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  1. 604 downloads
    socialcast-http_accept_language (2.0.0.pre2) Find out which locale the user preferes by reading the languages they specified in their browser
  2. 2,004 downloads
    socialcast-i18n-js (4.0.0.rc4) It's a small library to provide the Rails I18n translations on the Javascript.
  3. 12,202 downloads
    socialcast_ldap_integration (1.1.24) The most bestest LDAP integration gem thine eyes hath ever beholded.
  4. 4,178 downloads
    socialcast-net-ldap (0.1.8) Pure Ruby LDAP library.
  5. 994 downloads
    socialcast-opengraph (0.0.5) A very simple Ruby library for parsing Open Graph prototocol information from websites. See http:...
  6. 22,174 downloads
    socialcastr (0.2.19) A Ruby wrapper for the Socialcast REST API
  7. 380 downloads
    socialcast-rapuncel (0.0.7.RC2) Rapuncel is a simple XML-RPC Client based on Nokogiri, thus provides a fast and easy way to inter...
  8. 1,725 downloads
    socialcast_shoulda_ext (0.1.4) {<img src="" alt=...
  9. 16,970 downloads
    social_cheesecake (0.5.0) Wrapper gem for socialCheesecake.js
  10. 4,768 downloads
    social_cleaner (0.0.5) Clean all messages from social media
  11. 15,642 downloads
    social_connections (0.0.19) The idea is to provide pluggable social connections, activities and a method to digest those acti...
  12. 3,104 downloads
    socialcount (0.0.1) SocialCount is a gem to make it extemely easy for your to find out social statistics about any UR...
  13. 1,747 downloads
    social_count (0.0.7) Want to know how popular you are? This gem helps you look up how many Facebook friends and Twitt...
  14. 664 downloads
    social_counter (0.1.0) social network share counter
  15. 6,582 downloads
    social_current (0.0.9) Makes it easy to integrate a social activity stream into your application from third party APIs.
  16. 1,112 downloads
    social_engine (0.0.1) social_engine
  17. 19,158 downloads
    social-experiment (0.0.1) a gem experiment to see how many people will install a gem based on popularity
  18. 1,327 downloads
    social_feed (0.0.1) a ruby on rails plugin to create and display a social feed
  19. 2,232 downloads
    social_feed_agregator (0.0.6) Social Feed Agregator
  20. 1,270 downloads
    social_graph (0.0.1) A library for accessing the Google SocialGraph API (
  21. 2,364 downloads
    social_icons (0.3.0) Add social media icons to your Rails 3 using CSS sprites or images
  22. 1,320 downloads
    socialinfo (0.0.2) retrieve information from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) about an url.
  23. 3,319 downloads
    socialite (0.2.1) Rails engine supporting multiple auth providers per user.
  24. 351 downloads
    social_ite (1.0.0) Data from popular media outlets
  25. 1,141 downloads
    socialite_js (0.0.1.pre.2) Integrate socialite.js into Ruby on Rails. check
  26. 1,883 downloads
    socialite_js-source (0.0.2) JavaScript source code for socialite.js wrapped in a rubygems shell. socialite.js is a library to...
  27. 17,521 downloads
    socialization (1.1.0) Socialization allows any model to Follow and/or Like any other model. This is accomplished throug...
  28. 63,625 downloads
    socializer (0.1.13) Add social network capabilities to your projects.
  29. 1,786 downloads
    socializer-scraper (0.1.2) Various scrapers for the Socializer application.
  30. 334 downloads
    social_link (0.0.1) This gem creating a link to social account