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  1. 2,493 downloads
    spectools (1.0.1) A utility suite for CA's SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager
  2. 289 downloads
    spectra (0.1.2) DSL for synchronzing color palettes, Objective-C categories, and Swift extensions
  3. 131 downloads
    spectral (0.0.0) Powerful macro generation of spec files from rails mvc and mustache templates
  4. 3,213 downloads
    spectralfilter (0.0.3) GSL extension: Filtering Datasets via Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass or Bandblock
  5. 145 downloads
    spectra-xmpp4r-observable (0.5.1) Jabber::Observable builds on the strong foundation of XMPP4R and use a customized version of Ruby...
  6. 1,300 downloads
    Spectre (0.0.1) This is Spectre, a parser framework inspired by Boost.Spirit.
  7. 1,506 downloads
    spectroscope (0.1.0) Spectroscope is a BDD framework built on RubyTest designed to emulate RSpec in most respects. It ...
  8. 3,357 downloads
    spectrum (0.0.1) Color is a Ruby library to provide basic RGB, CMYK, HSL, and other colourspace manipulation suppo...
  9. 2,431 downloads
    spectrum-analyzer (0.2.0) Analyze a wav file for specific frequency signatures
  10. 12,671 downloads
    spectrum-rails (1.3.4) A ruby gem that uses the Rails asset pipeline to include the Spectrum jQuery plugin by Brian Grin...
  11. 114 downloads
    spectus (1.0.0) An expectation library with some matchers for Ruby.
  12. 7,081 downloads
    spec_ui (0.2.4) Run UI RSpec examples with screenshot reports
  13. 6,582 downloads
    spe_cuke (0.4.0) An abstraction command for testing frameworks and invokation methods of them.
  14. 1,330 downloads
    spec_unit (0.0.1) This library allows the use of contexts within Test::Unit. It is meant to bridge the gap between ...
  15. 3,964 downloads
    spec-unit (1.0.0) This library allows the use of contexts within Test::Unit. It is meant to bridge the gap between ...
  16. 1,329 downloads
    spec_wire (0.3.4) spec_wire_desc
  17. 126 downloads
    sped2sql (0.0.4) Transforma um arquivo SPED em um arquivo SQL pronto para ser importado para MySQL
  18. 9,197 downloads
    speech2text (0.3.6) Super powers of Google wrapped in a nice Ruby interface
  19. 885 downloads
    speechcloud (0.1.1) A gem for using the Ivona Text-to-Speech Speech Cloud API.
  20. 403 downloads
    speechmatics (0.0.2) Ruby client for Speechmatics API:
  21. 914 downloads
    speechpad (0.0.3) A Ruby library for interacting with the Speechpad API
  22. 2,796 downloads
    speed (0.2.0) Quick and easy timing for ruby methods which can be used to time code in controllers or models fo...
  23. 1,638 downloads
    speed_gun (0.0.4) better web app profiler on Rails and Rack apps
  24. 2,028 downloads
    speedly (0.2.0) A CLI tool to test your page speed performance.
  25. 268 downloads
    speedmax-couch_potato (0.2.2) Ruby persistence layer for CouchDB
  26. 21,022 downloads
    speedo (0.4.1) This is a layout gem intended as a backdrop for developing rails applications quickly. Its intent...
  27. 7,473 downloads
    speedo-formstrap (1.2.9) Formtastic form builder to generate Twitter Bootstrap-friendly markup.
  28. 1,937 downloads
    speedometer (0.1.2) Library to track and display bandwith usage inside the application
  29. 5,634 downloads
    speedos (0.0.14) Incorporates BrowserMob and Capybara(selenium) to run front-end tests and capture performance inf...
  30. 1,345 downloads
    speedpetal (0.0.2) Fast thumbnail Image generator.