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  1. 5,174 downloads
    snitch (0.1.4) Makes tattling on your svn commits to other services simple
  2. 1,116 downloads
    snitcher (0.3.0) Simple API client for
  3. 618 downloads
    snitko-cssdryer2 (0.1.3) Parses dry css files and generates conventional css
  4. 166 downloads
    snitko-css_dryer_2 (0.1) Parses dry css files and generates conventional css
  5. 644 downloads
    snl-kosher (0.1.3) People sell stuff online. Some are bad sellers. Some sell bad stuff. This module provides a few s...
  6. 487 downloads
    snl-peddler (0.1.2) Peddler is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Inventory Management API.
  7. 143,504 downloads
    snmp (1.2.0) A Ruby implementation of SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol).
  8. 7,574 downloads
    snmp4em (1.1.0) A high-performance SNMP engine built on EventMachine and Ruby-SNMP
  9. 3,297 downloads
    SNMP4JR (0.0.19) High Performance SNMP Library for JRuby which wraps SNMP4J
  10. 1,036 downloads
    SNMPDevice (0.1.1) This gem allows for gathering of information via SNMP, using the SNMP Library for Ruby, on networ...
  11. 4,067 downloads
    snmpdumper (0.0.4) Dump snmp walks in various formats
  12. 649 downloads
    snmpjr (0.1.7-java) Snmpjr aims to provide a clean and simple interface to use SNMP in your ruby code. It will wrap t...
  13. 1,701 downloads
    snmpscan (0.1) A fast SNMP scanner
  14. 1,461 downloads
    snmptop (0.0.1) top-like tool which watch multiple servers by snmp
  15. 981 downloads
    snmputils (0.0.2) Functional wrappers for Dave Halliday's ruby-snmp
  16. 16,481 downloads
    snogmetrics (0.1.9) SNOGmetrics gives you the best of both worlds: access to KISSmetrics' JavaScript API through Ruby
  17. 10,409 downloads
    snoo (0.1.2) Snoo is yet another reddit API wrapper. Unlike the other wrappers out there, this one strives to ...
  18. 3,204 downloads
    snooby (0.1.5) Snooby wraps the reddit API in happy, convenient Ruby.
  19. 2,088 downloads
    SnoobyPlus (0.4) All the features of Snooby, along with TopRisingNewControversial list grabbing.
  20. 4,675 downloads
    snoop (0.9.2) Snoop on content, be notified when it changes.
  21. 5,399 downloads
    snooper (2.1.4) Snooper is a lightweight test automation tool, it monitors files and folders while you work and r...
  22. 100 downloads
    snoopier (0.0.2) Add this gem to your Gemfile and set some ENV variables to activate a basic auth layer
  23. 370 downloads
    snoopit (0.0.2) Snoops files for specified information via a simple configuration file
  24. 521 downloads
    snoopka (0.0.1) Listens to a Kafka server and executes provided block
  25. 2,553 downloads
    snoopy (0.0.2) Segmented downloader for HTTP(S)/FTP/Bit Torrent.
  26. 1,333 downloads
    snooze (1.0.0) For devops who run recurring jobs like rake tasks or bas scripts, is a notification...
  27. 2,928 downloads
    snooze_force (1.1.1) snooze_force was developed by: markbates
  28. 171 downloads
    snoozer05-aasm (2.0.2) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  29. 1,696 downloads
    snorkel (0.0.8) Rescue error messages and auto-search Google upon prompt.
  30. 939 downloads
    snort (0.0.0) A simple sorting gem