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  1. 3,527 downloads
    socialite (0.2.1) Rails engine supporting multiple auth providers per user.
  2. 399 downloads
    social_ite (1.0.0) Data from popular media outlets
  3. 1,151 downloads
    socialite_js (0.0.1.pre.2) Integrate socialite.js into Ruby on Rails. check
  4. 1,957 downloads
    socialite_js-source (0.0.2) JavaScript source code for socialite.js wrapped in a rubygems shell. socialite.js is a library to...
  5. 19,048 downloads
    socialization (1.1.0) Socialization allows any model to Follow and/or Like any other model. This is accomplished throug...
  6. 63,698 downloads
    socializer (0.1.13) Add social network capabilities to your projects.
  7. 2,162 downloads
    socializer-scraper (0.1.2) Various scrapers for the Socializer application.
  8. 373 downloads
    social_link (0.0.1) This gem creating a link to social account
  9. 1,351 downloads
    social_login (0.0.4) This gem help you to login to different social networks (Academic project).
  10. 2,295 downloads
    social_media_monitoring (0.0.5) Offers sentiment analysis,keyword tracking, geographic competitor search and reviews from several...
  11. 112 downloads
    social_media_parser (0.1.0) Parse social media attributes from url or construct url from attributes
  12. 721 downloads
    social_megaphone (0.0.1) Posting message in social networks
  13. 2,920 downloads
    socialmod (0.2.0) Ruby libraries for Socialmod moderation service
  14. 2,795 downloads
    socialmux (0.0.6) Socialmux implements a strategy to add multiple social providers to the same user. It's meant to ...
  15. 1,481 downloads
    social_oauth_api (0.1.3) social oauth for api
  16. 1,942 downloads
    socialoud (0.1.4) Simple social aggregation written in Ruby. With this gem you can create your custom social ne...
  17. 2,614 downloads
    social_poster (0.0.6) SocialPoster is a gem that allows you easily post to different social networks.
  18. 3,522 downloads
    social_profile (0.2.1) Wrapper for Omniauth profile hash, post photo to album
  19. 2,374 downloads
    social_rebate (0.0.6) This is the api wrapper for social rebate
  20. 1,856 downloads
    social_scraper (0.0.2) Scrape a URL to collect a list of social accounts used by that site.
  21. 2,070 downloads
    socialshare (0.0.4) This gem allows text/messages to be shared on social networking sites (twitter,facebook,linkedin)
  22. 24,985 downloads
    social-share-button (0.1.8) Helper for add social share feature in your Rails app. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Douban, QQ, Tumb...
  23. 2,281 downloads
    social_share_hub (0.0.3) Social Share Hub
  24. 16,728 downloads
    social_share_privacy (0.3.3) Provides the heise socialshareprivacy plugin for the rails asset pipeline. This lets you add the ...
  25. 4,560 downloads
    social_sign_on (0.1.3) requires some messing around
  26. 136 downloads
    social_snippet (0.0.1) Social Snippet System
  27. 150,043 downloads
    social_stream (2.2.2) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine for building social network websites. It supports contact...
  28. 116,651 downloads
    social_stream-base (2.2.2) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...
  29. 69,439 downloads
    social_stream-documents (2.2.1) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...
  30. 52,157 downloads
    social_stream-events (2.2.1) Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networking feature...