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  1. 1,786 downloads
    snip (0.2.0) A Command Line Snippet Manager
  2. 499 downloads
    snipcart (0.1.0) Effortless Shopping Cart for new or existing websites using any CMS. see for...
  3. 3,772 downloads
    snipcheat (0.0.6) Generate a cheatsheet HTML given a directory with Sublime Text snippets
  4. 5,151 downloads
    snipp (0.1.4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helpers for Ruby on Rails
  5. 5,299 downloads
    snipper (0.0.7) A Unix CLI centric snippet manager that produces static files
  6. 1,704 downloads
    snippet (0.0.2) Creates little snippet like facebook or Google+ does from given uri.
  7. 376 downloads
    snippeteer (0.1.0) Code snippet extractor & runner for Jekyll posts.
  8. 1,359 downloads
    snippetem (0.0.1) A DSL for creating snipmate.vim snippets
  9. 2,361 downloads
    snippetize (0.0.5) Ruby gem allowing you to include re-usable code and partials in html or plain text fields.
  10. 1,780 downloads
    snippets (0.0.1) Not a full-fledged CMS, just a simple way to edit content in a Rails app so the developers don't...
  11. 4,706 downloads
    snippets_converter (0.1.4) Quick and dirty code to transform TextMate Snippets into Gedit, NetBeans and Ruble (Aptana Studio...
  12. 2,411 downloads
    snipplr (0.0.9) Snipplr gem is intended to be used as command line api to publish delete and view code entires in...
  13. 19,841 downloads
    snippr (0.17.0) This gem provides ways to access file based cms resources from a rails app.
  14. 1,025 downloads
    snippy (0.1.2) Gem with some useful command line tools.
  15. 552 downloads
    snipr (0.0.4) Ruby classes and executables for targetting and sending signals to *nix processes that match/don'...
  16. 327 downloads
    snips (0.0.1) A mini local snippet manager.
  17. 6,528 downloads
    snip-snap (0.1.4) A ruby library that allows you to extract images from popular image-sharing services
  18. 265 downloads
    snipsnap-extensions (0.0.3) Sinatra Extensions for SnipSnap
  19. 5,168 downloads
    snitch (0.1.4) Makes tattling on your svn commits to other services simple
  20. 1,103 downloads
    snitcher (0.3.0) Simple API client for
  21. 605 downloads
    snitko-cssdryer2 (0.1.3) Parses dry css files and generates conventional css
  22. 163 downloads
    snitko-css_dryer_2 (0.1) Parses dry css files and generates conventional css
  23. 632 downloads
    snl-kosher (0.1.3) People sell stuff online. Some are bad sellers. Some sell bad stuff. This module provides a few s...
  24. 480 downloads
    snl-peddler (0.1.2) Peddler is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Inventory Management API.
  25. 142,632 downloads
    snmp (1.2.0) A Ruby implementation of SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol).
  26. 7,559 downloads
    snmp4em (1.1.0) A high-performance SNMP engine built on EventMachine and Ruby-SNMP
  27. 3,292 downloads
    SNMP4JR (0.0.19) High Performance SNMP Library for JRuby which wraps SNMP4J
  28. 1,033 downloads
    SNMPDevice (0.1.1) This gem allows for gathering of information via SNMP, using the SNMP Library for Ruby, on networ...
  29. 4,063 downloads
    snmpdumper (0.0.4) Dump snmp walks in various formats
  30. 624 downloads
    snmpjr (0.1.7-java) Snmpjr aims to provide a clean and simple interface to use SNMP in your ruby code. It will wrap t...