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  1. 514 downloads
    sparkie (0.0.1) Tools for working with electronics
  2. 1,087 downloads
    sparkle (0.1.1) Cache partials and update them asynchronously after a page renders. Slow method calls happen sync...
  3. 1,752 downloads
    sparkle_formation (0.2.0) Cloud Formation builder
  4. 1,329 downloads
    sparkleology (1.0.0) Takes a Mac OS X application name that uses Sparkle for auto-updates, and returns information abo...
  5. 6,311 downloads
    sparkler (0.5.1) Spin up a Rails app using all the tools and frameworks we like at Gaslight. Inspired heavily by t...
  6. 37,287 downloads
    sparklines (0.5.2) Tiny graphs.
  7. 4,567 downloads
    sparklines_generator (0.2.2) Sparklines generator makes a Rails controller and helper for making small graphs in your web page...
  8. 5,645 downloads
    sparkly-auth (1.2.1) As fate would have it, I found other authentication solutions unable to suit my needs. So I rolle...
  9. 1,901 downloads
    sparkmotion ( RubyMotion gem for Spark API
  10. 2,725 downloads
    sparkplug (2.1.0) Rack module that dynamically generates sparkline graphs from a set of numbers.
  11. 737 downloads
    sparkql (0.1.8) Specification and base implementation of the Spark API parsing system.
  12. 21,293 downloads
    sparkr (0.4.1) ASCII Sparklines in Ruby
  13. 3,553 downloads
    spark_rb (0.1.3) Ruby "port" of Zach Holman's Spark. For the sake of Rubygems packaging & better integration
  14. 8,532 downloads
    sparks (0.4) Yet another Campfire client. Because oh my god so many dependencies.
  15. 1,293 downloads
    sparkviewengine ( Spark is a view engine for Asp.Net Mvc and Castle Project MonoRail frameworks. The idea is to ...
  16. 1,513 downloads
    sparky (0.0.1) Light it up sparky! Random text (lorem ipsum), numbers, and names that at least look real..
  17. 2,804 downloads
    sparqcode_bunny (0.0.2) A synchronous Ruby AMQP client that enables interaction with AMQP-compliant brokers with minor mo...
  18. 1,950 downloads
    sparqcode_cane ( Fails your build if code quality thresholds are not met
  19. 1,324 downloads
    sparqcode-dnsimple-ruby (1.2.6) A ruby wrapper for the DNSimple API that also includes a command-line client. Modified by SPARQC...
  20. 783 downloads
    sparqcode-urbanairship (2.0.0) Urbanairship is a Ruby library for interacting with the Urban Airship ( A...
  21. 1,094 downloads
    sparqcode-waz-storage (1.1.1) A simple implementation of Windows Azure Storage API for Ruby, inspired by the S3 gems and self e...
  22. 2,771 downloads
    sparq_hmac (0.0.3) A method for signing a hash using HMAC
  23. 36,377 downloads
    sparql (1.1.4) Implements SPARQL grammar parsing to SPARQL Algebra, SPARQL Algebra processing and inclu...
  24. 55,052 downloads
    sparql-client (1.1.3) Executes SPARQL queries and updates against a remote SPARQL 1.0 or 1.1 endpoint, ...
  25. 1,128 downloads
    sparql-doc (0.0.4) SPARQL documentation generator
  26. 2,448 downloads
    sparql-server (0.0.2) Naïve implementation of SPARQL server for RDFMapper
  27. 2,315 downloads
    SparqlTransmission (1.1) SparqlTransmission handles SPARQL queries over distant end-point and format the results in a ruby...
  28. 6,698 downloads
    sparrow (0.4.1) # Sparrow is a really fast lightweight queue written in Ruby that speaks memcached. # That means...
  29. 7,750 downloads
    sparrowhawk (0.9.6) Sparrowhawk uses bundler and vendor/cache to package rails applications into a war file, without ...
  30. 3,733 downloads
    sparse (0.0.4) Fast and light S-Expression parser