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  1. 9,168 downloads
    spud_photos (0.9.4) Spud Photos is a feature complete photo management/gallery for the spud engine. Manage multiple g...
  2. 2,350 downloads
    spud_reports (0.0.4) Allows management of RGhost reports as well as remote print jobs.
  3. 4,383 downloads
    spud_search (0.9.0) Spud Search is a base search interface for use on spud core
  4. 4,131 downloads
    spud_videos (0.9.3) This is a basic vide management admin tool for spud. Useful for allowing customers to add videos ...
  5. 2,501 downloads
    spunk (0.1.2) A simple little IRCbot framework. Uses IOC pattern for defining parsers.
  6. 815 downloads
    spunkmeyer (0.0.5) extracts cookies from browser databases.
  7. 5,273 downloads
    spurs (0.0.5) Helpers and extensions for the Twitter Bootstrap user interface
  8. 1,731 downloads
    sputnik (0.2) Connects to MongoHQ API
  9. 645 downloads
    sputnik1 (0.0.1) manage your sputnik profile
  10. 1,155 downloads
    spwn (0.1.2) Spwn is a small tool for producing random files and directories for testing purposes
  11. 705 downloads
    spx-resque-multi-job-forks (0.3.2) When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your after_fork ...
  12. 13,443 downloads
    spy (0.4.1) A simple modern mocking library that uses the spy pattern and checks method's existence and arity.
  13. 1,764 downloads
    spyglass ( OpenCV in ruby, made simple.
  14. 4,752 downloads
    spymemcached (0.3.0-java) A jruby-only memcached client and rails cache store that uses spymemcached under the hood.
  15. 1,221 downloads
    spyou_rpx_now (0.6.6) Helper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
  16. 2,277 downloads
    spy-satelite (0.0.2) A rack middlewear that watches incoming requests and pushes data (via pusher) so that they can be...
  17. 8,946 downloads
    spy-vs-spy (0.0.8) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  18. 4,675 downloads
    Spy-Vs-Spy (0.0.5) Rack middleware to detect and provide more detail on the requesting user agent edit
  19. 1,172 downloads
    sq (0.1.3) Download all PDFs linked in a Web page
  20. 678 downloads
    sqale (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  21. 10,177 downloads
    sq_auth (0.0.30) Gem for authenticaiton by third-party server. Integrates in Sinatra and Rails.
  22. 4,216 downloads
    sq-dbsync (1.0.10) Column based, timestamp replication of MySQL and Postgres databases.
  23. 2,117 downloads
    sqew (0.2.0) a lightweight background processor
  24. 2,140 downloads
    sql (0.0.1) SQL Parser and Generator
  25. 3,509 downloads
    sql2avro (0.5.1) sql2avro extracts data from a specified SQL database table and transforms it into an Avro file wi...
  26. 15,892 downloads
    sqlanywhere (0.1.6) SQL Anywhere Driver for Ruby
  27. 1,987 downloads
    sqlanywhere-ffi (1.0.3) This library is meant to be compatible with the sqlanywhere gem. The only difference shou...
  28. 2,763 downloads
    sqlconsole (0.0.0) This gem eliminates the need to switch back and forth between dbconsole and console. Within conso...
  29. 2,322 downloads
    sqld4r (0.0.2) The sqld4r is model generator for SQLDesigner(
  30. 1,252 downloads
    SQLDependencyGrapher (1.0.0) Graphs table dependencies based on usage from SQL logs