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  1. 3,059 downloads
    sociable (0.0.5) Sociable gem provides abilities to share various user actions happening in your app and presen...
  2. 8,955 downloads
    social (0.0.11) This is social networks api wrapper and authorization tools for social applications. Now it ...
  3. 2,293 downloads
    so_cial (0.0.4) Generates buttons for social networks
  4. 4,472 downloads
    social2social (0.0.5) This gem allow you to connect several social stream nodes using PSHB hubs, also allows to follow,...
  5. 11,017 downloads
    social-avatar-proxy (2.0.1) This gem acts as a proxy for avatars on Twitter & Facebook.
  6. 3,677 downloads
    social-bee (0.0.4) Simple messaging wrapper for Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte
  7. 3,513 downloads
    social_butterfly (0.0.4) Share and track content on social networks in Ruby.
  8. 1,644 downloads
    social_buttons (0.1.1) Helper methods to easy integrate social buttons 'Pin It', 'Like', 'Tweet it', 'G+' in Rails appli...
  9. 3,796 downloads
    social-buttons (0.3.9) Generate Social Buttons for your Rails apps
  10. 32,220 downloads
    socialcast (1.3.15) publish messages to your stream from a command line interface
  11. 2,264 downloads
    socialcast-api (0.0.2) Socialcast API Interface and Examples
  12. 85,826 downloads
    socialcast-git-extensions (3.1.23) GIT it done!
  13. 612 downloads
    socialcast-http_accept_language (2.0.0.pre2) Find out which locale the user preferes by reading the languages they specified in their browser
  14. 2,065 downloads
    socialcast-i18n-js (4.0.0.rc8) It's a small library to provide the Rails I18n translations on the Javascript.
  15. 12,744 downloads
    socialcast_ldap_integration (1.1.24) The most bestest LDAP integration gem thine eyes hath ever beholded.
  16. 4,474 downloads
    socialcast-net-ldap (0.1.8) Pure Ruby LDAP library.
  17. 1,035 downloads
    socialcast-opengraph (0.0.5) A very simple Ruby library for parsing Open Graph prototocol information from websites. See http:...
  18. 22,971 downloads
    socialcastr (0.2.19) A Ruby wrapper for the Socialcast REST API
  19. 394 downloads
    socialcast-rapuncel (0.0.7.RC2) Rapuncel is a simple XML-RPC Client based on Nokogiri, thus provides a fast and easy way to inter...
  20. 1,797 downloads
    socialcast_shoulda_ext (0.1.4) {<img src="" alt=...
  21. 17,203 downloads
    social_cheesecake (0.5.0) Wrapper gem for socialCheesecake.js
  22. 4,942 downloads
    social_cleaner (0.0.5) Clean all messages from social media
  23. 16,258 downloads
    social_connections (0.0.19) The idea is to provide pluggable social connections, activities and a method to digest those acti...
  24. 3,339 downloads
    socialcount (0.0.1) SocialCount is a gem to make it extemely easy for your to find out social statistics about any UR...
  25. 1,923 downloads
    social_count (0.0.7) Want to know how popular you are? This gem helps you look up how many Facebook friends and Twitt...
  26. 743 downloads
    social_counter (0.1.0) social network share counter
  27. 6,892 downloads
    social_current (0.0.9) Makes it easy to integrate a social activity stream into your application from third party APIs.
  28. 1,155 downloads
    social_engine (0.0.1) social_engine
  29. 19,201 downloads
    social-experiment (0.0.1) a gem experiment to see how many people will install a gem based on popularity
  30. 1,370 downloads
    social_feed (0.0.1) a ruby on rails plugin to create and display a social feed