backend-api (0.3.5) The purpose of this Rack Middleware is to provide an API that interfaces with database actions in...
  7. 5,232 downloads
    rack-bert-rpc (0.3.0) rack-bert-rpc is rack middleware that provides a BERT-RPC server implemenation for using BERT-RPC...
  8. 13,600 downloads
    rack-block (0.1.1) A rack middleware for controlling accesses by search bot or not, remote ip address, etc.
  9. 520 downloads
    rack-block-semalt (1.0.1) Rack middleware to block the web crawler.
  10. 11,065 downloads
    rack-blogengine (1.0.8) Blogengine based on rack applications
  11. 1,415 downloads
    rack-body_classes (1.0.2) Decorate your <body> with CSS Classes indicating platform, browser, browser version, and more.
  12. 6,461 downloads
    rack-bouncer (1.4.2) A Rack middleware that expels undesirable browsers out of your website. This project lovingly ext...
  13. 7,956 downloads
    rack-bridge (0.6.1) Rack handler and other tools for communicating with a BRIDGE-capable server (like CloudBridge)
  14. 26,313 downloads
    rack-bug (0.3.0) Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware
  15. 1,935 downloads
    rack-bug-rails-3 (0.3.1) Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware
  16. 1,323 downloads
    rack-bug-speedtracer (0.0.1) Rack-bug SpeedTracer panel for server side debugging
  17. 10,998 downloads
    rack_bugzscout (1.0.0) Rack Middleware for submitting FogBugz BugzScout reports.
  18. 6,657 downloads
    rack-bundle (0.2.3) Javascript and CSS bundling at the Rack level
  19. 17,082,821 downloads
    rack-cache (1.2) Rack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-based applic...
  20. 5,836 downloads
    rack-cache-buster (0.2.2) Place this in your rack stack and all caching will be gone.
  21. 9,711 downloads
    rack-cachely (0.4.1) Rack middleware for interfacing with the Cachely page caching service.
  22. 5,222 downloads
    rack-cache-purge (0.0.2) [description]
  23. 462 downloads
    rack-cache-smash (1.0.0) Rack middleware to cache bust every CSS and JS asset request
  24. 7,999 downloads
    rack-cache-tags (0.0.6) [description]
  25. 1,342 downloads
    rack-call (0.0.1) Ruby cache methods built on top of Rails and Sinatra caching.
  26. 4,010 downloads
    rack-campaign (0.0.4) A Rack middleware/app for re-writing a simple URL into a Google analytics-tracked URL for ad camp...
  27. 2,102 downloads
    rack-campfire (0.0.3) Rack middleware to facilitate Campfire control via a Rack application
  28. 1,846 downloads
    rack-caniuse (0.0.3) CanIUse checks if your user's browser supports the technologies your website relies on by using t...
  29. 74,689 downloads
    rack-canonical-host (0.1.0) Rack middleware for defining a canonical host name.
  30. 3,790 downloads
    rack-canonical-hostname (0.2) Handle redirect to canonical host