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  1. 8,176 downloads
    somefixtures (0.2.2) Testing fixture automator. Easies the pain of getting sample data for testing.
  2. 6,111 downloads
    somehow_has_relation (0.0.7) simple recursive activerecord relations for rails2 and rails3
  3. 889 downloads
    some_skillz (0.0.2) You need to gem install some_skills
  4. 504 downloads
    so_meta (0.1) A gem to simply manage meta content (title, description, canonical url, etc.) from within a Rails...
  5. 1,253 downloads
    someter (0.0.2) A gem that parses html pages looking for someter data and transforming it to json
  6. 1,317 downloads
    something_and_nothing (0.1.0) Helps display array results in action view
  7. 1,637 downloads
    sometimes (0.0.2) Be random. Be unpredictable. But only sometimes
  8. 1,046 downloads
    sometimes_memoize (1.0) A small library that memoizes method calls or code blocks for the duration of a block call only.
  9. 902 downloads
    somewhere (1.0.1) Serialized address class for use with Rails models.
  10. 1,817 downloads
    somezack-feedzirra (0.0.6) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  11. 334 downloads
    sommelier (0.0.1) Recommend gem for you
  12. 5,487 downloads
    sonar (0.2.1) API for Testing Rack Applications via Mock HTTP
  13. 1,043 downloads
    sonar_connector (0.8.5) Framework that allows arbitrary push and pull connectors to send data to an instance of the Tramp...
  14. 2,170 downloads
    sonar_connector_filestore (0.2.1) support for staged processing using a vanilla filesystem for storage
  15. 1,026 downloads
    sonar_ews_pull_connector (0.2.0) A sonar-connector for extracting emails from Exchange 2007/2010 through Exchange Web Services
  16. 1,039 downloads
    sonar_push_connector (0.8.0) Plugin to push email JSON data to an instance of SONAR. Works in tandem with the sonar-exchange-p...
  17. 1,455 downloads
    sonar_rexchange (0.3.7) The sonar_rexchange gem imports and fixes bugs in the rexchange gem.
  18. 5,098 downloads
    songbirdsh (0.0.5) A command line jukebox music player that uses your songbird music player database
  19. 9,382 downloads
    songdrop (0.1.20) songdrop is a Ruby & RubyMotion client for the API.
  20. 1,309 downloads
    songkick (0.0.2) learn more about songkick API at
  21. 8,894 downloads
    songkick-oauth2-provider (0.10.2) Simple OAuth 2.0 provider toolkit
  22. 13,043 downloads
    songkickr (0.5.3) A Ruby wrapper around the Songkick API. Visit for documentation on the...
  23. 8,814 downloads
    songkick_ruby (1.2.3) Ruby wrapper of the songkick api
  24. 11,263 downloads
    songkick-transport (1.2.0) HTTP client abstraction for service clients
  25. 2,350 downloads
    songkicky (0.1.1) Very simple Ruby wrapper for Songkick's API. (
  26. 987 downloads
    songphi-gattica (0.5.3) Gattica is a easy to use Ruby Gem for getting data from the Google Analytics API. It supports me...
  27. 366 downloads
    Songsoftheday (0.0.5) Downloads some nice mp3's to listen to for when your writing real code. first time for me in pars...
  28. 1,885 downloads
    songsterr (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper for the Songsterr REST API
  29. 445 downloads
    songz (0.0.0) This gem is built by song zheng. You can use this gem to communicate with him!
  30. 1,882 downloads
    sonic (0.1.4) Sonic is a Rails engine which provides a status page for your applications ...