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  1. 24,701 downloads
    smeagol (0.6.2) Smeagol is a customizable read-only Gollum wiki server. Smeagol makes it possible to maintain a s...
  2. 4,137 downloads
    smeargle (1.0.1) Smeargle is a tool for collecting a set of images from a url.
  3. 1,296 downloads
    sme-configdb (0.1) A db API for the esmith dbs on the SME Server.
  4. 1,319 downloads
    smeg2 (0.0.1) Simple library for working with CouchDB. Avoids magic, keeps it simple.
  5. 6,407 downloads
    smess (1.0.6) A mess of SMS messaging
  6. 1,716 downloads
    smesser (0.0.2) Send free text messages!
  7. 2,740 downloads
    sme_storage (0.0.2) Uploads files to SMEStorage with theri API.
  8. 1,706 downloads
    smf (0.15.15) SMF is a "Standard MIDI File" module for an object-oriented scripting language Ruby.
  9. 2,619 downloads
    smfbot (1.2.0) IRC bot engine build for and related channels.
  10. 8,669 downloads
    smg (0.2.3) XML to Object mapping library with simple declarative syntax. Supports 'contextual' parsing and c...
  11. 3,057 downloads
    smi-ffi (0.1.0) Provides methods to translate SMI names to OIDs.
  12. 12,893 downloads
    smile (0.4.4) Simple API for talking to SmugMug
  13. 900 downloads
    smile_me_please (0.0.1) Useful to put in the prompt of a shell.
  14. 2,938 downloads
    smile-xml (1.0.3-jruby) LibXMLRuby compatibility layer for jruby
  15. 1,608 downloads
    smiley (0.1.1) A small lib to parse smileys. Use CSS to display them!
  16. 1,338 downloads
    smiling (0.0.2) API wrapper for Nico Nico Douga (experimental)
  17. 34,872 downloads
    smilodon (0.3.11) Smilodon is a utility to parse data files.
  18. 3,646 downloads
    smira-memcache-lock (0.2.1) Memcache key lock, extracted from cache-money, adapted to Rails memcache store.
  19. 1,389 downloads
    smirc (0.0.1) A Simple IRC Client Library for RUby
  20. 16,759 downloads
    smirk (0.3.0) Smirk is a simple Ruby wrapper for the SmugMug 1.2.2 API specification. It currently supports ini...
  21. 5,645 downloads
    smith (0.6.5) Simple multi-agent framework. It uses AMQP for it's messaging layer.
  22. 1,185 downloads
    smithers (0.0.2) Load-balancing for Sidekiq jobs across multiple worker/redis instances
  23. 1,623 downloads
    smithy (1.0) A simple Dependency Injection container for Ruby.
  24. 2,360 downloads
    smithycms (0.4.5) Smithy CMS is a Rails Engine built to manage your content easily and play nicely with other parts...
  25. 1,210 downloads
    smithycms-auth (0.4.2) Smithy CMS ships with no authentication. This implements a basic has_secure_password in a Smithy:...
  26. 1,351 downloads
    smitty (0.0.5) Send mail with handlebars like templates
  27. 280 downloads
    sml-aws-s3 ( Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  28. 2,350 downloads
    sml-flickr (1.0.10) An insanely easy interface to the Flickr photo-sharing service. By Scott Raymond. Maintainer: Pat...
  29. 136 downloads
    sml-log4r (1.0.6) Log4r is a comprehensive and flexible logging library written in Ruby for use in Ruby programs. I...
  30. 145 downloads
    sml-rest-client (1.1.7) A simple REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of specifying actions...