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  1. 5,067 downloads
    san (1.3.0) a (very) small library for working with Standard Address Numbers.
  2. 429 downloads
    sanchoku_getter (0.0.1) this tools is sanchoku getter
  3. 24,890 downloads
    sandal (0.6.0) A ruby library for creating and reading JSON Web Tokens (JWT), supporting JSON Web Signatures (JW...
  4. 3,055 downloads
    sandbox (0.1.1) A really small filesystem sandbox
  5. 1,983 downloads
    sandboxed (0.0.2) Execute code blocks in a $SAFE environment.
  6. 8,678 downloads
    sandboxed_erb (0.4.8) Run erb templates safely within a sandbox.
  7. 4,634 downloads
    sandboxer (0.1.4) Sandbox manages part of your hosts file and lets you specify domains sandbox to point locally or ...
  8. 1,204 downloads
    sander (0.0.0) Simple DSL for generation Varnish configs
  9. 492 downloads
    sander6-daijobu (0.3.0) A helper for de/serialization of objects into and out of Tokyo Cabinets
  10. 486 downloads
    sander6-enygma (0.1.1) A Sphinx search toolset
  11. 386 downloads
    sanderjd-bitch (0.1.1) A very simple library for building binary data in a declarative manner
  12. 294 downloads
    sanderjd-bitfields (0.2.2) A very simple library for building binary data by declaring named bit fields
  13. 209 downloads
    sanderjd-rmodbus (0.2.0) A free Ruby implementation of the ModBus protocol
  14. 674 downloads
    sandie (0.1.1) Sandie is a straightforward API wrapper for the sandboxed code execution platform API.
  15. 12,946 downloads
    sandi_meter (1.1.7) Sandi Metz rules checker
  16. 385 downloads
    sandman (0.0.1) Sandman is a gem aimed at helping you manage your SSH keys between GitHub and Bitbucket
  17. 4,737 downloads
    sandmanapp (0.4) Use this gem to connect to the sandmanapp service. Look at the homepage to find more information.
  18. 99 downloads
    sandofsky-csvscan (0.1.0) This is a packaged version of CSVScan, written by MoonWolf. If you can read Japanese, checkout RE...
  19. 1,355 downloads
    sandofsky-gd2 (1.1.2) Ruby interface to gd 2 library.
  20. 194 downloads
    sandofsky-kirby (5.0.0) A super-clean IRC bot with sandboxed Ruby evaluation, svn watching, and link-logging to
  21. 294 downloads
    sandofsky-ngluex (0.3.1) A command line tool for automatically generating an nginx configuration for a Rails App.
  22. 95 downloads
    sandofsky-ralph (0.1.0) A pretty, simple wrapper for writing Hadoop Streaming jobs in Ruby.
  23. 1,351 downloads
    sandofsky-typhoeus (0.1.3) A library for interacting with web services (and building SOAs) at blinding speed.
  24. 1,024 downloads
    sandozxmlconv (1.0.0) * xml converter files for Sandoz Switzerland
  25. 9,133 downloads
    sandra (0.1.10) Provides an Object Relational interface to Cassandra
  26. 5,772 downloads
    sandra-rails (0.0.8) Connect Sandra with Rails
  27. 1,764 downloads
    sandrbox (0.1.0) A sandbox for that tries to change all Ruby code executed to be safe and non-destructive, both to...
  28. 902 downloads
    Sandrbox (0.0.1) A sandbox for that tries to change all Ruby code executed to be safe and non-destructive, both to...
  29. 282 downloads
    sandrods-odf-report (0.1.3) Generates ODF files, given a template (.odt) and data, replacing tags
  30. 1,352 downloads
    sandro-fakeweb (1.2.5) FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifyin...