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  1. 1,291 downloads
    rack-call (0.0.1) Ruby cache methods built on top of Rails and Sinatra caching.
  2. 3,877 downloads
    rack-campaign (0.0.4) A Rack middleware/app for re-writing a simple URL into a Google analytics-tracked URL for ad camp...
  3. 1,975 downloads
    rack-campfire (0.0.3) Rack middleware to facilitate Campfire control via a Rack application
  4. 1,720 downloads
    rack-caniuse (0.0.3) CanIUse checks if your user's browser supports the technologies your website relies on by using t...
  5. 65,773 downloads
    rack-canonical-host (0.1.0) Rack middleware for defining a canonical host name.
  6. 3,236 downloads
    rack-canonical-hostname (0.2) Handle redirect to canonical host
  7. 880 downloads
    rack-canonical_link (0.0.2) Little rack middleware to insert '<link href="" rel="canonical" />' i...
  8. 2,407 downloads
    rack-cappuccino (0.0.2) Rack::Cappucciono serves up your Build/Release/__APPNAME__ folder as a Rack application.
  9. 1,031 downloads
    rack-captchator (0.1.0) A very simple rack captcha middleware via API
  10. 11,976 downloads
    rack-cas (0.9.1) Simple CAS authentication for Rails, Sinatra or any Rack-based site
  11. 829 downloads
    rack-cas_client (0.3.0) A Rack Middleware component to authenticate against a CAS server. I (shamefully) forgot to attri...
  12. 7,826 downloads
    rack-cas-client (0.1.5) Rack middleware that handles user authentication against a cas server
  13. 2,651 downloads
    rack-case-insensitive-routes (0.0.2) downcase all incoming paths to the router
  14. 4,806 downloads
    rack-casual (0.1.2) Rack middleware for authentication using CAS and/or token
  15. 7,573 downloads
    rack-cat (0.1.2) Rack middleware to concatenate yor assets (static, dynamic and remote). Use it to serve your java...
  16. 12,326 downloads
    rack-cerberus (0.3.1) A Rack middleware for form-based authentication. Aim is a compromise between fonctionality, beaut...
  17. 925 downloads
    rack-chain (1.0.0) Rack::Chain builds a Rack application that runs each middleware in its own fiber to minimize stac...
  18. 763 downloads
    rack-chartbeat (0.0.3) Rack middleware to automatically include Chartbeat embed codes in your site.
  19. 210 downloads
    rack-check_http_method_allowed (0.0.1) Rack middleware to check HTTP request methods and reject ones you don't want
  20. 1,440 downloads
    rack-chromeframe (1.0.0) Sets the X-UA-Compatible header in all responses to enable Google Chrome Frame
  21. 752 downloads
    rack-chrome_frame (0.0.1) Insert a Chrome Frame install prompt for IE requests
  22. 5,277 downloads
    rack-cleancookies (0.1.2) Clean dirty cookies from Rack environment
  23. 6,512 downloads
    rack_clicky (1.0.5) Embeds the Clicky tracking code at the end of your HTML
  24. 49,011 downloads
    rack-client (0.4.2) A client wrapper around a Rack app or HTTP
  25. 2,946 downloads
    rack-closed (0.0.3) Rack middleware for website open 9 till 5
  26. 399 downloads
    rack-cloudflare_ip (1.0.0) Set X-Forwarded-For header to original client IP when using Cloudflare in proxy mode
  27. 1,429 downloads
    rack-cluster (0.0.1) tools for managing multiple rackup processes
  28. 65,892 downloads
    rack-codehighlighter (0.5.0) Rack Middleware for Code Highlighting. Supports the most popular Ruby code highlighters.
  29. 3,103 downloads
    rack-coderay (0.2.0) This Rack middleware component uses the CodeRay gem to automatically format code syntax by detect...
  30. 23,338 downloads
    rack-coffee (1.0.3) Rack Middlware for compiling and serving .coffee files using coffee-script; "/javascripts/app.js"...