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  1. 170 downloads
    spatten-s3lib (0.0.1) This library forms the basis for building a library to talk to Amazon S3 using Ruby. It is used ...
  2. 14,031 downloads
    spatula (0.0.12) Spatula is a command line helper app for use with Chef. It currently lets you search and inst...
  3. 18,426 downloads
    spawn (0.1.4) Spawn is a very small library (just 14 lines of code) that can effectively replace fixtures or an...
  4. 1,283 downloads
    spawn-block (2.0) This plugin provides a 'Spawn' class to easily fork OR thread long-running sections of code so th...
  5. 618 downloads
    spawncamp (0.0.4) Small library for spawning and managing child processes
  6. 4,129 downloads
    spawner (1.0.2) Spawn multiple child processes from Ruby and re-spawn those processes if they die. Spawner works...
  7. 2,833 downloads
    spawngebob (0.1.5) user based webserver non-root-runner and configurator
  8. 1,019 downloads
    spawnjob (0.0.1) Yield, Thread, or Fork a background job
  9. 14,162 downloads
    spawnling (2.1.5) This plugin provides a 'Spawnling' class to easily fork OR thread long-running sections of code s...
  10. 1,366 downloads
    spawnpocassets (0.0.2) Rails3 assets for Spawn POC
  11. 353 downloads
    spawnr (0.0.1) spawnr gem--easy spawning for window (i.e. backgrounding them so they don't take up your console)
  12. 3,511 downloads
    spawn_server (1.2.0) Spawns processes using fork call, monitors them and other neat things.
  13. 664 downloads
    spawntest (0.0.1) description
  14. 2,870 downloads
    spbus (0.0.7) Easily retrieve information about São Paulo bus routes
  15. 2,226 downloads
    spcap (0.9.1) Very simple pcap file handler that is not require native extension
  16. 775 downloads
    sp_client (1.0.2) This gem wraps an API for the Summer Project.
  17. 6,468 downloads
    spcore (0.2.1) A library of signal processing methods and classes for resampling, frequency domain transform (FF...
  18. 1,420 downloads
    spdeck-scrape (0.0.62) Generate data organized by viewcount for a database or webpages about presentations posted on Spe...
  19. 495 downloads
    spdr-cldr (0.1.3) Ruby/CLDR a library which provides locale informations based on Common Locale Data Repository(CL...
  20. 3,199 downloads
    spdy (0.0.3) SPDY is an experiment with protocols for the web
  21. 2,019 downloads
    speak (0.0.2) Text 2 speech using Google Translate service.
  22. 773 downloads
    speakeasy (0.1.0) Generator for sinatra apps pre-wired for coffeescript, scss, and slim templates.
  23. 2,961 downloads
    speaker (0.0.4) Flexible text to speech using Google Translator
  24. 611 downloads
    speakerdeck_api (0.0.6) A gem for getting data from
  25. 1,316 downloads
    speaker_rate (0.0.5) Gem using HTTParty on the Speaker Rate API
  26. 3,672 downloads
    speaker_text (1.0.3) A gem to automate transcription of audio and video media using the service.
  27. 5,063 downloads
    speaking_id (0.2.2) Lightweight Ruby on Rails gem to handle slugs for Active Record objects.
  28. 4,924 downloads
    speaking_url (0.2.1) Provides the possibility to have arbitrary URL for resources.
  29. 1,875 downloads
    speak_slow (0.0.3) SpeakSlow modifies audio files adding pauses and/or altering speed to suit for language study
  30. 1,396 downloads
    speak_your_mind (0.0.1) Shoulda(or plain Test::Unit) speaks to you more friendly in terminal