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  1. 6,035 downloads
    spandex (0.0.7) Spandex manages a store of markup files and their metadata, useful in building blogs or blog engines
  2. 5,758 downloads
    spanish ( A Spanish phonology, orthography and grammar library for Ruby.
  3. 2,626 downloads
    spanish_ccc_validator (0.0.4) Provide a simple way to validate spanish ccc numbers
  4. 909 downloads
    spanish_inquisition (1.1.0) A simple Ruby survey DSL which handles questions and answers. You need to manage persistence your...
  5. 2,409 downloads
    spanish_number (1.0.6) Express a number in spanish text
  6. 1,804 downloads
    spanish_pluralizer (1.1.1) Spanish Pluralizer is a gem for converting singular spanish nouns into plural. It works by adding...
  7. 2,033 downloads
    spanish_vat_validators (0.0.3) Provides validators for spanish VAT numbers (NIF, CIF and NIE)
  8. 2,866 downloads
    spank (0.0.1393558686) A simple ruby container
  9. 4,184 downloads
    spanner (0.0.2) Natural language time span parsing
  10. 2,406 downloads
    spanner-lfittl (0.0.5) Natural language time span parsing & formatting
  11. 10,350 downloads
    spans (1.1.2) Extremely simple scss grid system.
  12. 1,392 downloads
    spanx (0.1.1) Real time IP parsing and rate detection gem for access_log files
  13. 198 downloads
    spanx-client (0.0.1) API Client for connecting to spanx.
  14. 15,070 downloads
    spar (1.0.9) Spar uses Rack and Sprockets to provide an asset development environment very similar to the asse...
  15. 3,598 downloads
    sparehand (0.0.3) A collection of utilities for system manipulations both from Ruby or CLI.
  16. 2,778 downloads
    spark (0) An extension to Speck, providing Rake tasks and pretty test runners.
  17. 12,272 downloads
    spark_api (1.3.15) The spark_api gem handles most of the boilerplate for communicating with the Spark API rest servi...
  18. 1,592 downloads
    sparkey (1.3.0) Ruby FFI bindings for Spotify's Sparkey
  19. 7,070 downloads
    sparkfly-foreigner (0.7.1) Allows you to add foreign keys to your migrations and enforce them
  20. 474 downloads
    sparkie (0.0.1) Tools for working with electronics
  21. 1,041 downloads
    sparkle (0.1.1) Cache partials and update them asynchronously after a page renders. Slow method calls happen sync...
  22. 1,516 downloads
    sparkle_formation (0.2.0) Cloud Formation builder
  23. 1,287 downloads
    sparkleology (1.0.0) Takes a Mac OS X application name that uses Sparkle for auto-updates, and returns information abo...
  24. 5,952 downloads
    sparkler (0.5.1) Spin up a Rails app using all the tools and frameworks we like at Gaslight. Inspired heavily by t...
  25. 36,228 downloads
    sparklines (0.5.2) Tiny graphs.
  26. 4,486 downloads
    sparklines_generator (0.2.2) Sparklines generator makes a Rails controller and helper for making small graphs in your web page...
  27. 5,476 downloads
    sparkly-auth (1.2.1) As fate would have it, I found other authentication solutions unable to suit my needs. So I rolle...
  28. 1,824 downloads
    sparkmotion ( RubyMotion gem for Spark API
  29. 2,647 downloads
    sparkplug (2.1.0) Rack module that dynamically generates sparkline graphs from a set of numbers.
  30. 697 downloads
    sparkql (0.1.8) Specification and base implementation of the Spark API parsing system.