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  1. 511 downloads
    siriproxy-example (0.0.1) This is a "hello world" style plugin. It simply intercepts the phrase "text siri proxy" and respo...
  2. 961 downloads
    siriproxy-facebookstatus (0.0.3) This is a plugin that allows you to post to your Facebook wall using Siri.
  3. 818 downloads
    siriproxy-hue (0.0.1) This is largely a demo plugin of a real-world implementation of SiriProxy
  4. 947 downloads
    siriproxy-iJokes (1.0) Say "Tell me a joke" and Siri will tell a random joke from a list of about 36 jokes, I believe.
  5. 963 downloads
    siriproxy-nextbus (0.0.1) Queries against to get the next bus
  6. 3,532 downloads
    siriproxypm-clientstatecache (0.0.4) Plugin manager which keeps state information across multiple connections on a single client
  7. 2,686 downloads
    siriproxypm-honey (0.0.4) Plugin manager with speakers (i.e. users/roles)
  8. 3,682 downloads
    siriproxy-samsungremote (0.1.3) Bringing together the work of plamoni on the SiriProxy and pjnewman's iPhone Protocol Decoded (Sa...
  9. 5,860 downloads
    SiriProxy-SamsungRemote (0.1.0) Bringing together the work of plamoni on the SiriProxy and pjnewman's iPhone Protocol Decoded (Sa...
  10. 656 downloads
    siriproxy-sancho (0.0.1) just a siriproxy plugin for myself
  11. 1,838 downloads
    siri_says (0.0.2) Siri as a remote control. Provides a basic DSL for handling commands from Siri via a ridiculous h...
  12. 500 downloads
    sirius (0.0.1) api for
  13. 3,729 downloads
    sirius-client (2013.4.30.0) The core ruby client part for Sirius system.
  14. 2,657 downloads
    sirius-client-core (2013.4.30.0) The client for Sirius system
  15. 1,287 downloads
    sirius-client-web (2013.4.30.0) The web client module for Sirius system
  16. 2,650 downloads
    sirius-client-win32 (2013.4.30.0) The client for Sirius system
  17. 122 downloads
    sirlantis-vimeo (1.3.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 19,536 downloads
    sirportly (1.3.8) A Ruby library for interacting with the Sirportly API.
  19. 1,973 downloads
    sir-sync-a-lot (0.0.1) Optimised S3 backup tool. Uses linux's find and xargs to find updated files as to not exaust your...
  20. 4,205 downloads
    sir_tracks_alot (0.6.2) A high speed general purpose tracking and reporting tool which uses Redis.
  21. 4,463 downloads
    sir-trevor-rails (0.2.4) A structured text editor.
  22. 1,944 downloads
    sisal (0.0.1) Sisal is an abstraction layer to work with SMS. Think something like Active Merchant, but instead...
  23. 2,738 downloads
    sisal-timwe (0.0.2) Timwe provider for Sisal
  24. 762 downloads
    siscop_gem (0.0.1) Tentando escrever e publicar uma gem. Aguarde!
  25. 1,255 downloads
    si_senior (0.0.3) SI unit converter. Supports prefixes (1.kilo, 5.mega etc) and conversions (1.to_mega, 5.milli.to_...
  26. 291 downloads
    sisfc (0.0.1) Simulator for IT Services in Federated Clouds
  27. 119 downloads
    sishen-crack (0.1.4) Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails.
  28. 120 downloads
    sishen-ferret_tokenizer (0.1.1) A string tokenizer based on Ferret::Analysis::StandardAnalyzer.
  29. 3,577 downloads
    sishen-hbase-ruby (1.0) hbase-ruby is a pure ruby client for hbase and enable the ruby app enjoy the power of HBase
  30. 1,560 downloads
    sishen-language_detector ( n-gram based language detector, written in ruby