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  1. 1,655 downloads
    snapper (0.0.2) Capture and restore irb snapshots and stuff
  2. 109,625 downloads
    snappy (0.0.10) libsnappy binding for Ruby
  3. 381 downloads
    snappy_analytics (0.0.1) Snappy is the fastest, easiest way to collect user behavior data and use it to make better decisi...
  4. 1,284 downloads
    snappycode-shadow_puppet (0.3.2) A Ruby Puppet DSL
  5. 1,058 downloads
    snappy_ext (0.1.2) C extension to to bring the Snappy compression library to Ruby. Google's C++ implementation (vers...
  6. 996 downloads
    snappy_ffi (0.1.2) FFI extension to to bring the Snappy compression library to Ruby. libsnappy must be installed.
  7. 4,891 downloads
    snappy-jars ( Google Snappy compression JNI wrapper JARs.
  8. 1,722 downloads
    snappy_stats (0.0.5) Metrics storage and retrieval library for time series data.
  9. 710 downloads
    snapscatter (0.2.1) Geographically distributed and consistent AWS snapshots
  10. 431 downloads
    snapsearch-client-ruby (1.0.0) Ruby HTTP Client Middleware Libraries for SnapSearch. Search engine optimisation for single page ...
  11. 1,297 downloads
    snapshooter (0.1.1) Simple tool for snapshotting application data.
  12. 2,462 downloads
    snapshot_reload (1.0.4) Take the obfuscated production data from it's nightly backup and place it into a working database...
  13. 5,083 downloads
    snapshot-ruby (0.3.3) Snap is a very simple image storage and processing services for developers.
  14. 4,945 downloads
    snapshots (0.0.4) Dump your rails databases in a database agnostic format (ruby).
  15. 1,401 downloads
    snapshot_tree (2.0.0) Mutliple snapshot hierarchical tree implementation of adjacency list using recursive query of Pos...
  16. 379 downloads
    snapsvg-rails (0.2.0) A JavaScript SVG library for the modern web. Learn more at
  17. 2,076 downloads
    snapurl (0.0.3) Take snapshots of websites. This is a Ruby/RubyCocoa port of the scri...
  18. 1,605 downloads
    snarl (0.1.0) Snarl is JavaScript in disguise, bridging Ruby and Rhino. JRuby required.
  19. 2,536 downloads
    snarl-snp (0.2.0) Snarl Network Protocol Client. Snarl is the notification program for Windows. You can send notifi...
  20. 28,344 downloads
    snatch (1.1.0) Simple site downloaded that wraps wget and converts PHP CSS files in to regular CSS files.
  21. 2,809 downloads
    snatchdb (1.0.2) Remote database downloader
  22. 1,248 downloads
    snaury-soap4r ( An implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby.
  23. 5,011 downloads
    sndacs (0.2.4) sndacs library provides access to SNDA Cloud Storage.
  24. 4,685 downloads
    sndfile (1.1.0) Ruby wrapper for libsndfile. Reads/writes data as GSL matrices, to allow fast processing.
  25. 625 downloads
    sndr (0.0.1) sndr is a email campaign management service.
  26. 1,807 downloads
    sneak (0.0.3) Reporting system for Ruby on Rails Applications. You can add ability to report users on any recor...
  27. 5,050 downloads
    sneakers (0.0.7) Fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ
  28. 2,470 downloads
    sneakin-refinerycms-news ( A really straightforward open source Ruby on Rails news plugin designed for integration with Refi...
  29. 23,313 downloads
    sneaky-save (0.0.5) ActiveRecord extension. Allows to save record without calling callbacks and validations.
  30. 4,511 downloads
    snfn (0.3.0) An app generator for Sinatra apps with an eye towards easy Heroku setup and deployment.